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The plea is sealed but here's the DOJ press release: Najibullah Zazi guilty plea It's clear from the information revealed in this release that Al Qaeda Core is now focusing on smaller scale attacks. An American citizen was arrested during a police raid on a Bosnian village populated by Wahhabis, according to Balkans media outlets.
A new "video" from Ayman Al Zawahiri came out today from Al Qaeda's As-Sahab production arm, just a day after a video release from American Al Qaeda Adam Gadahn.
As you can see from this adorable ad, the folks at Al-Ansar are running an art show for jihadists.
Pakistani officials speaking anonymously have claimed that the senior Al Qaeda leader killed in Pakistan this week by a drone attack was, in fact, Yahya Al-Libbi.
This is far from a reliable source, but the jihadis at Ansarnet, an Al Qaeda-linked forum, are reporting on rumors that top Al Qaeda ideologue Yahya Al Libi was killed in a U.S. I am out of the office, but I wanted to post a couple of quick thoughts about Attorney General Eric Holder's press conference today on the decision to prosecute Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and four others for the attacks of September 11. The person who killed 12 people at Fort Hood today appears to be Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a U.S. Earlier this year, I posted some material about the date of Al Qaeda's founding, and a corollary issue, the earliest date of a U.S. Many otherwise excellent stories about Najibullah Zazi (such as this one) describe him as the first or only Afghan national to be involved in an international terrorism plot.
The FBI has released surveillance tapes showing the Okahoma City bombing from several angles. Alleged terrorist financier Khalid Bin Mahfouz has died, according to Arabic newspaper Al Sharq Alawsat.
UPDATE: Bombing Investigation Leads To ATF Raids Of White Supremacists In Three StatesThe arrest of Dennis and Daniel Mahon in Arizona was followed yesterday took place on the same day as an ATF raid on Thomas Metzger, the architect of "leaderless resistance," in Warsaw, Indiana.
White supremacist brothers Dennis and Daniel Mahon have been indicted in Phoenix, Arizona, for an alleged bombing plot:Indictment of Dennis and Daniel MahonThe name of Dennis Mahon will be familiar to those who have followed the Oklahoma City bombing conspiracy investigation.
A story in the New York Times yesterday ("Documents Back Saudi Link to Extremists" by Eric Lichtblau) focused on the Third World Relief Agency, a Bosnian "charity" with links to the Saudi government on one hand, and to Al Qaeda on the other. A dozen or more surveillance videotapes showing the Oklahoma City bombing may soon be released under the Freedom of Information Act. INTELWIRE is now part of the Multifaceted Media Group, a full-service media and information consortium, providing a broad menu of information-related services. Information in an affidavit revealed in the court case of former enemy combatant Al Saleh Kahlah al-Marri reveals a number of interesting allegations:In the summer of 2001 al-Marri was introduced by Khalid Shaykh Muhammed, September 11th mastermind, to Usama Bin Laden, and al-Marri offered to be an al Qaeda martyr or do anything else al Qaeda requested. A new English-language Jihad magazine called "Jihad Recollections" was released online, featuring articles adapted from the writings and videos of Osama bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri, as well as original content such as military training tips, an analysis of the attitudes of American Muslims, and a fanciful piece about the prospect of EMP grenades (electromagnetic pulse) which could disrupt American military technology during combat situations. Pamela Morgan of Flirting with Flavors shares a delicious recipe that’s perfect for Passover dinner. When we flip the calendar from 2015 to 2016, I will be celebrating 10 years in business as a “Diet Coach”. It is important that I note, my preference is to see my clients eat “real food” and have half their plate filled with veggies.
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Myself , I'm staying putt , because no matter I much I think I may know about this subject , I am always open to new theories and new approaches . There's a crucial absence of video in Zapruder's film just before JFK's vehicle reaches the street sign. So you're saying that there are frames missing from the Zapruder film which show JFK clutching at his throat before passing behind the sign?
