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In actuality, bliss, like acute anxiety or deep sadness, is a rare moment in the texture of our daily lives. It takes a true commitment to change your way of thinking from negative to positive, but once you do you will never look back.
It took me 38 days of vigilant attention to stop saying negative things and another 42 to stop thinking them.
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It seems so simple “think positive thoughts”, so why is it so difficult for some to abandon negative thinking? We expect to identify it through our feeling state, rather than through the perceptual frame of reference that it is.
Intense emotions, whether positive or negative, are the threads in the complex and mysterious fabric of life. Slowly, this negative space that I didn’t often even recognize evaporated enough to be replaced with equally true thoughts that supported me in the life I wanted. We think real happiness is smiling and laughing together with other like-minded, attractive people in nice cars and clothing.
My business was reinvented and began to thrive in this positive glow as did all of my family relationships and my marriage.

Instead of moving on to another positive, you are chained to the negative outcome that you have already imagined.
When I think about my work or my future, my primary daily commitment is to learn more about and live more deeply in my positive frame of reference.

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