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Eight years ago, Jean-Pierre Houdin, a successful French architect, became obsessed by the age-old mystery of how the Great Pyramid was built.
By the time its capstone was laid in 2560 BC, the innovations born of the building quest had transformed agrarian Egypt into the world's most modern, most powerful nation. Bob Brier is a world-famous Egyptologist who has conducted research on pyramids and tombs in fifteen countries.
A robot has sent back the first images of markings on the wall of a tiny chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt that have not been seen for 4500 years. Zahi Hawass, Egypt's Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs, Do we have to hear from this guy all the time?
Never forget what the Taliban did to those magnificent statues of Buddha carved out of the mountains. I have been to Egypt twice and it IS amazing but I won't be taking my family anytime soon. It's my pleasure, and thanks to all for the kind remarks, and thanks again to Renfield for FReepmailing the link. Ya know, your comment brings to mind again a notion I’ve expressed to Muslims before: if the god of Islam is so great that he could make a universe and use the weather to change the course of wars and appear to prophets, why has this so powerful god allowed the vast array of archaeological monuments to remain to this day only to have to rely upon feeble men to destroy them now?
I think they lack faith in the power of their Allah myself, which is why they destroy any evidence of all other faiths. The mooselimbs are exhibiting a variation on the oldest lie satan used, that by self-selecting a task thought up by the huamn doing something FOR God the doer can earn righteousness, as if one can do something for which God owes the doer. Leave in in a position of saving this heritage; who else have they got that can do as effective a job of mobilizing public interest all around the world? Al-Gamaa al-Islamiya, a terrorist group which will probably have at least some power in Egypt in the near future, carried out the mass murder. The use of red (I guess that’s red ocrhe) to sketch in both where to carve and where to paint (depending on the context) would lead me to a similar conclusion as yours. Well, they may have been visited by space people, but there’s absolutely no proof of it, at all, whatsoever. Nick Reeves used non-invasive techniques to look for unknown tombs in the Valley of the Kings, then got accused of smuggling artifacts or some BS, spent the next three years getting completely exonerated, but can’t work in Egypt now. Hawass himself was in hot water years ago, suspended from his position of the time (which was a subordinate position to what he has now), over the same type of thing, accusations that he was involved with smuggling artifacts out of Egypt for money. I think his legacy will be a mixed bag of good things, really bad things, and exceedingly stupid things. And, as was pointed out, he’s better than any probable replacement when the Islamofascists take over. Now now, to be fair, the only reason that Muzzies rape, disfigure, maim, cripple, murder, and mass-murder is because we haven’t got rid of them. There is a third way, but I don’t see any indications that mooselimbs want to moderate their religion.
And you nerver will, since they are commanded to never alter anything in their cult books, under pain of death by all other muslims. It is important to recall that when the sealed Great Pyramid was first opened by work gangs employed by the caliph, absolutely nothing was found in the then accessable parts of the pyramid including the King’s Chamber.
The caliph was hugely dissapointed and angered at being deprived of the loot he was denied.
So when you read that Egyptologists speculate about what was or was not in the pyramid they are lying to build up their prestige and gain more grant monies.
The whole bit about the pyramid being a tomb was started by Herodotus and taken as truth ever since. Hellenistic-era and Roman-era tourists had access to the Grand Gallery and the rest of the currently known chambers, but if they crawled into the relieving chamber above the King’s Chamber, they left no trace. An early Egyptologist recorded the fragments of the texts inside the Great Pyramid, they were painted on plaster (a common practice), and referred to such-and-such a year of Khufu’s reign, year of the cattle drive.
Some, not all, of the limestone finishing facing blocks on the outside of the pyramid were inscribed with hieroglyphic writing, and that was remarked on by visitors in classical antiquity. A French architect campaigning for a new exploration of the 4,500-year-old Great Pyramid of Giza said on Thursday that the edifice may contain two chambers housing funereal furniture. Jean-Pierre Houdin -- who was rebuffed three years ago by Egypt in his appeal for a probe into how the Pyramid was built -- said 3-D simulation and data from a US egyptologist, Bob Brier, pointed to two secret chambers in the heart of the structure. The rooms would have housed furniture for use in the afterlife by the pharaoh Khufu, also known as Cheops in Greek, he told a press conference. In March 2007, Houdin advanced the theory that the Great Pyramid had been built inside-out using an internal spiral ramp, as opposed to an external ramp as had long been suggested. He proposed mounting a joint expedition of Egyptian antiquities experts and French engineers, using infrared, radar and other non-invasive methods to check out the hypothesis.
