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Constantin Film and Robert Cort Productions have teamed up to bring the best-selling self-help book by Rhonda Byrne to the big screen. Raja Gosnell is on board to the direct the adaptation, which has a script by Bekah Brunstetter, a playwright who is also a writer and an executive story editor on ABC Family's Switched at Birth. The screenplay centers on a hard-working, young widowed mother whose life is upended by the arrival of a mysterious stranger. Robert Kulzer, Margo Klewans and Martin Moszkowicz of Constantin Film, Skye Byrne of Illumination Productions, and Gosnell will executive produce.
Cort is a veteran producer whose credits range from Three Men and a Baby and Cocktail, to Runaway Bride and Save the Last Dance.
I would read textbooks because I had to, but picking up a book in my free time was not in my vocabulary.
I went to Strand Book Store, which is one of the coolest and cheapest bookstores in NYC and started looking through the millions of books that they sell. Running back and forth to take pictures of yourself was probably one of the hardest things ever. For any bloggers out there that has to take their own pictures, #selfiecam, then a tripod and a wireless remote are your friends.
Thankfully my roommate’s old roommate is one of the head runners in North Brooklyn Runners (NBR). I was also fortunate enough to meet Lucy through NBR, who recently moved to Chicago after graduating from Northwestern University.
It’s funny that whenever I do a long run, right when I get home I take off my running shoes and put on my Birkenstocks.
Of course after my run I put on comfy jersey pants and a baggy tee, which is my signature look – hah. My favorite e-commerce site, East Dane, is having a huge sale that is offering last season’s items for up to 70% off. I decided to check out Coney Island for the first time with some friends the Sunday I arrived (aka where the pictures). Since the office environment is casual, I really wasn’t sure what to wear for the first day.
As I pack my bags and say my last farewells, I think about how much work I put in to get to this point in my life. Several internships, four years of undergrad, and several jobs later, I’m finally going to be in NYC. One of the best feelings is knowing that you spent four of your hard earned years, kicking butt, to soon get a piece of paper that will allow you to, maybe, get your dream job. As he shares his philosophy with her and her three children, they find both self-fulfillment and love.
Cort has won Emmy Awards, including one for outstanding TV movie for Something the Lord Made.

He was an editor who worked on movies such as Pretty Woman and Home Alone, but segued to directing, making his directorial debut with the Drew Barrymore romantic comedy Never Been Kissed. One of my friends mentioned something about The Secret, since I told her it’s been a rough transition moving to NYC. Not only would the lens focus on something other than my face, but having it perfectly timed was such a pain. If you remember from this blast from the past post, I’ll be running the Chicago Marathon on October 11th. Do not skip long runs, do yoga + stretch, foam roll (a crap ton), and do not kill yourself on your midway runs.
I mean it’s kind of difficult to take outfit posts without a handy photographer (and a best friend).
Alexander Wang, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Public School, and illesteva are just a few designers that are included in the sale. Now the summer is finally here, it’s time to take out your summer wardrobe and add a few pieces to it!
When I first met all of the Account Managers and Junior Account Managers, I noticed that I was the only guy. Whether it’s being rejecting interview after interview or just not getting what you want, everything happens for a reason. To think that I will be the first person in my family to walk across a stage and receive a college diploma is incredible. While many of my colleagues said that 10-15 of their family members are coming to their graduation, I will only have three of my closest family members with me. It provides practical insight into why nice people never win and how people should adapt their own behavior to improve their chances of success in our competitive world. It also received its share of criticism and was parodied on The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live. It seemed like everyone could visit a book in a week, but it took me two weeks to finish that same book. I did some research on ways to take pictures of yourself, aka how I found out about the tripod, and found out that my camera allows you to take pictures with a wireless remote! I couldn’t even wait that I ended up getting Amazon Prime to get Two Free Day Shipping. Although I need a better way to throw the remote somewhere, the remote does basically everything I want it to do.
When you first a pair the cork sole is hard as a rock, but as you break them in they mode to your feet. So baggy, loose fitting clothes is what I usually resort (and even if I don’t run, oops). Well I just moved to NYC last Friday, and I’m still trying to get settled into my new job as a Junior Account Manager at ClassPass.

Gorgeous girls with macs were running around in the chicest workout apparel from lululemon.
It describes what it really takes to be wealthy, powerful and ultimately successful in life and uses humorous anecdotes, true stories and examples to make the points vivid, whilst giving the reader 100 ways to become more of a success. Seeing everyone read the hottest fiction book or a self-help book made me realize that I should I be reading too. So many people stop by and ask what I’m taking pictures for, aka perfect opportunity to talk about my blog. I slammed the pencil down, handed the test to my professor, and walked with my head up high.
Rather than listening to the latest tracks or scrolling through Instagram, maybe I should really educate myself. Hi Twitter), but sometimes you just need to stop what you’re doing and take a deep breath.
A few NBR members are going to be running the Chicago Marathon, so I’m excited to train with them! So not only has the tripod assisted me with taking pictures, but I guess its also a great marketing tool.
They knew that I was going to be overwhelmed the first day, but pretty much took it step by step to help me understand the daily tasks, ect. They lack the self-centredness, toughness, ruthlessness and unpredictability that are needed to be successful. When the chips are down most people are too scared to take the risks that successful bastards would. Conversely, most successful people are difficult to deal with and only worried about themselves. Most nice people spend their lives in denial, dreaming of success, without ever questioning why they do not have more of it. There is a bit of the bastard in everyone and given the right motivation and opportunity, everyone can and will stand up for themselves.
People just need to lift their heads, remove the blinkers and pluck up the courage to act for themselves. Structured as a typical self-help guide it is a humorous, but also serious examination of how you have to behave to be successful.
Using real-life examples the reader will become aware of 100 ways to be more successful by being more of a bastard, how they will get greater respect from others for doing so and how their life can be improved in every dimension.

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