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About Dawn NicoleDawn is the Hand-Lettering Artist, Illustrator, Designer, and Creative Blogger behind Dawn Nicole Designs™. I let them get to room temperature, poke a hole in the bottom of the egg with a pin, put them in the water until a rapid boil, take it off the burn and let sit 10 minutes, and then put in ice water.. October 15, 2013 By SoberJulie 43 Comments Growing up we had eggs on our table constantly, from big English fry ups on the weekends to cold salad plates my Mum almost always included eggs. As a married woman I was determined to master this and thankfully my husband’s grandma gifted me a little appliance which made it simple. Once they’ve reached the required time remove the pot from the burner, drain the hot water and put the eggs under cold tap water. Actually, tdhe right way is to use older eggs, which have started to shrink froom the shell. I still don’t know why the chicken egg cooker you have would’ve made perfect peeling eggs?
Fresh Eggs are virtually impossible to peel after hard boiling (by whatever methode) even if you plunge them into an Ice Bath!
My mom always put the eggs is water to cover and boiled them 8 minutes, put them straight in ice cold water and then peeled.

I always prick my eggs with a push pin to keep them from cracking, so I’m not sure vinegar would work for me. She is an Air Force wife and mom of three whose licensed artwork and hand lettering has been seen in stores like Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx, and most recently, on products like the 2016 Valentine's Krispy Kreme Doughnut Coloring Page Style Box.
I pulled out my one pot, added in the water and salt and let it boil on high for about 10 minutes. I Googled the steps and was convinced I had the knack, until batch after batch came out with super tight membranes which made them un-peelable. Turing to my cousin who happens to be a chef (and a Brit who loves to mock me) I bared my soul, knowing that he would laugh at my inability to master a basic kitchen skill.
Add in 1 tablespoon of vinegar for every 6 eggs, do NOT add salt as this seals up natural cracks and makes the membrane under the shell difficult to peel. They advise you to buy Easter eggs a week or ten days before you intend to cook them for this reason. I had a little of an issue with 1 or 2 of them but I’m not that great at peeling eggs anyway. Please DO NOT alter or copy photos nor copy my work in its entirety to share on your site without my permission.

What resulted was not a lovely boiled-egg as I had hoped, I ended up phoning my Father whose laughter could be heard for miles. In typical style he did take the Mickey out of me for a bit but then gave me the key….the SECRET!! I usually put my eggs into just enough cold water to cover, add 1 tsp salt, bring to a boil and turn off.
Not only do they peel easily, there is no ugly green ring around the yolk using this method.
Baking them in the muffin tin left them slightly easier to peel but it also burned the bottoms and left ugly brown spots.

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