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If you want to get more Instagram likes, science is on your side with two tips that can turn two or three likes into a dozen. You don’t need to get a thousand more followers to get more Instagram likes, you just need to change what you post and how often you post. A new scientific study, yes scientific study of Instagram, found that if you take an Instagram photo with your face in it, you’ll get more likes and comments. The study from Georgia Tech, shared on Mashable, took a random 1.1 million Instagram photos and used face detection software to uncover that Instagram photos with a face are 38% more likely to get likes and 32% more likely to get comments.
Of course this doesn’t factor in wether or not you are attractive, which has to help with likes and comments. While you may be tempted to share a lot of Instagram photos every day, or to batch post all your photos at once, you’ll get more likes and more engagement by spacing the photos out and taking small breaks between posts. We’re also a society utterly fascinated by celebrities, and being able to stalk follow their every move has become easier than ever. This one fell flat, maybe because I cropped it so closely and the color of those apples is so saturated.
Another surprising finding is that pictures dominated by one color get 40% more Likes than images with a variety of colors in the frame. Bright and desaturated images, which can be exaggerated with filters such as Walden and Rise, instead of filters like Hefe and Kelvin. Piqora's Research Links Hashtags as the Secret to Growing Likes on Instagram You are using an outdated browser.
Adding Even Just a Few Hashtags Boosts Likes A LotBy going from just 2 to 3 hashtags, brands can gain a 110% increase in likes on their Instagram posts, while adding 5 results in a 180% increase. Australian entrepreneur Nick Drewe compiled a list of some of the blocked phrases on Instagram on his blog The Data Pack, and the results are surprising and paint a picture of a rather prude Instagram.
In some cases it seems like Instagram is more concerned with banning curse words than hateful or lewd content, probably because it’s easier to simply hide tags with salty language than it is to go through and look for problematic groups of pictures.
Instagram deleted Amy Woodruff’s account after it was flagged by users who took offense towards a photo of Woodruff breastfeeding while in a yoga handstand.
Amazon’s new flagship Kindle is priced high above its siblings, but it has a sleek, unconventional design that could appeal to quality-conscious readers, says WSJ’s Wilson Rothman.
Madonna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and many others gathered Monday evening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual ball, which had a fashion and technology theme this year.
An out-of-work coal miner in West Virginia challenged Hillary Clinton on earlier comments in which she talked about putting coal companies out of business.
Franky Zapata, a French jet ski champion, has set a new Guinness World Record for the farthest hoverboard flight ever recorded. Hulu is planning a new service which will let subscribers stream feeds of major broadcast and cable-TV channels.

President Barack Obama’s daughter Malia will head to Harvard University in late 2017 after taking a “gap year” off between her high school graduation and college.
You can buy real Instagram followers that will help you to get noticed and get your business out there! There are a lot of companies that will tell you that you are buying Instagram followers but what you are getting is not the real thing and it can cause you problems down the road when the algorithms change.
When you buy real Instagram likes you are taking a step in the right direction to get more likes than you thought possible. You can easily build your following on Instagram by using our services as seeds to help grow your following.
This is a great opportunity to build likes on your Instagram and to get out of it what you hoped to.
Everyone knows that social media is the way to market but not everyone knows the secret is to seed your attempt! About UsBuy Instagram Followers and Likes from us to make your profile attractive and grow your business online. Users post square photos to Instagram with filters and tags which show up on a newsfeed in the Instagram app on iPhone and Android, and users can post them to Facebook and Twitter as well. The study found that age, gender and the number of faces in the Instagram photo didn’t make a difference, though adding Ellen and Jared Leto would probably help. The researchers found that you shouldn’t post Instagram photos as often if you want more likes. If you want to get more likes and comments on Facebook you could also apply this advice to posting there. Often times, we spend more time trying to take the perfect Instagram than we do actually enjoying the moment we’re trying to capture.
Considering the fact that celebrities often have millions of followers on social media, it’s no surprise the number of likes their pictures get also far exceed our own.
Researchers at analytics firm Curalate did an extensive study and figured out the secret for getting more Instagram Likes. In fact, if your image contains more than 20% blue, it will receive 24% more likes than any other color. Another counterintuitive finding is that less-saturated images are more well-liked, with 18% more Likes going to those pics that are more washed-out. No wonder I only get less than a dozen likes (at best) when I post a picture on Instagram, even though I have more than 500 followers. And it shouldn’t be too shocking that Instagram is blocking tags clearly meant to bring you to pornographic photos, like #dicks.
Zapata travelled 7,388 feet through the air in Sausset-les-Pins in the south of France, far surpassing the previous record of 905 feet, two inches set last year.

We offer you away to buy cheap Instagram followers that are real and that can help to spread the word. Think & Act like Instagram users Do your best to make your brand feel more native and less brand(y). Setting up your instagram account ready made with likes will be the one thing that you can do to insure other people will be interested in your Instagram. It is a great opportunity to take advantage of an easy to use service to get your Instagram off the ground and start collecting those likes. Hard to say, but the criterion for blocking searches seems faulty, since you can’t look up #wefabulousbitch but you can certainly still look up #junkiesofIG.
Learn which hashtags your target audience is already using, especially influencers, and add them regularly to your posts so long as they are relevant.
Now, #wefabulousbitch does contain a curse word, but it seems to convey a theme of female empowerment, while #junkiesofIG celebrates hardcore drug culture. Make hashtags appropriate for your business verticalContextualizing things based on your business vertical is a great way to figure out the best hashtags to use. Clicking on a hashtag is tantamount to searching for a key phrase on Google.With Instagram users’ apparent appetite for hashtags, and the number that users add being all over the map, just how many should brand marketers be using? For Fitness, consider category hashtags such as #yoga, #crossfit and result-oriented hashtags like #lookgood, #feelstrong etc. Piqora looked at 150,000 Instagram posts by 200 brands, and what we found makes it clear that marketers making optimal use of hashtags have a huge advantage.Research FindingsOne of our most important findings is that likes increase with hashtags and seven hashtags generate the most post likes.
It appears that you can get away with adding up to eight, but there’s a huge drop off at nine. Adding just three can result in huge gains, but only 10% of brands are doing so, while just 4% are in the optimal range. Search Marketers who want to get found on Google are thinking about one thing: Am I using the keywords that my target audience is searching for?
Users are effectively searching Instagram in the same way they search Google, but instead of punching keywords of interest into a search bar they click on hashtags they are interested in.
As an Instagram SEO’er, your goal is to add relevant hashtags that your target audience is searching for.

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