Houdin said a pointer to the antechambers came from the existence of such rooms in the pyramid of Snefru, Khufu's father. In addition, blocks in the northern wall of the king's chamber in the Great Pyramid indicate an overlooked passage which led to the hypothesised chambers and also enabled the funeral party to exit, he added.

Scientists are taking a new look at Egypt's pyramids to see if some of the blocks could have been made from concrete.
The MyActivity Pyramid, a new fitness guide developed by a University of Missouri Extension fitness specialist, provides physical activity recommendations for adults in a fun and easy-to-understand format.
Egyptian experts have begun to explore the depths of Lake Qarun south of Cairo using remote sensing radars in search of sunken artefacts, antiquities officials told AFP on Wednesday. Researchers believe they have found the ship that legendary explorer Captain James Cook used to sail to around the world submerged somewhere in Rhode Island's Newport Harbor.
We blame air rage on long flight delays, shrinking seats and a general decline in civility. Research to be published in Science on April 29, 2016 shows how cash-hungry patent trolls are squelching innovation when the American economy depends on it more than ever. Perhaps the Great Pyramid was not a tomb, but a great marker of time and place, or rather two times and places, which can be very accurately done by marking the meridian crossing of two stars (Alpha Draconis and Zeta Orionis)at two diferent epochs. Why do these people insist the pyramid was built as a tomb when all other real tombs have writing or some other things on the walls. I never said I believe it to be a tomb.What its purpose was is unknown since I think its much older than we believe it to be. I think it's odd that the pyramids lay on the longest point of latitude and longitude in the world. A superior race built the great pyramid not the Egyptians.The Egyptians probably couldn't even case the great let alone build it. In my opinion a spiral visible on the outside of the pyramid would not be an artifact of any external source, like external spiral ramps, but an artifact of its construction. I bet those egyptians were smarter than you PS3 ha,the greatest building ever and the decedents cant even keep the casing stones intact. So you're saying that since present day they can't maintain the structure that they never could? Bottom line is from humans inventing computers smart to humans completely stupid as PS3 who can't even use proper spelling. The Giza pyramids and the impressive stone foundation on which the Roman temple of Jupiter was constructed at Baalbek in Lebanon were built to last for perpetuity for a reason. The high degree of architectual and engineering standards that were used to build the great pyramid were required in order to show a precise mathematical representation of the Earth's Northern Hemisphere.
Geographically the great pyramid is located one third the distance from the equater to the north pole. Go ahead and believe in your little ancient aliens theory and your pole shifting theory and Atlantis and whatever else you feel the need to believe in.
He renounced his architectural practice, sold his Paris apartment, and for ten hours a day labored at his computer to create exquisitely detailed 3-D models of the interior of the Great Pyramid.
As we follow the progress of Hemienu, the innovative architect who planned, organized and oversaw construction of the Great Pyramid, we also follow Houdin working to discover how and why the ancient architect designed the pyramid as he did. Now that the Moslem Brotherhood is poised to turn Egypt into an Islamic state, I fear that the age of great diverges will end. There’s no reason to think that the Egyptian regime is done changing, or that the Islamofascists are done rioting. Those idiots who continue to believe the Ancient Egyptians were visited by space people are probably wearing the same tin hats the global warming freaks put on. And I lost a lot of friends whom I’d tried to sign up under me, in my quest to be diamond direct. When Gantenbrink built a robot to explore these very shafts, and did it with proper permission etc, he announced the findings. Thier god, allah, lesser moon goddess cum supreme devil, is a bloodthirsty demon who will not be denied his rivers of blood. The Hebrews believed it carried some technological power to aid in defeating enemies and in communicating with God.
Most of the facing stones were hauled away in Muzzie times to build structures in Cairo, and none of the remaining blocks have writing. Since it doesn’t use any known Egyptian writing system, it probably dates to the period when the Pyramid was open to ancient tourists. A Canadian team from Laval University in Quebec will seek permission this year to carry out thermal imaging from outside the Pyramid to explore the theory, Houdin said. The step pyramid of djoser predates the great pyramid and demonstrates a more primitive architectural form, which is itself predated by the mud brick mastabas at Saqqara. Spiral ramps on the outside would not have caused the construction to proceed spirally, neither would the long straight ramp. This squaring the circle can be easily verified, add the lenght of the four sides and use the resulting sum as the circumferece of our imajined half shpere C=2(pi)R, the radius worked out equals the exact hieght of the pyramid. Since there was no mortar used in its construction, there is no organic material avilable in situ to accurately date the time of its construction. A very important point that has been overlooked is the significance of the location of the kings chamber, a great amount of attention was given to the precise placement of the chamber so that it would be one third the distance from the pyramids base to the top of the capstone.

