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First good news, this book has been published in time for Christmas and so solves problems for those wanting to buy the children a quality book - and that is how I would describe George's Secret Key to the Universe.
Second good news, George's Secret Key to the Universe is the first of series of three titles, so keep watching for the release of the others. The story begins with George's pet pig breaking through the fence into the neighbour's garden. At each stage in their travels through outer space there are panels giving the scientific background to what is happening, like a diagram and explanation of the solar system, black holes, an asteroid belt, and the planets Saturn and Mars. I am sure that many NZine readers will enjoy this book and possibly will tell us how children and grandchildren have reacted to it.. The Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe are coming to an end as realities collide in Marvel’s 2015 event Secret Wars. The Age of Apocalypse reality cuts a swath down the middle of the main Battleworld continent. Located right on the borders of Apocalypse, the Egypt connection provides a thematic link; this is the home to the Egypt-themed Forever Yesterday world created by the villain Sphinx in the pages of New Warriors.
On the north coast of the main Battleworld continent, this island revives the Spider Island storyline in which Manhattan was overrun with millions of Spider-Men. The name traditionally refers to the period when King George III was too mad to rule the United Kingdom and his son, the Prince Regent, ruled in his place — you know, like in that movie.
The name Regency may relate to the Spider-Man story Reign, set in a future where Peter and Mary-Jane remained married (though a regency and a reign are technically mutually exclusive concepts). Created by Doug Moench and Mike Ploog for Marvel Super Action in the late 1970s, Weirdworld is a magical fantasy land full of dwarfs and elves and… that sort of thing.
We guessed this generous expanse of Battleworld was set aside for any and all strange fantasy scraps that Marvel happens to have kicking around, and that seems to be the case. The home of Killraven and the War of the Worlds Martian tripods, and maybe some other pulpy sci-fi elements. The second classified region sits nestled beside Utopolis, which doesn’t offer many clues, and atop a cluster of pulpy and fantastical worlds. We thought this region might house the last of the Captain Britain Corps and the omniversal overseers now seeking new employment, and maybe the seeds of a rebuilt multiverse. Arachne is the second Spider-Woman, Julia Carpenter, so we hoped this might be a reference to Spider-Gwen’s reality. The 2002 comic series Marville, written by then-publisher Bill Jemas, is rightly regarded as one of the worst comics Marvel ever published.
With a Doctor Strange movie scheduled for next year, a new Doctor Strange series is inevitable, so it’s a safe bet that it starts here, in the domain officially set aside for the good doctor. A little blip in the middle of Marvel 616, and the home of Marvel’s ongoing effort to make people excited about the Inhumans. Almost at the center of Battleworld is the mainstream Marvel Universe, and right next to it the Ultimate Marvel Universe, nestled together in Manhattan. A far east located in the deep south of the map, this zone was the most obvious location for the Marvel Mangaverse.
HYDRA is primed for a renewed presence in the comics as it plays a major role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so if Marvel has long-term plans for this villain group, this zone may sow those seeds. The book set in this domain is Hail HYDRA, by Rick Remender and Roland Boschi, and it’s yet another world where the villains won. The Spider-Man 2099 ongoing will be cancelled to make way for Secret Wars 2099, starring a team of future Avengers, from the creative team of Peter David and Will Sliney. We wondered if the decision to reduce the Kree homeworld to a little scrap of land on the edge of the Hydra Empire was an omen tied to the importance of the Kree in the Marvel movies. A return to Marvel’s House of M reality, where Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are maybe still the kids of Magneto? This huge expanse is the bleak Old Man Logan future created by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, in which the villains have defeated the heroes, though being a Mark Millar world it’s not always clear which is which. Brian Michael Bendis and Andrea Sorrentino take over from Millar and McNiven in exploring this miserable world. The X-Men ’92 zone, aka a team that looks suspiciously like the X-Men Animated Series.
Located right in a strip of X-Men-related zones that stretches from House of M to the Domain of Apocalypse. This was another zone that we thought might have an Arcade connection, or a connection to Marvel arcade game, or a connection to Plantman (in a classical sense, Arcadia is a pastoral utopia). The preview video established that the Deadlands and neighboring Perfection are the settings for Marvel Zombies and Age of Ultron; two insidious life-destroying plagues that will go head-to-head in their own title.
