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While the world gently awakens to another day, a secret brotherhood is hard at work keeping the forces of evil trapped in the depths of hell where they belong. Eight year old Lucas would like to know how the Tooth Fairy exchanges coins for teeth without getting caught. Knowing that this film was directed by Matthew Vaughn(Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class) I had a pretty good idea that this film was going to be really good. If you love fast-paced, stylish, humorous, and all around awesome flicks, then this is a definite must see!

Meanwhile, a little mouse falls into a trap set by a dishonest contractor who is desperate to tell the world his secret, that the mouse is the Tooth Fairy.
Can he stay true to the path when his quest to find a missing priest confronts him with a darkness he never imagined? The way the creators put a different spin on the superhero genre in Kick-Ass, was very much how they put a spin on the Spy movie genre in Kingsman: The Secret Service. I can guarantee a film like this won’t win any major awards but I can guarantee that you will have an entertaining time with this film.

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