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You’ve watched the exciting videos of our winners online, or seen their winning moments on our TV commercials. Our recent $1 Million winner, Rosemary Cella, told us that she had been entering for about ten years, both online and in the mail. And Karl Jonsson of Wisconsin, who won $1 Million just a few days before Christmas, tells us that entering the PCH Sweepstakes is something he stuck with throughout the years. Looks to me that the message from our past winners is to keep on entering every chance you get and to never give up hope. I enter in all the ways ,until now has not been successful , something I know ,I will not give up; but, I have been not very active lately like I USE TO BE . Funny, but it seems that every one of our winners has a different answer to questions like this. So while we’re on the subject, enter right now!  On April 30th, you could be facing a TV camera and the Prize Patrol, telling millions of people about your winning ways!
I play every day and watch for my name to be called and make my as well as my family’s dreams come true.
Persistance,Prayer, and PCH, that’s all I need to play, I believe in PCH, they are the best in the world, and they work very hard and they are the best company in the world, thank you PCH! I won $1000.00, 5 consecutive times on March 15, 2015 playing Presidential Payout, Money Machine, Fortune Flipout, Big Time Bankroll, and Money Bags Madness.

Seoul Secret, the whitening supplementary brand, has apologized for its latest advert with the appalling slogan, "White is winning," a racist message that has made headlines globally. The one-minute video, which was released on YouTube yesterday, features a local superstar Cris Horwang whose skin was digitally altered to go completely black as she talks about how she could lose her career along with her white skin if she stopped taking care of herself. The advert was made by production company Rod Wai Lert together with Hub Ho Hin production house. She had been entering the PCH Sweepstakes faithfully for years and decided in recent months to enter every day. That’s ANOTHER very good reason to keep firing up your PCH Sweepstakes entries every day!  Any one of your responses could bring fate – all dressed up as our famous Prize Patrol – to your front door! That strategy could really come in handy soon – because we’re getting ready to deliver an enormous prize – $7,000 A Week For Life – in our April 30th Special Early Look prize event. I think faith, being consistent, & entering as many places as I can will one day Pay Off. Publishers Clearing House will not return my calls or emails, even though I took a screen shot of one the winnings and pasted it on my Facebook page. Our company did not have any intention to convey discriminatory or racist messages," the statement said.
Hub Ho Hin is a former partner of GTH, a mega production house which produced many popular Thai films and TV series before it closed down last month.

So many of our winners have told us that they felt that their persistence finally paid off when the Prize Patrol showed up at their door!
Their truck was repossessed and they had only one month before the bank would do the same thing to their home. Once you read their stories below you’ll agree with me that they just don’t know the meaning of the word “quit”!
I don’t know, always something happens, always , like the last night in the I pad, the Patsy Music, the Super Prize advise alert , and something else, I saw it , what I cant send it ?
And what kind of advice does she have for anyone who wants to win?  She says, “Don’t give up! I lost the PCH App sweepstake I was working in,always something happen to me , Can someone understand that ?

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