The Deadlands will play host to its own title, Marvel Zombies, starring Elsa Bloodstone, from the team of Si Spurrier and Kev Walker.

Given how quickly Marvel zombies can spread, we correctly guessed that the wall exists solely to contain both them and the Ultrons — and the poor sad Nova Corps, who are a bit screwed. This series by Jason Aaron brings together Thors from multiple realities as a Battleworld police force, so expect it to span several domains. A story set in a version of Genosha where Havok and Wolfsbane stayed behind to rebuilt the nation, only for it to fall victim to a deadly virus.
Felipe Smith and Juan Gedeon tell the story of multiple hellbound Ghost Riders competing on an infernal racetrack. Joining 1603 and 2099 in the times-but-also-places of the Battlezone map is 1872, a Western series from Cullen Bunn and Evan Shaner, featuring Old West versions of Marvel heroes including Captain America, Iron Man, and the Kingpin in the frontier town of Timely. This series by Cullen Bunn and Matteo Lolli isn’t set on Battleworld at all, but back during the original Secret Wars, revealing what Deadpool was doing during that event. Posted on March 4, 2010 at 6:17 pm by Shin Densetsu under Marvel Toy News HISS Tank boards member DEAD VIPER has found wave 4 of the Secret Wars Comic Packs from the Marvel Universe line at a Walmart in Henderson, Nevada!The only carry-over figure is The Thing, meanwhile, all of the other characters are new to the line! In my area, wave three is still hit or miss but it's becoming more common as waves 1 and 2 are sold off. Years ago on Ebay I was able to grab figures from the BATMAN 2003 Mattel line before they were released and the seller was from Japan. They said that the Expanded wave of Star Wars was to be out at the end of December and they are not even in stores yet!!!
Kenner's distribution was terrible, Hasbro's distribution is even worse, but Mattel's dstribution is horrendous. For those of us who decided to order these packs from HTS, I just got an email saying that it has shipped.
Hey guys, Unfortunatly I've had to cut down my collections and the MU line got the 1st blow. Lucy Hawking's gifted storytelling grips the reader from page one, and with Stephen Hawking's ability to help us understand astronomy the inserts about this clarify George's adventures.
George's parents are alternative lifestylers with strict views on the management of their lives without anything related to modern technology like household appliances or television, and the very idea of having a computer fills them with horror.
He finds his lost pig but he also meets Annie and her scientist father Eric and is introduced to the amazing powers of a computer called Cosmos. The two young adventurers, the contrasted worlds of George's family and Annie's, dangerous exploits, astonishing coincidences, the good scientist, Eric and adults who are supportive, contrasted with a gang of ruffians and an evil adult scientist who wants to steal Cosmos. I recommend it as a Christmas gift, but I suggest you give it to children who will share it with you as it is an enjoyable and informative read for all ages. We’ve since updated our guide to Battleworld every time Marvel has updated the map or released a flurry of new announcements.
This version of Planet Hulk sees writer Sam Humphries and artist Marc Laming drop an axe-wielding Captain America and his buddy Devil Dinosaur in the middle of a world of Hulks. Long-time Hulk writer Peter David will oversee the Future Imperfect series, with art by Greg Land.
One AoA character — Kitty Pryde — will show up in Star-Lord & Kitty Pryde (below), but the main storyline sees mutants fighting for and against the despot En Sbah Nur. We wondered if this zone might tie in to the current Superior Iron Man storyline in which a twisted Tony Stark is deliberately using his tech to reshape the world. This one divides Egyptia and Technopolis on one side from The Regency and King James’ England on the other.
But this is actually a world based on the One More Day story, in which Peter Parker used the devil to divorce his wife. This is not, as I reflexively imagined, a world in which reality warper Jamie Braddock is king. Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo will explore Weirdworld in a sword-and-sorcery adventure series starring Arkon, the extra-dimensional warlord created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema. This dominion will be the setting for a Master Of Kung-Fu series starring an alternate reality Shang-Chi, from the creative team of Haden Blackman and Talibor Talajic. Several Marvel comics in recent years have shown flashes of a future in which Marvel characters interact with tripods. Now she’s starring in Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders, by Al Ewing and Alan Davis, with a team that includes White Tiger, She-Hulk, Prowler (in a Spider-fied costume) and a young iron person named Kid Rescue. Young will write and draw Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX, an epic throwdown between his pint-sized versions of Marvel heroes. This may also be where some of Marvel’s diabolical extra-dimensional hoop-de-hoo ends up. As the largest landmass touching the 616 and Ultimate Marvel zones, this feels like it ought to be significant.