Because present day politicians also do not have a clue, the assassinations served a time specific and sensitive objective. Recently, I heard a couple of interviews that Mark Lane conducted with witnesses that said that there was a shooter or shooters on the grassy knoll.
In some cases these interviews are at considerable variance with what the witnesses told Mark Lane in his film recorded interviews. The conclusions that came from the ARRB that so embarrassed and angered many in the FBI are deliriously complex. I have studied the shooting for years and I have no doubt that a political coup took place before our very eyes , that day.
I don't know if this is accurate but I heard Kennedy had a back brace on because of his back problems.
He stated he first realized something was wrong when he saw president KENNEDY slump forward and simultaneously heard shots ring out.
Interesting bit of info , but you have to take into account that when a person is seated , the majority of any forward movement is via the hips . I think that would be true in a normal kind of chair but in a car it seems to me your weight is leaning back because the way the seats are designed.
The evidence is that the fatal shot entered the right temple and exited the right rear leaving a fist sized hole in the back of the head. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. Enis Bosnic, of Jacksonville, Florida, was among several people arrested in "Operation Light," a sting operation conducted in Gornja Maoca, in northern Bosnia. Radical imam Anwar Alwaki -- an American citizen -- may soon be added to the CIA's drone target list. Ayman Al Zawahiri has released a new communique urging Muslim mothers to raise their children with a healthy love for jihad.
Aside from the message (more on this later), what's interesting here is that the video is actually an audio message with still photos and some rather basic graphics, and no subtitles. Air Force paid more than $38 million in federal contracts to Baud Telecommunications, a subsidiary of the Saudi Binladin Group, since 2001.
I am a bit ambivalent about this specific decision, due to several background issues, but I'm generally in favor of criminal trials for terrorism, especially for attacks which took place on U.S. Nidal Hasan's connection to extremist imam Anwar Aulaqi, prior to his killing spree at Fort Hood last week. He is a man of conscience who could not bear living the contradiction of being a Muslim and serving in an army that is fighting against his own people.
The videos have been kept secret for years by the FBI and were only released in response to a Freedom of Information Act action by Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue (story). I am available for media interviews if anyone is looking for an expert on Al Qaeda in Bosnia to discuss this case.
Allegations have circulated for years that bin Mahfouz was a key financier of Al Qaeda and other extremist organizations.
Chairman's Report, Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee of the House International Relations Committee, Oklahoma City Bombing InvestigationA relevant excerpt:Carol Howe came from a prominent Tulsa family. For several months now, I've been studying the key document for that story as part of the documentary, Sarajevo Ricochet, a Norwegian TV production dealing with the war in Bosnia and its connection to terrorism. The videotapes are described in documents released to Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue, who is also seeking the tapes themselves. He was directed to enter the United States as a "sleeper agent," and to explore computer hacking methods to disrupt bank records and the U.S. Throughout the years I have been introduced to a variety of products that have become a part of my repertoire of favorite prepared foods to this day.

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Because the trajectory of a bullet from there would have to be more from the side than from the front. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. I personally doubt whether this was ever true (there was already strong evidence to the contrary), but at this point no one can credibly mount this claim. Much ado has been made about the fact that this would be the first time an American has been targeted -- although as I have noted elsewhere, it would not be the first time an American Jihadist was killed in a drone attack.
The other part of that message is an appalling video released by the Ansar Al Jihad Web forum showing exactly what those children can expect. More than half of those contracts are dated after the attacks of September 11 -- and the contracts continued through 2007. As reported here first yesterday, the jihadi forums have been rife with rumors that Al-Libbi was killed in the attack. There's a fundamental question that comes out of that analysis, which I have not seen articulated yet. There are dozens of cases of American citizens who have been arrested and indicted for various jihad-related activities. I am currently finishing work on "Sarajevo Ricochet," a television documentary being produced by Fenris Films, Oslo.
She was attracted to the white supremacist movement in February 1994 after she was allegedly attacked by three African-American men.
I am available for media outlets looking for someone who can knowledgeably discuss this document, Third World and its connection to Al Qaeda.
