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Every now and again, we do something unexpected for one of our customers – nothing big, just a little something to show that we appreciate their business and that we care. In a recent campaign for Coyote Creek based on their expertise in monitoring and managing Microsoft Exchange servers using their Coyote Creek RMM product, we developed a call-to-action around their “secret sauce” and designed and sourced a specially branded BBQ sauce for them to give to prospects.
Our anniversary surprise was that we took a bottle of sauce and Coyote Creek’s corporate color palette and invited graphic artists to channel their inner Andy Warhol and have some fun with the design. At Bootstrap Marketing, we believe in going the extra mile for our customers and we wanted to share this little example with you.
In a landscape still riddled with fallout, Gensler has managed to weather the recent economic storms. Shenbei Arena, in China, features dramatic skylights, reflective stainless-steel metal panel walls, and huge operable doors that will allow for indoor and outdoor events.
While other ?rms worked to distinguish their brands with design agendas and signature styles, Gensler adapted with each job to the demands of the client.
During the recession Gensler may have had to slacken its rubber band a bit as clients needed to cut costs, but the ?rm worked to help many with the transition.
With its diverse practice areas and close ties to big clients, Gensler sustains a business model that consistently yields balanced revenue portfolios.
The portfolio is fairly balanced geographically as well, with 62 percent of its revenue derived from work in the United States.

Unlike the conglomerate AECOM and other large ?rms, Gensler has not grown by mergers and acquisitions.
Because its international clients are served by local talent with access to a global support network, Gensler has enjoyed a distinct advantage in China. As for the near-continuous expansion Gensler has experienced over ?ve decades and throughout numerous recessions, the ?rm takes an almost Zen approach. Here’s an example of something that we just did for Coyote Creek to celebrate their second anniversary of working with Bootstrap Marketing.
We liked the way that this turned out and had a couple of 24 x 36 posters made up to celebrate. Speaking well will help us in all aspects of life, whether applying for a job or asking for assistance. After cutting about 30 percent of its workforce in a nine-month period between 2008 and early 2009, the ?rm has rapidly rebuilt and now employs more staff and generates more revenue than ever before. After observing that many universities were investing in upgrading their athletic facilities to help recruit both athletes and students, Gensler launched its sports and recreation practice in 2009, a move precipitated by its own strategic recruitment of Ron Turner. Last year, 43 percent of the ?rm’s billings came from architecture jobs and 39 percent from interior design work. Instead, it has developed expertise and carved deep inroads into its clients’ respective markets.

Jun Xia, for instance, was born in Shanghai, and moved to the United States in 1987 to study urban design. We remember those who speak well and those that do it badly, but for very different reasons.
Last year, the company worked on some 6,700 projects for about 2,200 different clients, reporting a record-breaking $751 million in revenue.
Its success has been tied largely to a unique operating philosophy that springs from its humble origins. Of the 38 percent of its 2012 foreign billings, 22 percent came from Asia, mostly from work in China, which will play an increasingly important role in the coming years. This roster of large, long-standing clients provides Gensler with two self-reinforcing advantages: repeat business and institutional knowledge.

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