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Mission briefing on the map: "Dimah has discovered a connection between the ruined power plant Vis Electra and the powerful Airstrike FOW that protects the main tower of Di Ravello's central command base, Cima Leon. Once the machines are gone, Dimah will explain that the FOW weapon at Cima Leon is disabled.
The design was generally based on American firearms inventor John Browning's Browning Hi-Power, as adapted by Piotr Wilniewczyc and Jan SkrzypiA„ski in 1930 at the Fabryka Broni (Arms Factory) in Radom under Director Kazimierz OA‚dakowski. This later John Moses Browning design, unlike the M1911, was not cammed by a link, but by a ledge of sorts, which contacts a portion of the barrel and forces it down as it is moved rearward with the slide by the recoil force. The tests proved that the handgun was very accurate and stable (due to its size and mass, most stresses are absorbed and not passed on the shooter), while at the same time remaining reliable after firing more than 6,000 rounds.[1] The Vis was generally regarded as one of the best military pistols of that period. Production started in the state armory Fabryka Broni in Radom in late 1935, and the following year it was introduced as the standard weapon of Polish infantry and cavalry officers. Fearing that Polish technicians working in the armory might supply the Home Army with the weapons, the Germans moved production of barrels and final assemble to Steyr-Daimler-Puch in the "Ostmark" (Austria).
Vis pistols made after 1939 were issued in four different series, each with small modifications to simplify production.
After the war, production of the pistol was not continued, as the Army of the People's Republic of Poland used the Soviet TT-33 pistol, produced in the former Fabryka Broni in Radom due to Warsaw Pact regulations.
In August 1997, the A?ucznik Arms Factory in Radom reintroduced the Vis pistol and produced a small series of some 27 pistols[1] on the basis of the original plans and specifications, mainly for the US collectors' market. The take-down lever is used to lock the slide back (as the Browning Hi-Power safety is used) during disassembly to allow removal of the slide release lever.

The magazine catch is to the rear of the trigger guard and not at the heel of the grip in the typical European fashion of the time. She'll tell you that the nearby pipeline is transporting power for the FOW weapon and that there must be a "command node" at the other end, the destruction of which would disable the node. It will reach a lake where the end of the pipe is guarded by two Medici Military boats and multiple soldiers. She'll open another round blast door in the side of the room to let you out through a short tunnel. 35 Vis, German designation 9 mm Pistole 35(p), often incorrectly referred to as the Radom in English sources) is a 9A—19mm caliber, single-action, semi-automatic pistol. It operated on the short-recoil principle, with the barrel being cammed down and away from the locking lugs in the slide.
Successively, other units were to be equipped, and by 1932 all other handguns were scheduled to be withdrawn from service. Up to 1945, between 312,000 and 380,000 were produced and used by the German paratroopers and police. However, underground production of Vis barrels was started in Warsaw and Kielce-based Huta LudwikA?w, and several hundred Vis pistols were assembled of parts smuggled from the factory, delivered to the Home Army and used extensively during the Warsaw Uprising, among others. In late 1944, all production was moved to the Steyr works in Austria, where the last simplified model of the fourth series was produced (with no inscriptions at all, apart from bnz signature).
It was considered much inferior to the Vis, especially in ergonomics and reliability,[1] but political considerations and Soviet influence were decisive. But it differed from the original pre-war pistols with the shape of the rear sight notch and the Eagle on the slide.[2] In 2012 IWA Radom Factory has presented the piece dated 2010 that was chromium coated instead of proper bluing.

The control on the slide is a decocking mechanism that releases the hammer while camming the firing pin up into the slide. In later variants, this lever is omitted and the slide must be manually aligned to remove the slide release lever. Inspired by American firearms inventor John Browning's 9mm "Browning GP" pistol design which was completed after Browning's death by designers at Fabrique Nationale in Herstal Belgium, this Polish gun began production at the Fabryka Broni (Arms Factory) in Radom in 1935, and was adopted as the standard handgun of the Polish Army the following year.
The handgun was prepared in late 1930, and at the beginning of 1931 the first pistols were ready for testing.
There is a grip safety blocking the sear unless fully compressed, but the control in the same position as a thumb safety on a Browning Hi-Power or M1911-style pistol is not a safety.
Once the slide and frame are aligned (by the disassembly lever or manually), the recoil guide is pulled forward to release the slide release lever and allow it to drop free.
If you're low on ammunition, notice that there's some Red Barrels next to the machines on both sides. Initially it was named WiS (an acronym of the Polish designers' names), later the name was changed to Vis, meaning "force" in Latin, with the wz.
Generally, the wartime Vis were of much lower quality than the original, and further degrading towards the end of the war. Rico asks if they're Dimahs friends, but she explains that she doesn't have time for friends and that they are perhaps colleagues.

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