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Your reward for cleaning house of all the diseased pigeons in Liberty City is an Annihilator located in Algonquin on the helipad in Star Junction.
In Boulevard under the corner of the pier, look for it under the Easternmost of the 3 piers buried deep underneath it. In Northern Gardens, near the road, just east of the overhead roadsign, North of the deserted train tracks on a large column. In Boulevard, just South of the Grand Boulevard on a post in front of 1665 Grand Boulevard with the red overhang. On top of a beam in South Bohan off Wallkill avenue, shooting this from the alley, is less likely to attract the cops. Next to the parking lot in Steinway, off Dukes Drive on top of the wall that is missing a big piece.
On the Corner of Bunker Hill Ave in East Island City, in the 4th floor tower (with no windows), you will have to helicopter up to it to shoot it, as its below the level of the windows or toss a grenade or molotov in there. At the base of the Goosed statue in Meadows park just outside of the ring of water springs. Across from the train station on a roof doorway entry in Meadow Hills, its easiest to just grab a helicopter to land on this building. On top of the airport between 2 air conditioning units, across from the train station where you will have to follow the tracks (North) to jump on this roof or just helicopter up.
In the airport, you will see this one in a small circle on the building, you will have to nail it from the train tracks, south of the station.
In Meadows Park, On the chimney, either climb the stairs or shoot it from the train tracks. On the corner of the railing in an alley off chicory street in BOABO near Brucie's apartment. Under the Algonquin-Dukes expressway in Schlotter on part of the road structure in the tunnel. In Beechwood City, off the Broker-Dukes Expressway (below the missing railing section) on a slab of concrete. Just above the pipe on an air conditioner in East Hook on the third apartment from the left near where the building angles.

In South Slopes on a garage you can get to by jumping on the dumpsters, then then A Framed building. On the median of the Broker Dukes Expressway, just as it begins to wind around in the Firefly Projects.
On the fence at the end of the road near the Broker-Dukes Expressway in the Firefly Projects in the apartment complex corner. On a small ground level post in Northwood at the entracnce to an alley in Northwood on Xenotime St. On the roof of the hospital in North Holland, after following the stairs all the way up, take the ladder on the side of the air conditioning vents to get access to this one. On the railing on Frankfort Ave where the train tracks go underground, you will use this in a later mission through the broken spot. Under the Plumbers Skyway Bridge on the wast side support that you will probably have to snipe from a barge or the other side of the river.
In a small sandbox in the small playground in Varsity Heights, behind an apartment building. On the roof of the park club on top of a gable in Middle Park, I picked it off from a boat.
In Middle Park, at the southwest corner of the building facing the park about 10 feet about ground in a cutout. On top of the church's steeple in Hatton Gardens, you have to back up quite a distance to be able to nail it. In Hatton Gardens, on the grounds of the CCLC HQ, just below a structure that looks like a bullseye, DO NOT ENTER THESE GROUNDS, you will get at least a 3 star warning level. In Star Junction on top of the giant building with the helipad on it, follow the ladder down to this level and pick it off the railing with a 9mm. Under the Union Drive Expressway in Presidents City in a pile of trash up against the wall. At the old hospital on Colony Island in a third floor windowsill on the front of the building. In the Meat Market, if you start walking the pedestrian walkway, there is a small opening to fall through towards the beginning to allow you access to this one on a roof. On a skyscraper that you are allowed to enter, it takes you right up to the high rise overlook and its on the edge.
In the shark's mouth in his bottom row of teeth in The Triangle,, snipe it from across the street. In a small open area next to Union Drive East in Fishmarket North, walk down the steps and pop it. On the railing odd Diamond St in the City Hall area, youll see a Cluckin Bell billboard in the alley.

On top of the Broker Bridge's west column, chopper up to it, if you lose your chopper, jump in the water afterwards. In an windowish like structure in Castle Gardens, youll need to snipe it from a boat, try the Reefer that is up at the docks on the southwest side of Algonquin. On top of shipping crates in Castle Gardens, climbing on others will get you visibility of it. At the base of the Statue of Happiness on the second tier on the North Side, you can walk right up to it and pop it, but it will attract cops, so be ready to move. On the left shoulder if the Statue of Happiness, Use the edge of the star pointed base to nail it. Just below the crown on the Statue of Happiness on her forehead, Use the edge of the star pointed base to nail it. On the right thumb of the Statue of Happiness, towards the bottom of the coffee cup she is holding. On the top edge of the coffee cup on the Statue of Happiness, Use the edge of the star pointed base to nail it.
On the lawn next to the LCPD station in Leftwood, count on the cops hearing you on this one. On the grass next to the descening wall below Panhandle Rd and you can snipe it from above in Alderny City.
Included with the FREE Literacy Posters are header cards for each of the Comon Core Literacy Standards, as shown below.
So if you’ve ever wondered what Animal Jam was like back in the Beta Days, here’s your chance to see! Let us know what you think of this page and if there are any other things you’d like to see here at AnimalJamWorld! Brill16 is in ohyeah here r some codes twelve chimbu discovery those r because of the gifts u gave me. It will help you get more disciplined, hone your craft, and finally become the writer you’ve dreamed of being.
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