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Doyle and Van Rook travel to Drew's home temple to tell her about the cryptid that Argost stole. It could also be a reference to the first episode of Total Drama Island with the same saying. Right before Argost fully steals Zak Monday's power, his hair flashes to Zak Saturday's hair color. The Monday Family appear again in the episode, in the images of when Argost searches through the Saturday's Computer.
The Secret Scientists make a deal with the Saturdays to leave Zak alone for six months and give Zak a chance to prove he can handle his developing Kur powers. However, their deal is quickly broken in the following and final episode, War of the Cryptids. Described in the "Voyage of Mael Duin", this is one of the tales from Mael's voyage across the little known Atlantic Ocean.
The moral behind the story is that men and women put on masks during times of grief and suffering to make it appear as though all is well, but on the inside, their withering branches, barely holding on to life during those dark hours. The Third Form was an Insect-like Body, capable of crawling up walls and also as strong as it's previous forms. The Secret Saturdays is about Doc, Drew, and Zak who are part of a network of scientists who work together to save the world by keeping hazardous secrets! Zak Monday was the anti-matter version of Zak Saturday, a malevolent doppelganger from an opposite world on the other side of the Aztec Smoke Mirror.
As opposed to positive-matter Zak, he is extremely cruel and seems criminally insane, and is boastful about it.
The physical difference between positive Zak and himself is his hair color: his hair is white and black where positive Zak's is the other way around.
Being composed of anti-matter, if he and positive Zak get to close to one another, the fabric of reality begins to unravel, causing unpredictable levels of destruction. He appears a final time in And Your Enemies Closer, where Argost releases him to steal his powers.

It is possible that because the positive matter Kur was evil, and positive Zak good, negative Kur might have been good, given that negative Zak was evil. The positive Zak's Kur powers are able to form a cryptid army via calming the cryptids down and bringing them under his control.
Positive Zak may have some concern for his negative counterpart, as he tried to warn him of Argost stealing his anti-Kur powers, which would drain his life source in the process. The one The beast in the middle of shifting shown is grayish-blue in color and appears to be mammalian or reptilian in nature, but can adopt features from other animal groups like insects and fish when necessary. Being very strong, it wiped the floor with five Secret Scientists, one of which was a Hibagon. It's unknown if it retains the strength of it's previous forms but it also seems to calm down when submerged in water. In his second escape to the positive universe, his only goal was to take the place of his positive matter self and use the opportunity to ruin the Saturday family. Again in opposition to positive Zak, he held the The Fang, the anti-matter version of The Claw. Following the Monday's first escape, he was imprisoned in the Smoke Mirror but escapes with Komodo Monday. Using the Flute of Gilgamesh, he extracts Zak Monday's negative Kur powers and takes his Fang, sapping him of his life force in the process. Zak Monday drives cryptids insane and makes them forget what happened under his control as seen in Paris is Melting and as Argost did with his powers in War of the Cryptids. While this goes on Doc, Komodo, Zak, and Fiskerton strike a deal with the Secret Scientists about stopping a revolving beast, in Beeman's lab. It had loose skin and had a peculiar habit of changing its physical appearance by shifting its skeletal and muscular structure around, ergo "Revolving" beast.
Apart from anti-matter Komodo, with whom he shares a mutual love of evil, he despises his family, and frequently betrays them or treats them like dirt. Like Zak, he is his universes Kur, but where as Zak's powers cause his eyes and claw to glow orange, his glow green.

The creature's physical appearance looked like a cross between several species, each form carrying a certain trait from one of the species it resembled.
He reappears in Paris is Melting, where he and Komodo Monday try and ruin the Saturday's names. They send positive Zak to the anti-matter universe to retrieve their airship, but he is intercepted by the other Mondays. In one fit of rage, it threw rocks at Mael's ship, one of the rocks striking the boat's keel, so him and the men fled before it sank to the ocean floor.
Season 3, Episode 8 S3 E7 Dec 26, 2009The Unblinking EyeThe Saturdays go to Istanbul to extract the Lake Van Monster. Positive Zak manages to negotiate with the Mondays: they would sooner revenge themselves on anti-Zak, and so they allow him to leave in return for sending back Zak and Komodo Monday. Draining the airship of power, it no sooner takes flight, then it begins to plummet, right into the Smoke Mirror that positive Zak angles beneath it.
He is later knocked out by Argost and is flown to a secret island wrapped up in Munya's silk.
Drew shows Doyle the spot where they were separated, Doyle then tells Drew that it was a cryptid that destroyed the family, not a storm.
Along, with a revelation: Argost's masks cast, meaning Argost is the legendary master of the mountain, The Yeti. He tells Zak how he found out about the mirror when he snuck into the airship in Australia, how he stole the Flute of Gilgamesh, and that he is a cryptid.

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