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Doc and Drew decide to go out together on their anniversary and leave Zak, Fiskerton, Komodo, and Zon to the care of fellow Secret Scientist, Dr. But, a strange man named Pietro "Piecemeal" Maltese invades the Saturdays HQ, and Zak realizes part of their UFO diversion caused the house's systems to reboot, leaving them with no power to call for help.
The Headmaster of the Legion of Garuda is seen briefly while Zak is checking the Interpol Criminal Database for Piecemeal.

We learn that the Saturday HQ has a kitchen, a place for the Saturday Sub, a weapons vault, cryptid plant area, airship landing pad, and a carrier for the airship.
You can see Zak's green band in the elevator after Komodo tore it off, but then it disappears. Zak setting traps for Pietro "Piecemeal" Maltese is similar to Home Alone when Kevin McCallister sets up a bunch of booby traps to catch the two bad guys. Zak yelling at Piecemeal, "Now, get out of my house!" and blasting him out of the home is a reference of Spongebob Squarepants when Squidward yells at Spongebob or Patrick to leave his home or when he throws them out of it.
An adventuresome family of experts in the field of creatures known as cryptids attempts to protect their secrets and powers from the forces of evil. You are now on the page of a The Secret Saturdays, which includes such genres as Adventure, Animation.
Arthur Beeman references the original Ben 10 series by saying "sweet Galvan Prime," the home world of the Galvans. When he was holding his mom's fire sword up as it was being charged up by the solar lighting, you can see Zak's eyes glowing orange.

While the Saturdays are resting in the Sahara Desert, Epsilon and Francis show up saying they want to recruit Kur.
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Eventually, the house's systems complete their reboot and Zak uses his mother's fire sword to blast Piecemeal through the house's wall and into the water below.
Beeman leaves the house to return to his lab to get the "proper equipment" to monitor the UFO. Zak and his cryptid friends have the run of the Saturdays' house and decide to have some fun.

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