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This week, DC’s villain team-up comic Secret Six ends its current series with issue #36. The superb character work on Secret Six is a big part of what made the book so special, creating a degree of dramatic tension I’m unaccustomed to seeing in a capes-and-tights book. Secret Six appeared again the next year in another six-issue miniseries, featuring my favorite portrayal of the Mad Hatter ever, and in 2008, DC Comics launched the current Secret Six ongoing series, which added the infamous Bat-villain Bane to the team as he tried to beat his addiction to the Venom serum that gave him super strength and become a more honorable warrior. Those trades also collect some crossover appearances of the team, including the Suicide Squad tie-in to Blackest Night and a two-parter split with Action Comics.
When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Following her historic run on BATGIRL, writer Gail Simone is about to embark on a new series, SECRET SIX.So, what's the secret?
When three men kidnap Catman’s long-lost son, he’ll have not only the captors to face, but his buried past as well. Romance is in the air for Huntress and Catman as they share a passionate kiss while on a night on the town – which of course for them means fighting bad guys and trying to rescue an asthmatic hostage. Hmmm, that doesn't exactly bode well for Huntress and Catman's upcoming first date, does it?

Huntress and Catman make the long-threatened first attempt at romance in "First Date" - anyone want to make bets on how long these two hot-headed lovebirds on opposite sides of the law will go before trying to kill each other? What happens when two members of the Secret Six feel they should get a shot at replacing Batman? Secret Six Comic Book #19Secret Six Comic Book #19 Catman's past crawls back to haunt him as Cheshire returns!
Secret Six Comic Book #22Secret Six Comic Book #22 It's the bloody (and we mean bloody) conclusion to the "Cat in the Cradle" arc! While they are all, at their worst, selfish villains, fighting side by side has brought each of to the point where they’d risk their lives to save the others, under the conditions. It also introduced Jeanette, an immortal banshee whose on-again-off-again relationship with Deadshot added a healthy additional dose of debauched comedy to the book. But they can be difficult to track down, especially the out of print Six Degrees of Devastation mini. We're not saying, but with covers and character designs by Dale Eaglesham and interior art by Ken Lashley this is going to be one incredible comic book.Full of mystery and danger, SECRET SIX features six characters who, when thrown together, hate each other and must learn to work with each other. Recruiting the help of his Secret Six teammates to save the only person he truly cares for, Catman will stop at nothing to exact vengeance – even if that means leaving a bloody trail. Even better, the team heads to Gotham with the semi-delusional Ragdoll determined to be the new Boy Wonder.
And at the same time they’re all no more than five seconds from betraying the rest of the team, given the right threats or motivations.

Not all of them always rise to the moment, though, and that’s what I love about Secret Six. More recently the series has seen appearances by troubled yet all-powerful teenager Black Alice and the gleefully violent, consistently entertaining King Shark. Fortunately, Comixology has the same issues all available for download under the headings of Villains United, Secret Six Vol.
But for now, I’ll celebrate the conclusion of a book that has had a remarkable run, and consistently been the DC Universe book I looked forward to reading every single month.
Well, that and Simone’s incredible sense of humor, which makes most issues a joy to read for the laughs alone. Some of which you can see in this here preview, courtesy of writer Gail Simone and artist Nicola Scott. Unlike so many superhero comics, its characters are allowed to disappoint us, which in turn makes the moments when they surprise us by doing the right thing all the more special. Either of the minis or the first volume of the ongoing are good starting points for the series.

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