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Karishma Mehta may have mastered the art of speaking to strangers, but she is unlikely to oblige if the tables were turned. Inspired by Brandon Stantona€™s widely shared photo blog, Humans of New York, Mehtaa€™s Humans of Bombay, with over 5.8 lakh followers, offers an insightful view of Mumbai through a people-led photo series.
A firm believer in a€?every one has a story,a€? Mehta, a self-taught photographer, is known for sharing vignettes of everyday life in Mumbai. I spoke to a woman who shared with me an intimate story of her time in an abusive relationship and how she got out of it. Just seven years into his illustrious career, Drake has hit the kind of milestones most artists can only dream of. Keep scrolling to see how a biracial Jewish kid from Toronto became the biggest name in music. Born in 1986 and given the name Aubrey Drake Graham, Drake was brought up in Toronto, Canada. The album was such a big hit that Drake won his very first Grammy for rap album of the year in 2012. Naturally, Drake’s rising stock has put him in some of the same celebrity circles as people like Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

And LeBron James and Kevin Hart, superstars of the basketball and comedy worlds, respectively.
In 2012, the rapper bought a seven-bedroom, nine-bath, 7,500-square-foot home in Los Angeles. Drake didn’t release an album in 2014, but he took the world stage once again when he hosted the ESPYs. Drake recently inked a deal with Apple Music to host a biweekly radio show and release songs solely on the streaming service. Netflix"Making a Murderer" subject Steven Avery.Every new television season ushers in a wave of debut shows that carry with them high expectations, from both the audiences and the networks eager to promote them. Though the shows may star huge names, revive old franchises, or become critical favorites, they ultimately have to win over the viewers. Business Insider looked at the 2015-2016 season's crop of TV shows that actually lived up to or exceeded expectations, as networks make the big decisions about what stays and what goes. The 360-page book, which she has been working on for over a year, features 100 never-seen-before images, besides popular gems that chronicle everyone from a nonagenarian couplea€™s ultimate love story to a philanthropic cab drivera€™s life.
I was apprehensive at first, then I went there and was blown away by the warmth of the people and their hospitality.

One of the biggest complaints I get is that I dona€™t cover Mulund or Vashi, so that is something I plan to do soon, though logistics can be a little difficult because I write each and every story on this page. Drake immediately became a household name in the music industry and was being recognized as a rising star.
The album set a record for Drake, selling 658,000 in the first week and charting multiple hits on the Billboard Hot 100. The entire mixtape charted on the Billboard Hot 100, leaving little doubt that Drake was still at the top of the rap game. Inspired by his hometown and featuring Future, Rihanna, and more, it’s already sure to be one of the biggest records of the year. Ita€™s just a feeling I started witha€”holding on to my passiona€”and ita€™s something that has been validated after meeting all these people.
In Mumbai, people are always in a rush, so typically they dona€™t speak longer than two-three minutes, but sometimes conversations get intense and go on for 45 minutes.

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