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One night when my younger daughter told me she wanted to make pasta, I assumed she meant boiling it from a box. This has to be seen as a negative development, since smaller attacks are easier to accomplish and pressing small attacks does not preclude the simultaneous deployment of a spectacular attack. Some members of the community are believed to have relocated there after the Bosnian government shut down a notorious village of former mujahideen known as Donja Bocinja.
In addition to training in guns and fitness, child jihadis around the age of 11 or 12 shown in the video (titled "The Next Generation of Mujahideen") can be seen taking part in bare-fisted beatdowns that don't end until one kid is down for the count.
However, Zawahiri has traditionally been able to provide full video -- and often video of a rather high quality.
Air Force Contracts With Binladin Group, 2001-2007The majority of the contracts deal with security issues.
However, a source at a leading Al Qaeda forum today posted that Al-Libbi was "100 percent alive and well," and the report was validated by the forum's moderator, which suggests the poster has some claim to credibility.
The threat is repeated again at the end of this message, which is largely concerned with justifying Hasan's attack on a theological basis. Was Hasan acting rationally when he killed 13 people?Culturally, we tend to view mass shootings as a manifestation of mental illness, in which someone's unfathomable disease prompts them to act in an inexplicable way.But when you look at Anwar Aulaqi's role and his comments on the shootings, we have to question that assumption. A records search by INTELWIRE turned up no court or medical board disciplinary actions concerning Hasan. KSM's mentor during his early career was Abdul Rasul Sayyaf, the founder of an Al Qaeda training camp and jihad instructor par excellence.
She became a paid informant for the ATF and a frequent visitor to Elohim City in June 1994. Through this relationship al-Marri began receiving assistance from Mustafa Ahmed Al-Hawsawi, an al Qaeda financier who maintained contact with and provided logistical support and funds for the September 11th hijackers.Al Marri collected more than 1,000 credit card numbers, the document revealed, as well as full account information on 36 different accounts. The best way to take them up a notch is to add a couple tablespoons of cottage cheese to the egg whites and it melts when cooked giving the most amazing flavor. I like sauteing the whole bag and keeping them in the fridge to add to salads or to eat as a side with a meal. The Kind Bars are absolutely delicious and the Quest bars are incredibly filling with 20 grams of protein and 17 grams of fiber! Spotify was developed in 2006 by a team at Spotify AB, in  Stockholk, Sweden; the company was founded by Daniel Ek during a time when piracy was taking over the music industry. Titled “JUST SUNDANCE”, the spot was written by Kenneth Cole Productions and directed by Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg of Break Thru Films. These gentle yet effective skin saviors remove all traces of dirt, grime and makeup, including waterproof mascara, revealing only clean and smooth skin. Free from the harsh chemicals that are a leading cause of many chronic hair conditions, the gentle and fortified Pura d’or Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo actually nourishes hair follicles with essential organic nutrients to reverse any damage and begin the healing process. The company reports that the simultaneous thermal activity boost stimulates increased perspiration in the midsection, reducing water retention and slimming the area in a more targeted way by 1-3 inches. The product’s “kinetic engine” is a carbon steel spring that turbo-charges abdominal and arm workouts, allowing the user to tone arms and abs simultaneously. With three active ingredients, the patch provides temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with arthritis, simple backache, stiff neck, sore shoulders, strains, bruises and sprains. They’ve raised the bar with breads that have superior taste and hold up to even heavy sandwich builds. They can vary from the rare catastrophic event, to the much more frequent but less severe neck stinger. If your risk level is in between, the bank might offer you an account at a higher interest rate or a different product.
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In fact, if the operations are properly compartmentalized, smaller attacks could distract focus away from a larger operation. According to Bosnian news outlets, Edis Bosnic is a Bosnian national who became a naturalized American citizen.

Younger children are shown using boxing gloves, for whatever protection that provides when a child is repeatedly smashing another child in the face, before a crowd of laughing peers, with minimal adult supervision. Gadahn's video from this weekend was true video, but of extremely low quality and low production values -- probably recorded from a webcam. About $21 million of the contracts were to provide communications security equipment and components for the Air Force's Electronic Systems Center.
