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The Secret Source reveals the actual occult doctrines that gave birth to “The Law of Attraction” and inspired the media phenomenon known as The Secret.Why did The Secret divulge only one of the seven Hermetic Laws? 1.Do you often have a gut feeling that you dona€™t want to do something, but do it anyway, just to make someone else happy?
5.Do you give yourself time for self-care (for example, reading a good book, taking a bath, meditating, going for a walk) and feel like you deserve it! 6.Do you spend more time congratulating yourself on your accomplishments or more time judging yourself for your perceived failures or inadequacies? The more supportive your answers are toward being positive and self-nurturing, the greater your self-love is. The law of attraction states that whatever you get in your life is attracted, invited and created by you.
Conscious-When you make all the choices deliberately, know your true heart’s desire and work with it instead of against it, you create what you truly believe and deserve. Unconscious-When the creation process becomes autonomic due to the past conditioning, you work in the default mode. Collective Consciousness-When you give out something positive to others, it comes back to you in a multiplied form; also when you give something negative to others, it comes to you in a multiplied form.
When your brain is conditioned, you consciously or unconsciously attract the past experiences. In physics, a wave is a disturbance that travels through space and time, usually accompanied by the transfer of energy. Focused, Energetic, Creative, Consistent thoughts would be realized with one hundred percent accuracy. Poverty, Scarcity, Victimization in the outer world is the unconscious result or the wrong application of the law of attraction. The application of law of attraction lets you make the best use of the conscious and subconscious minds. The Law of Attraction has gained a lot of exposure since the release of the movie, "The Secret". Oprah's endorsement hasn't hurt any either and even though many people have begun to explore the Universal Law of Attraction for themselves, hoping to attain all they desire in their lives, many have been successful yet somehow for many others AND YOU MAY BE ONE OF THEM success in applying this law is ever elusive and you still feel that something is missing BEING KEPT A SECRET, so to speak. Your emotions (feelings) are quite literally the driving force, or the seed, that attracts or grows into, the events, conditions, and circumstances that you experience in your life on a day to day basis the Law of Attraction at work. The emotions that you experience and the feelings that you feel are the determining factor as to how each and every one of your life events unfold and are brought into physical existence. For while you are, indeed, a wondrous physical creator, however you exist, simultaneously, in another dimension, there is a part of you, the Non-Physical the invisible you - your Inner Being - that has and always will exist, it exists right now while you are here in this physical body.
Your emotions are your physical indication of your relationship with your Inner Being the invisible you. Emotions are your spiritual language, your reaction to thought, and it is primarily through emotions that you create your life. Society has taught its people that emotions are a weakness, and emotional expression is devalued.

Emotional knowledge and understanding is a tremendous strength, as well as the driving force behind the Law of Attraction hence the creation of an abundant or lacking life.
The use of emotional language begins developing in childhood, and develops through exploration and expression.
In other words, as you are focused upon a subject you have your own specific perspective and opinion about it. By being aware of your emotions you will understand your thoughts which are continually manifesting your life experiences. Are you attracting from a positive, connected, intentional state, or are you attracting by default, from a negative, resistant state? When you are feeling angry, depressed, frustrated, or overwhelmed, these emotions are a clear indicators that you are disconnected from your Inner Being the invisible you. When you are feeling emotions on the lower end of the emotional spectrum, you are, most likely, attracting more unwanted things into your life. Therefore when you know where your point of attraction is, you can begin to take steps to consciously raise your point of attraction up the emotional scale. I know a lot of people have an immediate negative reaction to the word, but before you turn away have a look here and see for yourself what hypnotism is all about and how it can help you work with the Law of Attraction.
Non-Facebook Users You need to create an account at Facebook before you can register your "Like." Facebook is a fun and effective way to socialize and network online. This amazing course Including access to the "Healing Library" as well as discounts of more than $50.00 all yours CLAIM HERE. What are the others, what do they say, and how could they enrich your life?The Secret Source provides the actual texts and fascinating stories behind the “Emerald Tablet,” the Kabbalistic treatise known as “The Kybalion,” and Manly P. This fuel is so powerful that throughout the ages religions have lectured us about self-indulgence, selfishness and reminded us that we are sinners who need to repent. Whatever you think, feel and imagine in your mind will create the life on the physical plane. For instance, when you contemplate about your weak financial condition, you will make your financial condition more weak as you are focusing on the don’t wants. In this case, it is mandatory to reprogram your mind, break the self-destructive comfort zone and focus over your desire.
Here it is necessary to associate yourself with high energy people and create a positive environment.
When your brain is in perfect alignment with your true heart’s desire, you consciously or unconsciously attract the desire and manifest it in outer world. Your Inner Being the invisible you - is also focused upon it and has a perspective and opinion about it. If you meant to show your support, please click again to make sure the button is dark blue. During my 30+ years as mental health professional, mother, foster mom and spiritual hypnotherapist I have concluded that no matter what is in your life that isna€™t working, the answer is self-love. Often times our families and teachers, subject to the same lies, have taught us that to want for ourselves is to be greedy.

If you can believe in your desire and focus your mind over it, you will manifest the same in the outside world.
Instead if you focus over strong financial state, you will make yourself stronger financially as you are concentrating here on the wants.
When you think something, your brain generates energy waves and creates energy field around you and your environment; so your thoughts are the energy waves [vibrations] or electromagnetic waves.
If we care about how we look, we are conceited, praise ourselves and we are self-centered, put ourselves first and we are selfish.. Personal development or self-improvement is also governed by the law of attraction, an absolute law of the universe. The bottom line: it’s not a get quick rich plan, but you will invite and attract a lot more new ideas, strategies, resources and tactics which on further application will make you a rich person. Your conscious mind is limited by the logic and the effects of the past conditioning, but your subconscious mind is always ready to supply you with most innovative and advanced ideas which are guided by the god or the universal power. The bind this programming puts us into is this: we want, but wanting makes us selfish and we like to get, but getting makes us greedy.
So now that you are aware, remember that we most often treat our inner child like our parents treated us - until we break out of that mold.
If the law of attraction is like the motor that makes your car run, then this secret is like the gasoline that powers the motor. Wealth in turn gives many good things to you and the people around you; this further creates encouraging environment to grow, develop and expand the law of attraction.
Think of it in this way, you are the parent of your inner child and everything you say to yourself, you are saying to that child. Human being is a spiritual multidimensional life who has the infinite potential to serve the humanity and the society; it’s not limited by the logic of the science and conscious mind. Energy and mass are inter-convertible; subsequently, your thoughts have been converted into products or creation. When your thoughts are in perfect alignment or agreement with your true self or desire, you consciously or unconsciously feel positive and attract positive energy, but when your thoughts are in contradiction with your true self or desire, you feel negative and attract negative energy and vibrations. This may show up in obvious ways in our life, or in very subtle ones and dona€™t be fooled, ita€™s the subtle that holds the greatest power.
Your present circumstances are the result of the past thoughts, and the choices that you have made.
When we are not aware of the belief or pattern that is driving us we think we are in control, but it is really the subconscious that is driving us. Your thoughts also have a fixed vibration frequency, and similar thoughts attract similar vibrations or energy. Positive thoughts attract positive emotions, positive energy and produce positive creation whereas negative thoughts attract negative emotions, negative energy and produce negative results.

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