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Watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 6 Episode 7 online via TV Fanatic with over 1 options to watch the The Secret Life of the American Teenager S6E7 full episode. Ben tells Amy she should break things off with Ricky and Ethan gets a math lesson from special guest star Danica McKellar on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Eight weeks after a truly heartbreaking ordeal, Adrian and Ben were reeling due to the loss of their stillborn daughter, Mercy. I honestly found Ken and Francia's performances to be even more powerful than I did last Monday.
For once, I felt that the writers really took us along for the whole ride and devoted a full episode to showcasing real feelings and reactions, not just the constant debate of whether Madison, Lauren, and Grace should sleep with their boyfriends. I actually wanted to hug some of the characters, particularly Ben when he was crumbling in the hallway with Amy. As for Adrian, I really liked the scene when Amy visited and Adrian lamented that she was glad to be having a conversation that felt real.
Now, you didn't think I was going to finish up this review without mentioning Amy and Ricky getting it on, right? If there's one thing I know for certain, it's that Ricky was right when he told Amy to get used to the staring. EPONYMOUS FEMO-BOT spawned by malevolent machine made of giant spinning tape loops and teleprinters proceeds to run (slowly) amok in a Top Secret Government Laboratory on a Remote Scottish Island.
SHUFFLING SMALL SCREEN version of ALAN AYCKBOURN’s salty ensemble drama following a mithering middle class quartet through three Christmases in three yawning episodes. The main driving force behind the group was GAVIN RICHARDS, latterly known to the world as Tiffany’s dad off EASTENDERS and, more pertinently, Captain Bertorelli off ‘ALLO! Unsurprisingly, this is one of those early doors Channel Four programmes tuned into by curious younger viewers on the off-chance of seeing a bit of naked flesh, leading to swift disappointment. JIM-MORRISON-ALIKE BOY magician Tarot (MICHAEL MACKENZIE) has adventures through history, for which read cheap studio set representing pyramid, cheap studio set representing Stonehenge and so on. DREADFUL HALF-ARSED cheapo kids’ drama-workshop-on-screen string of semi-improvised (hence title) sketches and bollocks, the most notable thing being when cast regular DUNCAN GOODHEW (yup, the bald swimmer) pretended to be Dracula flapping his cape as he swooped down on a victim. DISABLED WOMAN falls victim to a new automated, computer-controlled house, which seems strangely sinister, and…yeah, you guessed it. TURN-OF-THE-CENTURY GENTLEMAN charmer in preposterous cape and cane combo (GERALD HARPER) gets frozen in a block of ice and thawed out in the swinging sixties – and what a lot of changes he encounters! DIMLY-RECALLED KIDS series from the arse-end of the 60s about a group of kids in an English town who decided to write up their weekly adventures as a newspaper. SCI-FI COMEDY outing, little remembered now, with IAN HENDRY as the quixotic space traveller, and RONALD LACEY as Sam Chopanza.
DEFINITIVE SMALL-SCREEN sleuthathon saddling JEREMY BRETT, for good or ill (the latter, as it turned out) with the role of a lifetime.
AUSSIE KIDS Molly (AMEILA FRID – the original Cody Willis in NEIGHBOURS) and Spike (GARY PERAZZO) holiday on a Greek island, where they have the expected nondescript adventures with local girl Tik (REBEKAH ELMALOGLOU, better known as acne-ridden Sophie Simpson from HOME AND AWAY).

