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Nat Boyd and his best friend Boyd Fink have always found a way to maneuver their way out of trouble.
Maria is a girl caught between two worlds: Puerto Rico, where she was born, and New York, where she now lives in a basement apartment in the barrio. When Shobu accidentally ends up in the Fire Civilization, he's in for the battle of his life with dangerous dragons!
Book Two left off with Gregor reading the Prophecy of Blood: a prophecy that calls for Gregor and Boots to return to the Underland to help ward off a plague. Grank raises the hatchling deep in a forest far from owls that would kill the royal chick named Hoole to end the kingly line. This is a true story of growing up, breaking down, and coming to grips with a psychological disorder.
Lauren's pony Twilight changes into a unicorn when she whispers the magic words, but Lauren must keep this a secret or it could put Twilight in great danger.
The Help-for-Hire gang's toughest challenge yet begins when a new teacher assigns too much homework. The Gang get ready for some serious shopping when they head to the Happy Valley Mega Mall.
Jason, Julia, and Rick have discovered one of the secrets of Argo Manor -- the Door to Time.
When Tintin purchases a scale model of a ship called the Unicorn from a market, he makes an enemy of the mysterious Ivanovich Sakharine, who is desperate for the model himself. Register so you can check out ratings by your friends, family members, and like-minded members of the FA community of users. When Princess Alexa enters a fantastic new world through a brilliant but secret door, girls enter a new world with her.

While her mother remains on the island, Maria lives with her father, the super of their building. Like the Duel Master that he is, he manages to get back to safety without getting scorched. When Samantha Schutz first left home for college, she was excited by the possibilities -- freedom from parents, freedom from a boyfriend who was reckless with her affections, freedom from the person she was supposed to be. A mysterious ancient sorcerer has arrived, waking the infamous Warriors of the Skorth and wreaking havoc. Now the door has transported them to Ancient Egypt, a mysterious land of labyrinths, riddles, and secrets. With the help of Doodle the rooster and his magical feathers, they bring all of the weather to Fairyland. The young journalist's inquisitive nature son lands him in the middle of a race against time to discover the secret behind the Unicorn. In the story, Barbie and the Secret Door, Barbie stars as a shy princess who works with a mermaid and fairy to save the magic of this neon-bright fairytale land where unicorns roam alongside other wondrous creatures! As she struggles to lose her island accent, Maria does her best to find her place within the unfamiliar culture of the barrio. Gregor's mom finally relents, but on the condition that she go with them so they aren't out of her sight. Shadow is afraid, so Lauren and Twilight visit him secretly and use Twilight's magic to give Shadow the confidence to begin to overcome his fear. Yuckenstein's Make-A-Monster Laboratory where they can make their own customized monster dolls! He seems to be an expert in the most evil, long-ago magic, and leads Eric and his friends on a treacherous journey to the Dark Lands.

But when they are accidentally separated, Julia ends up at Argo Manor again -- and she can't get back to Egypt, or the boys. Helped by the booze-swigging Captain Haddock and his helpful dog Snowy, can they beat Sakharine to the secret, or will the sinister villain solve the mystery first?
This gorgeous unicorn is perfect for recreating favorite scenes from the DVD and playing out stories for this iconic animal.
Finally, with the Spanglish of the barrio people ringing in her ears, she finds the poet within herself.
This unicorn positively glows with neon glitz – the translucent pink body sparkles with a glitter effect, colorful designs decorate its body and a shiny horn grabs attention. The rooted mane and tail are positively gorgeous – luxuriously rich with brilliant shades of pink and purple. It turns out the Phantom of the Library is playing practical jokes on innocent readers, and Richelle's not laughing.
Three hair extensions (with iconic-shaped clips) add even more neon color, like blue, yellow and orange, and two flower-adorned hair clips almost appear to float. But they can also recreate the magic with their own hair – the five hair accessories will work in girls hair too!
Try a clip, an extension or all of them together to spread the fairytale fun and fantastic fashion! Unicorn figure, one brush, three hair extensions with wear-and-share clips (blue, yellow, orange), two flower wear-and-share clips Suitable for ages 3 years + Safety Information: Warning.

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