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Your bath and shower soap makes it nearly impossible for you skin to properly heal and repair At pH 5.5 your skin is healthy, soft and can self-correct. ACHIEVE SOFT, BEAUTIFUL SKIN You will notice an immediate improvement in the first week using our wash.
Effective Acne Treatment, Great for Sensitive, Dry, Cracked Skin, Eczema, Psoriasis and Rosacea.
At Sweet Spot Naturals we've united the best of both worlds to bring you a superior Face and Body wash.
Most soaps disturb that natural balance, leaving your skin unable to defend itself against bacteria, fungus and toxins. Your fragrant (chemicals), lather (sulfates) may take you to a sudsy heaven, but in reality, that short term pleasure has long term negative consequences.

Our honey has the secret UMF ingredient - so powerful it's used to kill staph and the deadly MRSA bacterium. We are committed to your satisfaction, therefore we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on our Face and Body Wash.KICK ACNE TO THE CURB! It occurs when your pores, or hair follicles, get clogged with oil and dead skin cells and create a place for bacteria to grow and thrive. The powerful anti-bacterial properties of our Face and Body Wash effectively combats and reduces acne breakouts. Additionally, restoring your skin's 5.5 pH balance enables your skin to correct itself, as nature intended.
At pH 5.5 the skin has a light acid barrier which protects your body from infection, bacteria, toxins etc.

Soaps, hand sanitizers, dish detergents and so on, upset this delicate balance, leaving your skin susceptible to ailments and disease. By combining Science with Nature we've made a superior product.WHAT'S ALL THE BLATHER ABOUT LATHER? Big box "personal care" manufacturers have been pumping out harsh chemical laden products for years.
Unsuspecting consumers have been buying them up, not realizing their skin was being damaged.

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