Extra points for inserting the high-tension wires (a staple of Godzilla movies) to provide a sense of scale, but minus 100 due to the fact that the 400-foot-high protagonist appears to be standing in a 250-foot-deep hole. Shykh Abu Yahya Al Libi Hafizaullah is alive and 100% ok with good health n eman the recent rumor spread by kuffar is just their stupidity insha'Allah they will get answer for it.All of this falls under the label "speculation," however. The most important takeaway here: Who knew it was so easy to ring up Yahya Al Libi and check on his health?
We warn all Muslims, both individuals and organizations, to fear Allah in the views they hold and statements they make in regards to the validity of Nidal's actions, the character of our brother, and the correct Islamic views in relation to matters of this sort. Another of Sayyaf's protege's was Abdurajak Janjalani, the Filipino founder of the Al Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf Group.
Howe testified in Terry Nichols' federal trial that she saw McVeigh with [German national Andreas] Strassmeir at Elohim City in July 1994.Howe dated Strassmeir in 1994 and January 1995. He also collected research on poisons:Analysis of al-Marri's laptop computer revealed research regarding use of chemical weapons of mass destruction including bookmarks relating to the purchase of chemicals such as potassium cyanide, sodium cyanide, sulfuric acid, and arsenic. And the bonus is that you are less likely to lick your fingers because the latex does not taste so great.
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The Zawahiri release adds weight to previous observations around the CT community that As-Sahab (which is basically Gadahn) is on the ropes. Another contract provided $17 million to the same office for modifications of communication equipment, including about $500,000 for cryptology equipment.
While there are a number of possible explanations for where and how this update originated, the fact that it came so quickly suggests that Al Libi is currently in a city in Pakistan (Peshawar?) and not out hiking in the mountains with Osama bin Laden.
A criminal records search turned up a couple of apparent minor traffic violations.What elevates this case from a random shooting are the reports that two other suspects have been taken into custody in the case. Howe asserted that Strassmeir trained Elohim City racist radicals in weaponry and had discussed assassinations, bombings and mass shootings. Other information found on al Marri's computer included references to instructions for making hydrogen cyanide, cyanide poisoning and antidotes. You can still make egg white omelets the “old school” way by separating your eggs from the shell but this is so much more user-friendly and easy. When I bring it home, while it is still warm, put on your gloves and strip off all of the skin and pitch it. The music labels in Sweden were willing to give him the licensing needed to make that music accessible via this particular vehicle.
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Most Al Qaeda operatives can't even manage to set their shoes or underwear on fire, let along perform surgery on themselves, then build a bomb, then detonate it. According to the Bosnian TV news magazine "60 Minutes" (no relation to CBS), Bosnic was in close contact with Adis Medunjanin, the Queens man arrested in the U.S.
The Army had two contracts with Baud prior to September 11, worth a bit more than $2 million, but no contracts after the attack.
They have prematurely buried Osama bin Laden, Ayman Al Zawahiri and Mustafa Al Yazid on multiple occasions.
This is a contradiction that many Muslims brush aside and just pretend that it doesn't exist. 2, 1994, detailing a published interview with Talaat Fouad Qasem (aka Talaat Fouad Qassem, Abu Talal Al-Qasem and Abu Talal al-Qasimy), an extremely important leader of the Islamic Group. One of my go-to lazy dinners is to put a dollop of low fat tuna fish salad on each popchip and have a plate full….. In addition to its four-in-one benefits, I like this tool because it’s extremely easy to use and never requires brushes, cartridges or discs.
