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I looked into the structure of water, and was surprised to find that scientists aren’t certain of the geometry of the water molecule.
One of the most complex models, Six-site, has the angle at exactly 108°, well within the limits of the rest of the models. In the new exhibit, a series of screens will explain how during World War II the OSS dropped anti-Nazi propaganda over Germany - Project Cornflakes. Many of these documents are well known to scholars, but students and the general public have seldom had the opportunity to peruse them. How can we make National Archives documents and parts of those documents accessible and understandable to our visitors? How can we replicate the thrill and sense of discovery researchers feel when they come to our research rooms and open boxes containing formerly classified materials from the National Archives? A first level will reveal the untranslated telegram, appearing as a series of seemingly undecipherable numbers. With more than twenty interactive exhibits and hundreds of documents and facsimiles on display, encounters with the onsite interactive exhibits will typically be quite brief.
Articles published in Prologue do not necessarily represent the views of NARA or of any other agency of the United States Government. The newest restaurant at the Muscat Grand Mall is due to open next week on the 24th of June - Elevation Burger.
I was fortunate enough to be invited to a secret tweetup at Elevation Burger earlier this week and I got to see and sample the wares - it was very good. The pricing is not bad - its obviously more than the large fast food chains, but then again these burgers are a lot tastier too.
Vast numbers of unemployed 20somethings and it's taken them all this time to get some staff??? Kiwi Cafe employs Omanis & expats and has over ten burger choices, steak n cheese, Shewa sandwiches (limited) and South African sausages.

Next week on 1st June, will be the 1st anniversary of the most recent change to visa laws for expatriates working in the Sultanate. That is what is so exciting about finding water on other planets, the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Knowing what I do about sacred geometry and the divine proportion, I’d like to propose my own water model. Some say it is the environmental conditions of pressure, temperature, humidity, etc that allows the crystals to grow exactly as they do. If geometry were a song or a language then a snowfall would be a symphony or a work of treasured literature.
Would you like to explore stories of espionage missions, coded messages, wonder weapons, and war plans that were once limited to only a few officials with security clearances? Some are made public through systematic reviews of large bodies of records; others become available because of individual researcher requests for declassification under laws such as the Freedom of Information Act. The place was ready in February but staffing proved a bit of a challenge but now that's been overcome too. The burgers are all made from Halal Australian grass-fed organic cows, and the burgers are made on site - they have a big grinder in the back. I'm sure it'll be crazy-busy at first, but if you are hungry for a burger, its definitely worth trying out. But as usual on this site, people take the opportunity to slate and generalize Omani work ethic.
Bloggers and the bourgeoisie love to talk about US franchises but spend not enough time talking about A REAL burger joint made in Oman that didn't have 15 USD million start up capital. When we go to their country they hurl racial abuse and cry thei tax money is going to waste. I went there to review it last month and waited half an hour for a burger so got up from the dirty plastic picnic chair I was sat in and left!I'll try again in September.

If only we had the ears to hear or eyes to decode the geometric language, what we might learn!
The National Archives also holds many older documents that, although they pre-date the formal document classification system that has been used by the federal government since the 1930s, were once shrouded in secrecy. Subsequent screens will allow a visitor to follow a mission by looking at planning documents and even reproductions of the actual letters dropped on Germany. These memorandums, reports, and issue papers contain nuggets of information that are intriguing but don't lend themselves to traditional exhibit display techniques because of their size or bureaucratic tone.
Although the original is seven legal-size pages, Explorer technology will make it easy to digest this interesting, but extended, example of Cold War strategy. A National Archives Experience web site, now in the planning stages, will challenge students and teachers to continue to learn from the National Archives Experience at home. Such exchanges will allow students to use NARA documents as a jumping-off point in their studies and will transform an exhibit into a place where communities of learners can encounter each other and share their perspectives.
The fries are made from fresh potatoes and are cut right in the front and freshly fried in olive oil, a nice touch! They need staff who can maintain service levels and not just for the first week of opening. The experience would conclude with an explanation of how, when the original translated Zimmerman Telegram was released, its content so angered the American people that public sentiment shifted decisively in support of America entering World War I on the side of the Allies. The Explorer will permit visitors to read a multipage document and quickly spot fascinating details.

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