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The Secret Society™ – Hidden Mystery (out now, FREE) by G5 is a freemium game catering to hidden object lovers. Your uncle Richard has disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and as his heir, you are called to his mansion to figure out what befell him. It sounds as if this could be the start of a mysterious adventure, however, your uncle’s butler and his secretary waste no time in bogging you down with irrelevant quests that include searching for a series of lost coins. Apart from hunting for objects, you’ll also have to solve mini puzzles that include piecing together torn pictures, block sliding, connecting pipes, and a memory matching game. Coins and diamonds form the in-game currency, which you can use to buy talismans, tools, etc.
It appears that the g5 people have put together a game that searches for your $$$ buy making the player return, again and again and AGAIN to the same pictures to plow the same grind over and over and OVER!
The main interface of The Secret Society is laid out like a 19th century deskspace with a command center melded into it – so you can see all of your available gaming options all at once even with the feel of a parlor society. You start out with the information from your deceased uncle that you possess the ability to magically enter pictures to find clues and items. The game integrates all of this into easy to access tabs for your inventory, shops, collections, awards, and so on. One cool thing is that the hidden object scenes are varied in the approach you use to locate items. I have loved technology for as long as I can remember - and have been a computer gamer since the PDP-10!
Like many such games, The Secret Society comes with a bit of story, though it’s nothing hugely interesting or exciting. There are also several hidden-object game modes: searching by item name, silhouette, and morph.

Since this is a freemium game, however, it’s designed to try and provoke players into purchasing coins and diamonds with real-world money. Ardent hidden object fans may well enjoy this, though where such games are concerned, there are more entertaining paid titles out there.
Every action you take requires energy, so a reward you sometimes get is energy – and your energy restores over time and when you level up. You get normal named lists, object match lists, silhouette lists, paired items, morphing objects, scenes in the dark, and more.
I found this game lacking in compelling story, characters, mystery or setting … and yet I have been logging on at least twice a day for the last couple of weeks!
These Seekers possess the special skill of entering magic photos, and you too have this ability. Aside from the drawback of having to wait for your energy to refill or pay to speed up the process, The Secret Society feels repetitive because you’re made to revisit the same locations too many times and to find a long series of mundane objects that help little in solving any mysteries. The quests involve finding critical items to help solve mysteries, unlock your uncle’s journal and so on.
Your first thought might be that the developers are trying to hide the in-app purchases in with other things – but that is not true. Each one presents a unique challenge, and keeps things more interesting than doing the same thing every time.
Find enough and you can put together a full chess board – but it requires more than the pieces. Secret Society provides a constant challenge that is never too difficult, and a constant stream of rewards that allows you to avoid the feeling of the developer’s hands in your pockets. All this makes the overall game a little more varied, but it doesn’t make up for the tedium of visiting the same locations over and over again.

Several months ago G5 Entertainment introduced The Secret Society, and have been updating it ever since.
They also involve gathering items into collections, finding missing stuff, and reassembling pictures to help go further in the game.
That is because the game uses crystals and gold as currency in shops, and you earn these over the course of playing … but if you need more you can buy them using in-app purchases. Unlike in most other hidden-object games, there is not just a simple timer that controls the hint system – because there is not a conventional hint system. If you choose to work around it, the next time you enter you need to deal with an even tougher version before it disappears and you get back to normal. I know many friends who are constantly pushing Candy Crush on Facebook, trying to lure others to help feed their addiction, but for me this is a much more gentle game as I can be very selective about getting help from others and never feel the need to spam my Facebook friends. If you’re the patient sort though, you can always put the game down and wait for your energy to fill up without spending a penny. I started playing a week or so ago, and would have reviewed it sooner … but I just can’t stop playing the darn game! Instead you can choose from a variety of methods for getting assistance, depending on the current type of scene.

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