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AMELIA Carr is a writer who throws herself into her novels and for this she learnt to sail to ensure she had every detail necessary to bring her ideas to life. Following fearless sailor Felicity Penrose we cast back to the Fifties when her boat was found abandoned. She was presumed drowned and her husband and baby girl Emma soldiered on but 30 years later, Emma has been told that her mother was spotted alive and well.
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Looks like our interview with Fetty Wap really didn’t sit well with his alleged future baby mama, Masika Kalysha!
She liked to go out and party, but she didn't think she was different from other girls her age.A It was true that it sometimes went a bit too far, with her spending a lot of time 'being a sloppy wasted mess' - but a lot of college students got wasted, she reasoned. Breaking the law: The Minnesotan had developed a problem before she was legally old enough to drink, begging friends to buy her booze and using a fake IDBut it didn't finally hit home that she was endangering her life until May 7, 2013, four months before her twenty-first birthday. Finally getting help: After ending up in the hospital with a dangerous blood alcohol content, her parents urged her to go to rehab'A few days without drinking passed, then a week, then an entire month,' she wrote fr xoJane. Expanding her horizons: At three months sober, she left to study abroad in Chile, which she said helped to keep her groundedShe also started to feel happier, laughing and smiling again.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. While he was away, she made a pact with herself to lose weight and her results shocked everyone!

I couldn't wait until I didn't have to hit up older friends to buy me booze or beg them to let me use their ID to get into a bar. Beth told herself that her excessive drinking was just a phase she would grow out of.On a 'subconscious level', though, she knew that she wasn't quite like all the other kids her age.
Support poured in, with over 200 friends liking the candid post and leaving well-wishing comments for her.'Admitting my lack of control over the situation was the best thing I could have done,' she wrote in her xoJane essay. The difference was easily noticeable - especially to her dad, who told her it was nice to see her back to her old self.When she was three months sober, Beth felt confident enough to go ahead with plans she'd made before her hospital stay to study abroad in Chile for the fall semester. That’s exactly what Misty Shaffer chose to do while her husband Larry was deployed in Afghanistan!
She was able to keep it a secret from him by not posting any full body pictures online and would only send him photos of her from the shoulders up. She and her family met him the airport — watch Larry’s face (below) as it changes from bewilderment to joy once he realizes the small woman running to him is his wife! I so badly wanted the day to come so that when I saw a police car or heard sirens, I didn't immediately panic about being caught for drinking underage.'As it turns out, she needed to worry less about the legal consequences of her drinking, and more about the toll it was taking on her health. She drank alone, sometimes before class, and would even hide in bathroom stalls to down some alcohol while no one else was around.'I think the group of people I hung out with definitely liked to party,' she said.
I felt healthier, and not having crippling hangovers wasn't the worst thing in the world.'When she realized that things were looking up, she decided to open up about being in rehab to her entire social circle. A It was there than she celebrated her twenty-first birthday, with not a round of shots but nonalcoholic fizzy juice and Chilean cake.A Beth said that going to Chile actually helped her to maintain her sobriety as it brought her 'back down to earth'.

So now years later because he's back and finds out he has a child, suddenly she's the villain.
So nowyears laterbecause he's back and finds out he has a child, suddenly she's the villain. Until then, only those closest to her knew the truth, but she no longer wanted to feel shame about seeking help.A 'I wanted that weight off of my shoulders and I wanted people to know what was happening to I didn't have to explain over and over,' she told Daily Mail Online. She slimmed down, got her natural color back, and just looked like a brighter, more engaged person.'Once I stopped drinking so many calories and stopped the drunk eating, I quickly started to lose weight,' she told Daily Mail Online.
So she posted a Facebook update, spilling the details of her major life change.'I'm sick of hiding it,' she wrote.
But she can't seem to push Jake away, and having the infuriating man so close so close to her stirs up all those feelings she thought were buried as deep as the secret she swore she'd never tell. But she can't seem to push Jake away, and having the infuriating man so closeso close to herstirs up all those feelings she thought were buried as deep as the secret she swore she'd never tell.

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