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Garantia de compra segura: Garantimos que todas as transacoes que voce fizer por meio da WildTangent serao seguras. Venture into the past and outwit a cunning criminal in Nancy Drew - Secret of the Old Clock. Safe Shopping Guarantee: We guarantee that every transaction you make through WildTangent will be safe. Early readers of the Nancy Drew series may be surprised to find the modern version of this spirited sleuth's adventures to be quite different. Over the years, several different spin-offs based on the original Nancy Drew character have been created. The series started with the original 56 volumes of the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories from 1930-1979. Carolyn Keene is still writing!  In addition to the main new series, Nancy Drew Girl Detective, other spin-off series are still being published. Published between 1986 and 1997, the Nancy Drew Files paperbacks were targeted at older readers and included romance and murder.
The Notebooks series is written for younger children with Nancy, Bess and George in the third grade.
It's about that time of year again -- time for a new Nancy Drew game by Her Interactive.
Over the course of hundreds of books, several movies and TV shows, board games, dolls, and twelve computer games, the Nancy Drew stories throughout the years have been updated and modified to suit the modern age.
In addition to the old familiar settings, the game will also take place during that time period -- the 1930s. The plot of this mystery begins when Nancy is summoned to the Lilac Inn to meet with a friend of a friend -- 17 year-old Emily Crandall.
As with all Nancy Drew mysteries, there is an assortment of suspicious characters, including a desperate businessman, a shady paranormal expert, and an untrustworthy legal guardian, to name a few of the suspects Nancy will have to consider.
One new feature that has been added is Nancy's roadster, which fans of the original books will be glad to see.

As with the previous installments, there are also several activities to entertain yourself with if you want to take a break from the main mystery.
One thing that has always shone throughout the development of this series is the creators' passion for what they are making. Explorez le passe et montrez-vous plus intelligent qu'un dangereux criminel dans Nancy Drew - Secret of the Old Clock. Isto significa que voce nao pagara nada se cobrancas nao autorizadas forem feitas em seu cartao de credito como resultado de compras na WildTangent.
This means you pay nothing if unauthorized charges are made to your credit card as a result of shopping at WildTangent.
The character of Nancy Drew, as well as the appearance of the books, has changed over the years in many ways.
With the revisions starting in the 1950s, Nancy is not so outspoken and accepts more help from others making her seem less heroic. These include, among others, books aimed towards a younger audience, books that follow Nancy through her experiences in college, a new modern series and even a comic book series.
This time, however, the developers have a surprise in store, and we were able to get an early peek at the game at E3. Now, instead of putting pen to paper in a notebook, Nancy has the kind of electronic notebook that you type on; instead of placing calls through the operator, Nancy has a cell phone. Emily has recently inherited the property from her late mother and has been struggling to keep her head above water with all of the new emotional and financial burdens.
With the amount of accidents, vandalism, and speeding tickets that car went through, it felt more like a character in the story than a huge chunk of metal. One such diversion that we were able to play in our demonstration was a miniature golf course. They've always been very committed to maintaining the atmosphere and style that the books possessed, and with this latest romp through the 1930s, you can expect the same level of dedication from them. Ainsi, vous ne payez rien en cas de prelevements non autorises sur votre carte de credit a la suite d'un achat realise sur WildTangent.

Nancy also started traveling throughout the world experiencing exotic adventures and discovering new things; in one adventure she even encounters a flying saucer! With their latest title, they promise to give some of Nancy's younger fans a little taste of what made this character so popular in the first place. This year, Nancy will be celebrating her 75th birthday, yet somehow she is forever a teenager, and in her latest adventure you will turn back the clock and discover the vintage Nancy Drew. Throughout the game, you will be visiting locations taken from these books, such as the Lilac Inn itself.
Her Interactive has made a great effort to make everything in the game look and sound authentic, and will even incorporate some background elements that reflect the important events taking place at that time, such as the Great Depression. Yet while the fundamental elements have remained largely unchanged, the graphics and character models have continued to gradually advance, showing small improvements with each new game.
With the roadster, you will be able to drive around Titusville, exploring the different locations.
This sequence was very easy to control, and I'm sure that many will find this to be a welcome distraction. Be sure to check out this title when it is released this summer, and then also be on the look out for the first crossover game between Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys to be released later this fall!
Nancy soon becomes curious, however, about why a girl she hardly knows would want her help. This is visually represented on the city map that you possess, and you will be able to navigate the car around the streets on the map. Some of these kinds of mini-games are necessary to complete the overall adventure, but many are there just to raise the fun factor of the overall gaming experience. She soon finds herself embroiled in a mystery regarding a contested inheritance and an odd old man with several mysterious contraptions to figure out.

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