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She saw our company on TV and wanted a secret passageways to act as a breathtaking entrance to the rooms she had worked so hard on (she also ended up ordering two other secret passageways - a gilded mirror for the master bathroom and a french bookcase to an office). She gave us some general concepts for a bookcase, and thankfully was thrilled with the custom woodwork design we built for her. We're told that no matter how many times their kids go into the room, the first thing they do when they bring home a friend is to run to show them their secret passage! Pine Street Carpenters & The Kitchen StudioDon't know which is cooler - the secret passage or the Space Invaders on the wall!
HammaCreative Home Engineering, thanks so much for answering my question and for the photo! If you're intentions are to kill every guard present in the apartment, then the best choice would be to take cover somewhere near the entrance and then to attack enemy units.
If somehow you can't or you don't want to use the hole in the wall, then you should look around the apartment. It doesn't matter which method you've chosen, because either way you'll have to find yourself standing inside the secret room. I'm not big on Final Fantasy, but I am an avid fan of the dungeon crawler concept, Dungeons&Dragons, etc.

We want to share an awesome play room our client created, which we built a secret passageway bookcase for!
If you only want to stun the guards, then you could consider convincing one of them to leave the apartment #1 or to perform a surprise attack on him. Start off by collecting some of the applications from the environment and then interact with a computer terminal.
I've probably missed it, because the mini-game was too easy to look for alternative solutions.
The adventures in this series tend to feel fairly bland to me, and I was expecting this to be yet another overly restrained story.
Many have said that Final Fantasy 2 is one of if not the worst of The Final Fantasies, and frankly I did not want to believe it. Because of our proprietary hinges, the heavy wooden door is still open-able by any kid with ease. Her husband and child worked together and built a cloud-like lighting fixture which glows and makes noise to replicate a sunrise, sunset and thunderstorms. Dealing with the remaining two would be much easier, because for most of the time they will be looking through the windows, making themselves perfect targets #2. The introductory segment certainly suggested that this was going to be the case, since great-aunt Celia's eccentricity wasn't portrayed in as outlandish a fashion as one might hope.

Being one of the few jrpgs in general that is skill-based over linear level grinding, I was actually expecting a lot more then I got. If you don't want to eliminate any of the guards, then you'll have to pay a lot of attention to their movements and use Cloaking System along with other implants if necessary.
Make sure you've read all three messages, so you'll find out that the hacker you're searching for is named Arie van Bruggen.
However, once things got going, this turned out to be quite possibly my favorite entry in the series thus far. The most likely place to find him is a local nightclub called The Hive which is being run by a Triad member named Tong Si Hung. The humor that the author displayed occasionally in her previous works is brought further into the foreground here, and the comedy is quite violent at times; thus, the book never feels overly sanitized, and it is certainly one of the few entries in the series that I think an adult audience could really enjoy without embarrassment.

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