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Plot: Six months after the Kur crisis, the other Secret Scientists have discovered that Zak is Kur, and are tracking him to take him into custody, forcing the Saturdays into a life as fugitives. Argost and the Xing-Xing both are together in the past, as the Xing-Xing explains it is bad for the yeti to kill and steal.
Back in his mansion, Rani Nagi and the other Nagas realize they wasted their time with Zak and show Argost his true Kur power.
Zak's Army: Grootslangs, Bunyips, Nagni Vatus, Jersey devil, Calopuses, Jishin-uwo, The Kumaris, Hassi, Koerakoonlaseds, Ahools, Atmospheric Jellyfish, The Fouke Monster and Tsul'Kalu. Argost's Army: Skree, Thunderbird, Allegewi, Algerian Sea Centipede, Vltava River Sprites, Cherufes, Mokele Mbembes, Migas, Mississauga Blob, Munya, The Nagas (they are his servants, not soldiers). With Kur gone, Zak can now finally live a normal, peaceful life with his family and friends.
Fisk wears a black suit at Van Rook's funeral, even though throughout the series, he's hardly seen wearing clothes. Van Rook dies saving Drew; The Saturdays, Doyle, Ulraj, and Wadi have a funeral for him at the end of the episode. A corpse resembling Marvel's Ghost can be seen hanging on a wall at Weird World holding a device removing Zak's Kur powers. While the Thunderbird was blowing a huge blast of wind, most of the flying cryptids under Zak's control (Jersey Devils, Nagni Vatus, and Ahools) are blown away and a Skree was briefly seen being blasted by the wind and its eyes were in Zak's control.
Plot: The Saturdays discover the existence of underground cryptid fights run by Leonidas Van Rook. The Saturdays learn about a secret of Indian sorcerers by finding a lost text of the Epic of Gilgamesh, in King Olaf's grave, who were able to drive out the spirit of Kur in the past, and they attempt to find them, in hope that group can do it again.

Doc: (He puts on his Battle Glove, and puts his other free hand in front of Zak, whose showing an angry look at Beeman, to block him out of the Scientists reach).
We learn that the Saturday's Airship has an auto pilot that is controlled from Doc's wrist.
The Saturday's Airship also shows seems to be a bit indestructible, seeing that no matter how many lasers were fired at it, there wasn't any marks on it. We also learn that if the spirit of Kur gets driven out of Zak's body, then Zak will die because Zak is Kur himself, not just someone who is possessed by Kur, contrasting to what the Saturdays hoped to be. To make matters worse, the Nagas are also after Zak, in hopes of making him their new leader. The Yeti explains that he has a cunning plan: to walk among the humans and puts on a mask he created in his cave home.
This is sort of strange, since the Koerakoonlaseds were on Zak's side like the Grootslangs. And another is that the explosion is also similar to when the Ghostbuster's cross the streams to close the portal, and banish Gozer. Unfortunately, they are followed by the secret scientists (including Miranda and Deadbolt) yet they once again escape. Six months ago (charges up the Glove) the Secret Scientists never wanted to put a twelve-year old boy in a Cryogenic Deep Freeze.
Meanwhile, Doyle and Zon go to England and have a run-in with Leonidas Van Rook (who had just had his buisness overtaken by Abbey) when looking for V.V. Argost then sells his idea to Baron Finster for his scorpion abdomen and then asks for funds for a television series in return.

Although the Grootslang may not have actually chased it away on purpose, since the Koerakoonlased may have just moved out of the way, since the Grootslang continued to chase the Cherufe and Mokele-mbembe away. It's also possible that Talu Mizuki was also kicked out, due to that he was preventing Doyle and Van Rook from destroying the flute. Finster then explains that every other criminal he has encountered asked for money or world domination. But as the flutes music becomes more lethal to both Zak and Argost, Miranda sees the true nature of the scientists and tries to persuade them to turn it off. They learned that in order to drive out the spirit of Kur a ritual, using an artifact known as the "Flute of Gilgamesh", must be performed.
Zon and Zak try to retrieve the weapon but Argost's Skree gets to it first and with their help, flies to safety.
Unfortunately, it was revealed midway that driving out Kur's spirit meant killing him especially since Zak is Kur himself rather than someone possessed by him.
The Saturdays, the Secret Scientists, and the Nagas saved Zak from this fate, but Gokul escapes. Once Zak takes the bargain to prevent any similar incidents, Argost uses the stolen recorder to subdue Zak while he transfers the Kur from Zak and succeeds.
He is near-death from the flute's power and Drew tries to get him to say something, but he still says nothing.

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