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Ron Chusid: Of course I have noticed you rarely say anything about Clinton, or anything else of substance. Ron Chusid: Sheldon, once again you behave like far too many Clinton supporters in both relying on name calling and distortion s of the argument. Ron Chusid: That would be an entirely different type of rigging than I am writing about here.
Susan Sarandon more afraid of Clinton’s war record & hawkishness than of building a wall. Among the unusual items in my library is a fan published book from 1982, The Doctor and the Enterprise, featuring a cross over between the Doctor as played by Tom Baker and  Star Trek: The Original Show. In the world of the ABC series, Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) steps into the role of the “beast” when he helps Belle’s father in a raging war with ogres.
Of course, Rumpelstiltskin may prove a harder challenge than what we’ve seen on Disney movies. Sladen, pictured above before taking on the Daleks in 1974, played Sarah Jane Smith, companion to the third Doctor, played by Jon Pertwee, and the fourth, played by the legendary Tom Baker. She remained on the show for three of the best years in its history, ultimately leaving the Doctor (who had regenerated since she first met him). BBC America has released its trailer for the upcoming season of Doctor Who (video above) which starts out with a two part episode in the United States. The BBC has announced the commission of single drama, We’ll Take Manhattan, which explores the explosive love affair between photographer David Bailey and sixties supermodel Jean Shrimpton.
Focusing on a wild and unpredictable 1962 Vogue photo shoot in New York, the drama brings to life the story of two young people falling in love, misbehaving, and inadvertently defining the style of the Sixties along the way.
Karen Gillan will play Jean Shrimpton, in her first lead role since starring alongside Matt Smith as Amy Pond in Doctor Who. Set predominantly in 1962, but also exploring the story of how Bailey and Shrimpton first met, this one-off drama reveals how a young, visionary photographer refused to conform. An actress who previously stared as a companion on Doctor Who has  beaten The Doctor to America and has beaten Karen Gillan to Manhattan.
Also on Showtime, Californication and Big Love recently concluded, with statutory rape becoming a major issue on both last season. Also on cable television, the contract battles between Matthew Weiner and AMC were resolved, somewhere between the positions of both.
Starz began Camelot, its racier version of the King Arthur legend, while SyFy is in the midst of the two-part season finale of Merlin. Sherlock, a modern day reimagination by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, is receiving excellent reviews, such as here. SyFy has announced they will be broadcasting season three of Merlin in early 2011, shortly after the episodes air on the BBC.
Matthew Yglesias used the fact that Zephram Cochrane is projected to master faster than light travel by the 2060s to explain long term budget projections. Julie Benz gave revealed how Rita will be returning to the first episode of the upcoming season of Dexter along with talking about her upcoming role on No Ordinary Family. This week BBC America broadcast The Lodger, the last episode of Doctor Who before the two-part season finale. The episode was largely a stand alone episode but it did include references to other evens of the season.

