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For those of you who have never even heard of Secret Santa, it’s basically a fun way to celebrate the holidays with a group of friends or acquiantances without anyone spending a lot of money on gifts. The way I learned to play was this: Everyone wrote their name on a slip of paper and placed it in a box. From the day we received our names, which in our case was 10 days before the company Christmas party, each participant was left to their own devices. The “How Well I Know You” Santa - This Santa leaves little clue gifts that inform the recipient that they know them well or have a confidential informant. The “Poet” Santa - This Santa leaves little poems that might or might not provide clues as to who they are. The “Add It All Up” Santa - This Santa delivers one of something that will eventually become a whole, such as a flower each day and a vase as the final gift at the party. The “Stalker” Santa - Gifts show up in the places that only the recipient goes, or appear when the recipient leaves and comes back from meeting or something.
The “Homemade” Santa - Each day brings a new little home made gift - a cookie in a CD sleeve, hot chocolate mix in a hand painted mug, an ornament for your tree. The “Special Delivery” Santa - This santa engages a different “elf” each day to hand deliver their gift. On the actual day of the party, all Secret Santas deliver their wrapped gift to the Head Elf.

Stay tuned for my next blog in which I’ll give you dozens of ideas for easy and inexpensive gifts that you could use not only for Secret Santa, but for family and friends.
How appropriate that today, World Theatre Day, is also OPENING NIGHT for The Secret Garden! The New York Times recently published a story pointing out that most parents prefer real, tactile, paper books for their children even if they themselves prefer to read e-books. As an adult who has long loved children's books I completely understand their reasoning. An original 1911 hardcover version with four full color illustrations interspersed thoughout.
A 2005 paperback from the Barnes & Noble Classics series with pictures by the famed 19th century illustrator, Charles Robinson, and excellent notes and intro by Jill Muller. The 2008 version released by the Candlewick Press of Cambridge, MA, with drawings by Inga Moore. The books feature stunning embroidered covers designed and created by artist Jillian Tamaki.
The copyright to photos on this Web site is held by the photographer, Mark Golbach, unless credited otherwise. What better way to honour the day aimed at celebrating theatre around the world than by entering the world of OLT’s world-class production the The Secret Garden!  Tickets are on sale now and are sure to sell out quickly!  We at OLT would also like to thank and congratulate all other local community and professional theatre groups for bringing so much theatre into the lives of the people in Oshawa and Durham Region!

Something important is lost when the size, shape, thickness of a book and the quality of the paper it's printed on are replaced by a digital device. You can see pictures of the other books — Emma and Black Beauty — on her sketch blog along with pictures of the work in progress (directly below). For me the loss is a connection to physical, material culture and the way an artist or writer wants his or her work presented. The thick paper of the pages has deckle edges — something not often seen in newly published books these days. She told me later that she began by comparing the names in the box with an alphabetical list of employees.
I found my copy at Anthropologie in Madison but it appears to be available at general bookstores and online.

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