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September 28, 2015 By Julia Roller 4 Comments Right now my older son and I are reading Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time together.
I see the same kind of excitement in my husband’s eyes when he coaches our younger son’s soccer team or watches either of our boys play this sport he has loved since he was a child.
A few years ago a relative told my husband and me that one secret to happy family life was having a shared hobby.
In sharing something with my boys that means so much to me, I’m also teaching them about myself, sharing a little of myself with them. So there’s also a little bit of risk involved—the risk that our children may reject our interest, and that this rejection might feel a little bit like they’re rejecting us.
I get a small taste of this feeling when my younger son announces that he would rather play Legos or “read” by himself than with me. Getting into another family member’s world totally generates joy and creates a sense of closeness-intimacy.

It would not be exaggerating to say that reading these chapters with him is often the highlight of my day.
I anxiously await their getting old enough to read even more of the books I loved when I was a child. Despite their varying skill levels, the whole family wakeboarded together on weekends and on their vacations. My husband’s father was crushed when my husband stopped playing baseball to focus on soccer, and if our older son one day chooses baseball over soccer, I predict my husband will also have a tough time.
I also want to spend special time with him and with his brother, to create shared memories of times we both enjoyed. In a backyard hammock, blanket fort, family room sofa or bunk bed, cuddling up with a book was the BEST. My son is enjoying it too—at least he says he is!–perhaps partly because my excitement is rubbing off on him.

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