This is where Charles Soule and John Timms will set the next installment of the Inhumans’ adventures with Attilan Rising.

We hoped this would be the home of monster maestro Mole Man and all of Marvel’s classic monster characters, from Fin Fang Foom to Goom.
Our money was on this being the Marvel Noir universe, but perplexingly it’s the home to a new Korvac Saga that pits the Guardians 3000 against a group of future Avengers, written by Dan Abnett, with art by the very talented Otto Schmidt.
Ian Rogers, the generic new Nomad, will be the one honest man fighting for freedom in a HYDRA-controlled world.
It later emerged that this zone is home to Captain Marvel and her new interstellar defense team, the Carol Corps.
Marguerite Bennett and Mike Norton explore a Sentinel-dominated future in which Kate Pryde never traveled back to the past to prevent this timeline from coming to pass. Xandar is the home of the Nova Corps, and this zone is home to a new Infinity Gauntlet story starring the Nova Corps and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Kieron Gillen and Filipe Andrade will tell the tale of a Marvel Night’s Watch that includes versions of Abigail Brand, Illyana, Leah, Kate Bishop, and the America Chavez. Art comes courtesy of Chris Sprouse, an artist whose very destiny was to draw a book full of Thors. The paint on The Thing is slightly different than the paint on the variant single card Thing they put out a while back.
All Hasbro knows is a rough estimate for when the products are shipped from the factories to the retailers (based on order dates).
The cover is eye-catching, it has a gripping story, it gives the reader accessible information about astronomy, Garry Parsons' illustrations are a delight for readers of any age, and the full-colour photographs of some of the most impressive sights in space highlight the explanations in the text. They take part in protest marches with banners saying "Save the Planet" and yelling out slogans such as "Recycle plastic bags", "Ban the car", and "The planet is dying". With the secret key George enters the world of outer space through Cosmos and he and Annie have astonishing adventures, but they and Eric are threatened by appalling dangers. Ruby Summers, futur daughter of Scott Summers and Emma Frost, will lead the rebellion against the despotic Maestro, aka the future Hulk. In fact it’s about a world where everyone wears Iron Man-style armor, designed by either Tony or his brother Arno. If there’s a theme to this cluster of worlds, it may be non-mutant futures and pasts. Christos Gage and Paco Medina tell the story of Flash Thompson’s efforts to dethrone the Spider Queen. The clue here is that King James I ascended the English throne in 1603, which makes this the world of Marvel after 1602. Oddly, Devil Dinosaur himself is over in the Planet Hulk zone, way off to the north, but hey, maybe there are two Devil Dinosaurs on Battleworld? Writers Kelly Sue DeConnick and Kelly Thompson are joined by artist David Lopez in a story that brings back Captain Marvel‘s all-female Banshee Squadron. The creative team of Chris Burnham and Ramon Villalobos will write an X-Men book featuring Beak, Angel, Kid Omega, Glob Herman, and the Stepford Cuckoos.
Dennis Hopeless will write and Javier Garron will draw an Inferno mini series set in a world where the heroes lost the fight against the demon horde, and Colossus must repeatedly try to save his sister Illyana. Sadly it does not include The Wall, the Spider-Man antagonist from his Electric Company days, whose image we have finally had to remove from this article.
It's all up to the retailers who bought the product from Hasbro to put them on the shelves.
Just got to many collections going on at the time and this one was the smallest and easiest to stop. They eat a simple vegetarian diet and George's "healthy" lunch with none of the chocolate bars, brightly coloured crisps or fizzy orange enjoyed by the other children marks him out as different. Galfard said that all three wanted to "provide a modern vision of cosmology from the Big Bang to the present day" with the emphasis on fact,.
You can find out more in our announcement interview with the creative team of James Robinson and Marcio Takara.
In this case Charles Soule and Leinil Yu will show us what happens in a world torn apart by a superhero war, where the unthinkable has happened; Tony Stark is president. It was the same for Kenner, it's the same for Mattel and it's the same for most other manufacturers. Don't let that stink-eye girl who runs their toy section catch you BREATHING on her collection.

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