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Yost is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the debut album from The Secret Songs Of Us. We have a gentle start to the day and return to the music in Wild Things on Sunday morning with mellow, acoustic songs from Azadeh who has a sweet soulful voice and, as well as playing her own lovely songs like 'Engine Burn, Engine Burn', she covers Elbow's 'Leaders of the Free World'. There's a second set from Tallulah Rendall in the Small World venue this time and then it's across to the Living Room tent to see why there's a crowd spilling out of it.
I stay in the Living Room for Brendan Campbell, an acoustic singer-songwriter from Glasgow who has a gravelly voice and plays Drakesque guitar.
The Little Ones, from California, are on next and promoting their new album 'Morning Time' which is out the following day.
I've unfortunately missed Morcheeba but it was worth it and I return to the mainstage for St Etienne, who are surprisingly engaging.

The Wild Things venue is absolutely rammed for Florence and the Machine so we can't see a thing but the punky pop music sounds great. By this time, we've missed the start of Gabby Young and Other Animals in the Living Room which is packed too, and the stage is pretty crowded with musicians ? sax, double bass, keys, guitars, drums and accordion.
I probably should have ended the festival there on that high but I'm curious to see Noah and the Whale.
Turns out Mumford and Sons are playing some earthy, folk songs with banjo, double bass, keys and guitar.
Unfortunately, sitting in a comfy armchair in front of the stage and not having slept much, I find myself nodding off until a 'phone call reminder that Revere are on next in the Muddy Earth venue. It feels like a proper rowdy party in there and we're soon dancing to the jazzy funk sounds and shouting the refrain of "whose tent are you in" ? I think the lyrics were changed from "whose house" for the festival.

Describing themselves as bluegrass, the few songs I hear are bouncy and happy and the crowd obviously appreciates them. Highlights of the set are 'Nothing Can Stop Us' and the Neil Young song 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart'. Every song is epic with strong, soaring lead vocals carried on all the layers of glorious instruments. The last track they play, 'The Escape Artist', which will be released as a single in October, is already one of my favourite songs ever.

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