25-MINUTE GUNG-HO adventures of Ernest Laverdure and Michel Tanguy, young strapping pilots in the French air force. Personally, I worried that the network was going to be inauthentic to the storyline and pretend like everything was hunky dory after what Ben and Adrian experienced. While Ben found it more cathartic to get out of the house, talk to friends, work, and go to school, Adrian was still not ready to leave. He's mourning the loss of his daughter, supporting his wife, and trying to hold it all together.
These two have been at odds for years and it's nice to know that in a time of serious need, Amy and Adrian can put aside all of the small stuff they bicker over.
More perspicacious production line period palaver from the pens of David Croft – who with Jimmy Perry wrote the vastly overrated DAD’S ARMY and the endless HI-DE-HI! Crinkle-faced shiny-haired boffins are powerless to do anything but clasp their hands to their bespectacled moon faces. MIKE POST-penned the theme tune, which was of the highest order, especially when performed by the band of the Coldstream guards marching up and down on the concourse outside the BBC’s Pebble Mill studios. Except with this show, they kept watching, if only to try and work out what the heck sort of a programme this thing was. The interview DG gave on CBTV around the same period confirmed impression of him as a twat. Also along for the renewed crimebustings: Georgina Jones (JULIET HARMER) and comedy sidekick William Simms (JACK MAY). Barely a script change, with much of it in monologue with Adrian in his bedroom, staring into the mirror while reading extracts from the diary.
Recurring summer holiday fodder due to its 12 episodes (though it always felt like more) taking you neatly up to the start of autumn term. Hard to find a word to say against this meticulously turned-out period perfectionism, at least not during the early years when Brett was on top hair-dyed, rake-thin, pipe-chimney, violin-scratching, blind-fury, arch-pompous, bone-dry-wit form. They were also joined by Zenton, played by an actor whose real name was, somewhat startlingly, ZENTON CHORNY. Black and white derring-do which came on before HECTOR’S HOUSE and badly dubbed into English. We saw them in the moment last week and now we saw them after some time had passed, after they'd processed it all. There wasn't a big bang promo about an event that lasted five minutes after an installment comprised of of petty gossiping and random nonsense. They've been on a bumpy road and I really hope Ricky doesn't slip up if he gets nervous and slip into another girl's bed! Wanted for a crime they didn’t commit, maximum security stockade, if you can find them, etc.
The original series, ABOUT BRITAIN: TOUR, cleared its throat by way of Tyne Tees taking us around Northumberland, the Yorkshire Dales and the Borders. MICHAEL GAMBON is bluff architect, CHERYL CAMPBELL his suicidal wife, PRUNELLA SCALES the alcoholic, MAUREEN LIPMAN as herself.

The latter loon shares a manic disposition (to say nothing of a false moustache) with Richards’s character here, “The Maniac”, a demented Marx Brothers-esque agitator who impersonates an esteemed judge carrying out an inquiry into the plummeting incident, to the consternation of the jittery station Superintendent (the Cleese-esque CLIVE RUSSELL) and clueless Inspector (the diminutive JIM BYWATER).
Fought enemies such as Madame Midnight, Mr Stabs and Mama Doc, aided by an owl called Ozymandias (played by FRED THE OWL).
Feted at the time, in reality it was little more than loads of characters sitting about on their posh arses looking foppish and mouthing off. Hailed from across the Channel, replete with classic ten-second orchestral theme plus hand disappearing below the water titles.
The only storyline that sticks in the collective memory was something to do with Zenton finding an old skeleton in a cave, and ending up inheriting a pile of rubble masquerading as a house as a result. It all takes place in front of a KENNY EVERETT SHOW-style milieu of tiny, t-shirted audience and chuckling technicians, in the smallest studio Thames Television can provide (the fourth wall is not so much broken as falling down before the opening credits have finished rolling).
One of those rare occasions when station controller Jeremy Isaacs’s notion of What Channel Four Should Be Doing meshed perfectly with our own.
Memory burning finger-clicking theme heralded ever-so-slightly darker brand of supernatural sitcom shenanigans than the contemporaneous THE MUNSTERS. A fully-functioning Baker Street, slung up just round the corner from the Rovers Return and peopled with numerous rozzers, coppers, tinkers and nabobs, kept Granada in pocket to boot. Rene (GORDEN KAYE), a moon-faced smart-alec cafe owner who spoke like someone doing a shit impression of Inspector Clouseau, reluctantly agrees to help the French resistance during WW2. Titular constellation is also to blame, by dint of sending signals to earth which spell out the instruction manual for making an evil bastard computer. Have a gander at our back catalogue” Sunbow Productions) and the has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed schmaltzfest Mr T’s Christmas Dream. Both series were shown back to back by ITV over the summer of 1991, in the hope of capitalising on the soap opera links.
Entire seasons seemed to revolve around Rene being presumed dead and being replaced with his identical brother (GORDEN KAYE, unsurprisingly), or the location of the Fallen Madonna With The Big Boobies, or comically-shaped bratwurst. Each episode opened with Gorden looking stupid (standing in a bale of hay, or appearing dressed as a woman, or appearing dressed as a woman in a bale of hay) and asking us what we thought he was doing. None of which failed to stop episodes being repeated in the coveted 4am slot until at least 1989.
Sammarco played the character again, in all but name, in a bad run of high street bank adverts, winking at the cashier and everything. RONNIE HAZELHURST arranged the theme, which didn’t really fit in on account of it being really rather good.

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