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Fans of 'the purple one' have had one question on their minds since Flash Entertainment announced his huge Yas Arena F1 gig: where will the secret party be held?
John Lickrish of Flash Entertainment announced the show, taking place on November 12 at the new Yas Island Skybar, via his Twitter account this morning. LATEST NEWSSmall Businesses Turn to 'Blue Collar Backers'Jennifer Hudson and Harvey Fierstein Can't Stop the Beat in 'Hairspray Live!'Idris Elba to Star in 'Guerrilla'Eric McCormack to Star in 'Travelers'E!
Prince Alexander Romanoff of Russia may not be his actual name and title as the reality TV show Secret Princes bills him, but Francis Alexander Mathew is still a pretty cool guy. Mathew’s actual royal connection is that he is the great grand nephew of Czar Nicolas Romanoff the last ruling royal on the Russian throne. If Fran isn’t going to be on reality dating shows again, does that mean that he is finally ready to settle down?
Since reality television is off of the table, we needed to know what he wants to do in the future.

So there you have it, he might not be a technical prince and a working royal to boot, but he was fun to chat with an easy going attitude and an engaging laugh.
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Exclusive club gigs have always been a part of Prince's legend and every true fan knows that – while the stadium show may have ended – the music is still going on somewhere nearby.Unstoppably energetic and insatiably creative, the 52-year-old funk maestro is known to keep these informal jam sessions going for hours, usually in an impromptu location. Ticket prices and show times have yet to be announced, but Time Out suspects he’ll be the last act on a bill already including Kelis, Tinie Tempah, Rudy and Basement Jaxx – arguably the best evening’s line-up the UAE has yet seen.Tickets for the event, not yet advertised as including Prince, are currently available on Flash Entertainment’s website. Read on for a fun look at the unconventional life of this easy going reality star, photographer and world traveller. His grandfather Prince Andrew escaped to England, had his mother Princess Olga Romanoff and the rest is history.
So we are sure to see this Prince Charming in the future wherever his adventuresome life takes him.

Breaking with tradition, however, his downscale Abu Dhabi gig will take place days before the big arena gig, with fans welcome to come along – though it’ll cost them.
Fran, for short, is a self described extreme nature lover, photographer and a former stunt man.
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