Matt Smith had one of the rare nude scenes in Doctor Who history, appearing dressed in only a towel, creating some controversy Ironically Smith has previously appeared on television undressed in such a manner, and it happened to be in a scene with a former companion of an earlier Doctor. It has been confirmed by Gavin Barker Associates that John Barrowman will only be filming Torchwood in the US from January to June.
Assuming Eve Myles was correct in her statement earlier this week about a 7 and a half month shoot, it could mean that the other 3 and a half months shooting will be taking place in the UK, especially as John Barrowman has previously stated he will be appearing in all episodes of the new series. Alan Ball already is responsible for two of the greatest television shows of all time, Six Feet Under and True Blood. As a director, Ball will experiment with smaller, portable cameras for a cinema verite style. “The show is about contemporary Los Angeles, but not the glamorous LA, it’s about the dirty underbelly of LA,” Ball said. Many actresses have dressed in versions of the Princess Leia slave outfit from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, including Kristin Bell and Olivia Munn. Officials in Jackson, Mississippi, finally took action after residents threw a birthday party for a big pothole. I could be wrong as I haven̵ 7;t looked at the math, but I am skeptical of the chances of a third party victory. Since then there have been other fan crossovers between Doctor Who and Star Trek, but the first officially sanctioned cross over will be coming out the May, in comic form.
Teefury had a one day limited edition shit yesterday featuring the eleven Doctors as Peanuts characters. Space 1999 was a flawed science fiction show of the 1970’s making me wonder why someone would want to do a remake, until I thought that the same could have been said about Battlestar Galactica before its excellent remake. Tags: Alcatraz, Battlestar Galactica, Billie Piper, Doctor Who, Emilie de Ravin, Karen Gillan, Lost, Matt Smith, Once Upon A Time, Science Fiction, Star Trek.
Despite strong competition from more recent actresses such as Billie Piper and Karen Gillan, Elisabeth Sladen is widely considered to be the best actress to  have played the Doctor’s companion.
She had a major part in the two-part season finale for the fourth season, The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End. Tags: Billie Piper, David Tennant, Elisabeth Sladen, John Barrowman, Mark Gatiss, Matt Smith, Neil Gaiman, Steven Moffat, Tom Baker. The BBC America trailer does contain different scenes compared to the BBC One trailer previously posted. It is a drama that is all about being alive and taking a chance, being young and kicking down the statues, and yet it is also a beautiful love story. Billie Piper’s character on Secret Diary of a Call  Girl had an episode taking place in New York City concerning making a movie of the book written the previous season. Californication might resume three years in the future, after Hank has written a successful book about his life in California,  while Big Love has concluded the series. Mad Men has been renewed for two more seasons, with Weiner also getting an option to do a seventh.
The end of the season of Merlin has brought the story far closer to the more traditional legends and the two-part season finale was among the best episodes of the series.
Tags: 24, Big Love, Billie Piper, Californication, Karen Gillan, Lily James, Science Fiction.
Tags: Amy Pond, Billie Piper, Caprica, Dexter, Elisabeth Sladen, Julie Benz, Karen Gillan, Mark Gatiss, Merlin, No Ordinary Family, Rose Tyler, Science Fiction, Sherlock, Star Trek, Steven Moffat, The Big Bang. Spoilers are included for this episode only as I impatiently wait for BBC America to get caught up so I can write about the season finale and fez hats.

The Doctor was stranded on earth and had to figure out what was messing with time to save Amy from being lost in the Tardis forever. The house where the Doctor rented a room had a card for the Vincent van Gogh exhibition at the Musee d’Orsay on the refrigerator.
Smith played one of Billy Piper’s clients in Secret Diary of a Call Girl, also dressed only in a towel.
Both deal with death, and if HBO wants another series on this topic Ball is obviously the person to turn to. This will feature the current Doctor, along with Amy and Rory, on the Enterprise of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Knowing what is in the mind of many readers, I’m not aware if Karen Gillan has ever answered the same question, but Billie Piper has done lots of nude scenes since leaving the show.
It was one of the better episodes of the season, with Olivia, Walter, and Peter once again acting as a team in an episode in which both universes were mixed together. The new series, Space 2099, re-imagines the original series and takes place a hundred years later.
The season will have a hiatus over the summer, but we will still be able to see Karen Gillan.
The fourth season recently completed its run in Great Britain and resumes on Showtime on April 7.  The relationship between Belle and Ben was a major component of the season. The stories are quite different, with Arthur actually living with his father in Camelot on Merlin, but  Merlin has now reached a situation comparable to where the Starz version of  Camelot is starting with the conflict between Arthur and his half-sister. The series shows promise as a new version of The Tudors, this time taking place in the Vatican. Fitting in was not easy for the Doctor, but he did turn out to be a fantastic soccer player (with the episode airing just before World Cup coverage on the BBC). Kelly Brook has created several Princess Leia poses for Total Film, including the Leia slave girl pictured above. Thankfully, Bloomberg Politics compiled all of them, named some of them, and set it all to the tune of that classic waltz, "The Blue Don-ube." Enjoy! Sladen  stared in a recent spin-off, The Sarah Jane Adventures where she also had the opportunity to appear with the current Doctor, Matt Smith. Other major characters in the fourth season include Lily James as Stephanie’s teen-age daughter, Paul Nicholls as a vice cop who becomes interested in Belle, and Genna Chan as a dominatrix. Everyone likes Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen), but I never really thought of her as hot. While it was shown most prominently at the end of the episode, I also noted that it was shown briefly earlier.
The episode concluded with Olivia kissing Peter and making dinner for him as she would normally do in the original time line.
The most significant event was that Amy, while searching for a pen, found the engagement ring from Rory. Clearly this story line did not conclude with Rory being pulled into the crack and disappearing from time.

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