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Here’s the secret to why network marketing works: Your success depends solely on HOW HARD YOU WORK FOR IT.
In the end, winning in network marketing boils down to developing the ability to generate leads who see you as a human being they WANT to join or buy from.
Well, you have to get focused!  When I see people promoting their products and their opportunity, all over the place in a spammy way it makes me cringe.
Attracting others to you is one thing but attracting the RIGHT people is what your should focus on.
Focus on the positive:  When you do this, you give off an energy that people are naturally attracted to.
Be More Successful Discover how to become more successful at anything by signing up for my free email course on successful goal setting. Find out their goals and support them in those goals (listen to my podcast episode about what to do with those folks who aren’t ready to recruit).

Hard work in recruiting your front line and hard work mentoring your group until you’ve all reached your goals.
It’s the principle that your business should revolve around you and your ability to generate income from 4 different income streams.
Ready to Become the Top 10%?Are you tired of jumping from one online opportunity to the next, hoping to finally make a little extra income, but it never works? It is necessary because what you have been doing up to this point hasn’t gotten you where you want to be. This is what traditional business owners do and 90% still close shop after 5 years, but the average network marketer only lasts 3 months?!
Give people a chance to get to know you, let them see your passion, help them solve a problem, educate them on your industry and of course share the results you get from your products and bring that change about in your life. Live your life online and people will have an attraction to what you AND what you are doing.

I love racquetball and drumming, so I have those in my bios on social media.People need to trust you and if you have a profile pic of something besides your head then you are going to lose some credibility. If you have a powerful story, you can create a successful MLM business just by telling your story. Even better, since I already knew how to promote my ebooks online, I now had a new network marketing opportunity to promote and it finally generated enough income…This is a shortened version of my story, but you get the point.

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