However, it is intellectual laziness to ascribe every unanswered mystery from our past to extraterrestrials or time travelers.
For example, the color difference of the pyramid when hit by direct sunlight on a face, one can see a set of discolored lines that follow the supposed Houdin ramp. After five years of effort, the images rotating on his computer screen provided irrefutable evidence of an astonishing secret. Post campus of Long Island University, he is the author of seven books, including The Murder of Tutankhamen, and hosted the Great Egyptian series for the Learning Channel. The pyramid is thought to have been built as a tomb for the pharaoh Khufu, and is the last of the seven wonders of the ancient world still standing. The usual reply is that allah wants these latter-day believers to exercise their devotion to allah. Hawass knows that the more people become enthusiastic about saving these treasures, the greater chance there is of saving them. Unless you know all the high level staff in that department, you can't answer the question. ZAHI has an exclusive on that privilege — so Gantenbrink, his associates, and his robot were kicked out. As the Palestinians raise their children to be blood lusting murderers, even teaching them to be dead to the outrageous by killing kittens puppies for teaching lessons of deadening them to slaughter, there is no reversal short of near or toal annihilation for such primitives! As the Palestinians raise their children to be blood lusting murderers, even teaching them to be dead to the outrageous by killing kittens puppies for teaching lessons of deadening them to slaughter, there is no reversal short of near or total annihilation for such primitives! It contained three items, at least one of which may have been somehow sort of irradiated stuff to remain a receptacle of power source like a battery or capacitor —the ephod of manna. His mother was entombed next to it, something which is known because her tomb was robbed while the pyramid was under construction, and the story was written down and survives. Then would it have been some attempt to mark the center of the world?Anyway it is probably only the Cheops pyramid that is from some pre-Egyptian era. An internal spiral as Houdin theorizes could cause this because the ramps were open during construction so they could see and filled in later which could cause the visible spiral by a slight difference in the stones used at the end of the build cycle when the ramps were filled in, probably from the top down. The great pyramid was constructed at the very beginning of the Egyptian civilization, we are told our first civilization. Moreover, it is akin to cultural vandalism to dismiss the amazing achievements of our ancestors. Corkscrewing up the inside of the Great Pyramid is a mile-long ramp, unseen for 4,500 years.
I do know from experience that there are very few jobs that only one individual is capable of succeeding at.
The other two items were Aaron’s rod that budded and the tablets of stone, and taken together may have been the source of some technology, since God infused life to the cut rod and wrote the commandments with His hand. I have a hard time believing mankind went from hunting with small stones to suddenly positioning 70 ton stones high up in the great pyramid. I am sure that a millennium from now, our descendants will discover the Apollo landers and conclude that aliens put them there. Grid science is a sequestered issue due to the ramifications of general society knowing how to effect the system. Strangely, though, there are two tunnels, about 20 centimetres by 20 centimetres, that extend from the north and south walls of the Queen's Chamber and stop at stone doors before they reach the outside of the pyramid (see diagram). If Abdul Abulbul Amir works as an assistant to that idiot and he can step in and do as good or better a job without grating on the nerves documentary viewers around the globe, then so be it. The revelation casts a fresh light on the minds that founded earth's first civilization. The function of these tunnels and doors is unknown, but some believe that one or both could lead to a secret chamber. Frankly you don't need the director for a job like that anyway, just an articulate and informed spokesperson.
Zahi Hawass, Egypt's Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs, describes the doors as the last great mystery of the pyramid. The ancient story explains how a nation of farmers that had only recently emerged from the Stone Age could construct one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. To execute something as complex and massive as the Great Pyramid, Egypt needed architects, mathematicians, boat builders, stone masons, metallurgists.
Taking the basic assumption that empire building was a matter of architecture, and simple machines could greatly assist with the harder protions of the manual labor, he developed a method of building the pyramid that involved a track system, pulley systems, and displayed a rather mechanical methodology of structuring the building.
The Great Pyramid is the biggest of them all, sticking up 500 feet, occupying over thirteen acres.

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