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Sarasota Supports the Arts Inspired by the courtesy photograph to the Sarasota Herald Tribune, August 2, 2007, for the opening of the franchise gallery for bronze reproductions of Rodin sculpture in Sarasota. Vigil at Chernobyl Inspired by the photograph of the rainy night anniversary of twenty years since Chernobyl by Gerd Ludwig, in National Geographic, April 2006, "The Long Shadow of Chernobyl," p.
Beauty and Death This painting evoked in me much of the tragedy I have observed in the world soul of this planet during my passage here. Women at Work -- This painting is inspired by the photo of Kim MacDonald, in the December 2006 issue of Habitat World, in the article, "The Stubborn Stain of Poverty." 24 X 36 " or 60 X 90 cms.
Happiness -- This painting is inspired by the photo of Ron Howard, Corbis, the caption reads: "Schoolgirls in Bhutan, where in the 1970s the king proclaimed gross national happiness more important than gross domestic product," in Scientific American, June 2006, "Favored by the Gods," by George Johnson, a review of three books on happiness. Puella Aeterna -- inspired by my feeling the grief of a mother whose young daughter died and was subsequently buried at sea -- as she told me, I had a strong energy pulse through my body and this vision. Rickshaw Puller: The Buddha of Starvation -- inspired by the "Fasting Buddha," a second or third-century sculpture in the Central Museum of Lahore, Pakistan. A Paris -- inspired by a photograph by Robert Doisneau, Les Amants de l'Hotel de Ville, 1950, Francoise Delbart (Bornet) and Jacques Carteaud.

Madonna of Pakistan -- inspired by a photograph by Gurinder Osan, Associated Press, in the N Y Times. Knowing this strange fact -- that some victims choose to identify with the power of their abusers -- can break the cycle.
My principal interest is in why civilizations rise and fall, and how culture first inspires and then blocks the fulfillment of citizens and brings about this cycle. In Friday evening's lecture we will study the series of ten mandalas which Jung felt reflected the archetypal process of the formation of the subtle body. The Secret of the Golden Flower: A Chinese Book of Life, translated into German by Richard Wilhelm, translated into English by Cary F. By registering, you may receive account related information, our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. By subscribing, you will receive our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. A¤ndert sich a€?das MischungsverhA¤ltnisa€? der sechs bioklimatischen Energien [a€?Liu Chia€?](Wind, Sommerhitze, Hitze, Feuchtigkeit, Trockenheit und KA¤lte).

Das Ziel von Meditation ist zum einen die Befriedung und Verfeinerung des Geistes,und zum zweiten die Harmonisierung und Verfeierung der Energie.
Asturias and Virginia del Aguila, the generation of children raised in Guatemala during the military atrocities of the 36-year-long civil war, which ended nine years ago, has made too many abused children become abusive adults. Der Mond benA¶tigt zwischen 29 und 30 Tage, um seinen Umlauf von Neumond zu Vollmon und zum Neumond zurA?ck zu vollenden.
Meditation, das a€zSitzen in Stillea€? betrachten wir als a€zdiea€? Essenzielle A?bung fA?r die Praxis von Tai-Chi und Qigong, Kung-Fu und jede Form von Innerer Arbeit. Diese Serie von 24 A?bungen orientiert sich an den 24 Zeit-Abschnitten des chinesischen Bauernkalenders,a€?Chiha€?-Perioden genannt.

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