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An adventuresome family of experts in the field of creatures known as cryptids attempts to protect their secrets and powers from the forces of evil.
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Since the episode The Legion of Garuda, most of the Secret Scientists (Arthur Beeman, Miranda Grey, Deadbolt, and Talu Mizuki) decided to leave Zak alone.
This is the second time that Zak has been described as a monster, first time was in Into The Mouth of Darkness.
The robot walkers used by Epsilon and his people resemble the Morning Star Heartless in the Kingdom Hearts Series.
The hunt for Kur comes to a head as everyone works out their own way to locate the creature.
When Zak and Zon crashed into the room where Doyle was, the relic didn't glow, which would imply that Zak wasn't Kur, at least not yet. The Saturday HQ is destroyed in this episode, and it still looks that way in The Return of Tsul 'Kalu, so as of now it is unknown if the Saturday HQ will be rebuilt. Stream cartoons The Secret Saturdays Episode 29 Episode Description : The Thousand Eyes of Ahuizotl.

Epsilon and his people arrive from the sky and ask the Saturdays to cooperate with them, in exchange for "Isolation and protection from all threats." To train Zak to control himself.
Some fans assume that it will be repaired at the end of Season 2, but it hasn't been confirmed yet. However we also experienced that your browser may cause the problem if this is the case restart your browser completely and try again.
Francis states that Zak should try and maintain his hair when Zak hits him with the Claw, stating himself "What? So Zak, Komodo and Fisk distract the People while Doc and Drew hatch a plan to get rid of the satellite. Also, Agent Epsilon doesn't want to hunt Zak, but rather recruit Zak into joining his family to use his powers as Kur. Doc suits up in a heat suit and runs out to the Griffin not explaining the plan to Drew saying that "You'll try to get the dangerous part".
Also, Paul Cheechoo, Odele, and Cheveyo might chase Zak, but this could be argued as they maintain contact with the other scientists, who might have told them to leave the Saturdays alone, while Epsilon would not have been told anything as he does not maintain permanent contact.
Argost sends a neural parasite to the Saturdays' home to extract Kur's location from Fiskerton by force, and Doyle fixes the Kur-sensing artifact in secret.
But during a mini-vacation before going on their search, they are ambushed by Miranda Grey and Deadbolt. They're hard to control." When the Saturdays turn down, Epsilon refuses to accept and attempts to kidnap Zak.
It turns out that the People have a space station and had stolen from Doyle's Swiss safety deposit box the naga Kur detector, which they attach to the satellite and were using to find Zak.

When a neural parasite attaches to Fiskerton, his brain takes control of Bara's equipment and he builds several "Fisk-bots" which destroy the Saturdays' home. After the battle, they then wander into jungle village where the majority of the villagers have lost their eyes.
Luciana - "Left Behind" Army Wives (5) Arrested Development (13) (103) Atlantis (3) Awake (15) Sapphire Steel (1) Satisfaction (1) Night Live (48) Saving Hope (4) Scandal (30) List of episodes. The Ahuizotl attacks the family, but a young girl from the village named Tiacapan comes to their aid.
As the Saturdays depart to find Kur, Argost, having been watching through his neural parasite, sets off for their destination as well.
It is then revealed, (after an argument) that Francis and Epsilon are clones of a perfect agent they found years ago. Francis then lets Zak go, and the Saturdays return the Lake Van Monster to it's home, saying it was a good day for the monsters. It was abandoned for almost and yelled "WHOS THERE!?" the figure took out a bow and and pointed it at drew.

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