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Courtesy of contributor Dan McCoy, Whim invites you to spend your extra hour of sunshine in front of a computer, learning about time-saving measures. The Headless Horseman is well-known by lovers of Bing Crosby-narrated Disney cartoons (rare), lovers of early American retellings of German folk tales (rarer), or lovers of late-period Tim Burton films (non-existent).
While the Horseman deserves his fame for making it so far without a college degree (a severed brain stem is a real stumbling block at most higher learning institutions), he tends to overshadow other horrifying notables whose personae are based on the absence of body parts. While this organization was said to be destroyed less than 15 years later, many believe that the society survived under the guise of their secrecy, and continue to manipulate and exploit the world from the shadows — to this very day!

This operation is experimental in the sense that it gives us a clean slate to play with web design, marketing strategies, and other new business techniques that we normally would not change. Courtesy of contributor Dan McCoy, please enjoy these dishes designed to leave you feeling weightless. However, if you’re the sort of person to whom people habitually reveal things, you may find yourself with a cornucopia of clandestine organizations to choose from, and little to direct you. Commit it to memory, and the next time you find yourself in ceremonial robes, drinking the wine of brotherhood from a virgin’s skull, you won’t be thinking, “This just doesn’t feel me.” Choose wisely.
You know him, you love him, you have an insatiable craving for revealing and embarrassing facts about him.

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