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For instance, we might be preoccupied chasing breast impant bombs with body scanners while someone is stowing a dirty bomb on an LNG tanker from Yemen. If As-Sahab (Adam and Ayman) are on the move, it makes sense they would be working with lower quality material -- it takes a lot less time to edit and upload audio and webcam video than the high-end stuff that As-Sahab used to produce. SECOND UPDATE: The rumors are starting to take on more force and are now being reported by other CT experts (such as here and here). Any decent Muslim cannot live, understanding properly his duties towards his Creator and his fellow Muslims, and yet serve as a US soldier. If the arrests are simply people swept up in the confusion, the shootings would appear more likely the act of a deranged individual. This document is full of interesting (and possibly fanciful) claims, but here's one of the highlights:Some of the group of Dr. The company’s PrivateRX Cooling Pads are soft-beaded cotton pads that gently exfoliates dry or dead skin cells to help free ingrown hair. This and all of the proprietary organic Pura d’or formulas combine science and nature to help solve problems like thinning hair, hair loss and dandruff. It features a cotton inner lining, hook-and-eye closures, flexi-boning and firm compression.
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But within the factual underpinnings, the statement is rational, which is to say it's based on recognizable reasoning. So the key question regarding Nidal Hasan is: Were his actions based on this kind of reasoning, or the result of a collapse of reasoning due to mental illness?Certainly his lawyers will be considering this question. It's a standard question in murder cases and bears directly on the punishment a convicted murderer receives. END UPDATEIf it does turn out to be terrorism, it certainly wouldn't be the first time the Army has been infiltrated by such operatives. At any rate, this is an interesting document both for its early reference to Al Qaeda (firmly situating it with the known terrorist group Al Jihad) and for its confirmation of other documents placing the founding of Al Qaeda as roughly concurrent to the waning years of the Afghan Jihad. In this instance, there's also a broader problem, because if he was acting rationally, it was likely the result of radicalization. Perhaps more significantly, it also corroborates other intelligence that specifies the importance of Ayman Al-Zawahiri to Al Qaeda from day one. In other words, did Aulaqi or like-minded thinkers bring Hasan around to a worldview in which his actions are considered rational? Howe, for example, claimed that Mahon and Strassmeir took three trips to Oklahoma City, in November 1994, December 1994, and February 1995, on one of which she accompanied them. If Hasan was a radicalized rational actor, his actions stem from the worldview of Anwar Aulaqi.
Although many sources refer to a 1998 "official" announcement as the date of the merger between Egyptian Islamic Jihad and Al Qaeda, it's quite clear from a wide variety of sources that the two organizations were joined at the hip from Al Qaeda's earliest days. Without such a motive, we're left only with his desire to avoid deployment, and the truly rational decision based on that motive would have been to desert the Army without killing anyone.
While there are strong reasons to suspect Awlaki falls into that category, extremely significant unanswered questions remain -- not only about his role in the Detroit Christmas bomb attempt and the Nidal Hasan massacre, but about his connection to September 11. If Hasan was rational, the case raises enormous concerns about the success of ideologues like Aulaqi. Realistically, the only way most of those questions are ever going to be answered in the public sphere is if Awlaki is captured and returned to the U.S. As I have mentioned before, trials are the public's most important window into Al Qaeda and how terrorism works. If those who share his ideological inclinations believe he was acting rationally, it will inspire imitators.
But understanding if and how ideology influenced the initial act helps us understand how this worldview spreads, who is susceptible to its charms, and what factors cause ideology to transform into violent intent.
A radical-leaning English-language Islamic forum discussing Aulaqi and Hasan was heavily populated by people who found the shootings quite rational: Despite his motives, Muslims all over the world are celebrating and they would've been happy even if a kafir did this.
May Allah preserve him and continue to make him a beacon of truth for this Ummah and a cancer against the Kuffar no matter how much they may dislike it.
It may be based on false assumptions or wrong facts or unattractive values, but it's a logical rationale that justifies the act. The fact that this particular audience would be as likely to cheer someone who opened fire in a mall is somewhat tangential to the point. If the worldview and reasoning of Anwar Aulaqi is gaining traction in the United States, that's a real problem for law enforcement and intelligence officials. Aulaqi is an advocate of the radical Islamic version of "leaderless resistance" in which individuals and very small groups take action against perceived enemies independently.

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