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In my continuing search for some useful eye candy on my Android device I came across Zooper Widget.
My friend Rich and I went and shot a bunch of nice pictures of our Kings of War armies in the studio.
So I have to be honest, I haven’t really bought any of the solo miniatures from Games Workshop in years due to their pricing structure and value. The new blister packages that they have are nice since none of the parts are floating and you can make out everything included on the model itself.
The sprue quality on these models is far better than their larger counterparts like tanks sized sprues. The only thing that bugs me on this whole model is the oversized hats, I’ve had plenty of IG models over the years, their hats have been progressively getting larger over the years. Secret Weapon Weathering Pigment - Dark Earth can be used to create realistic weathering on tanks, infantry, scenery and terrain and can also be used to create washes or to add additional pigment to your acrylic paints. The technique is as simple as adding a bit of pigment to a brush, or even your fingertip, and gently rubbing it over the area that you'd like to weather.
WordPress 3.9 lead developer Andrew Nacin has hinted there will be a secret feature in the upcoming release.

Now that features-as-plugins are the norm, core features are usually known about weeks before a new release. WordPress 3.9 has been scheduled for release during the week of April 14, with the first beta expected on February 26. The Widget Customizer plugin allows you to make edits to widgets and preview changes before hitting Save and Publish.
Ruter points out that when making changes to a widget, it could be completely broken and everyone visiting your site would see this because there’s no way to preview changes before saving them. During this week’s development meeting, Nacin asked the Widgets Customizer team to think more on the widgets UI before a decision is made on whether to incorporate the plugin into core. The changes will also improve editing and positioning images after they have been added to the Post Editor. THX38, a reimagining of the theme installation experience, was incorporated into WP 3.8, offering up a more slick UI for theme installation. WP 3.9 is expected to take that experience a step further with support for multiple screenshots when previewing themes. Improvements to Multisite are also in the words, though it’s not clear exactly what that will involve.

Nacin has also started working on a taxonomy roadmap for meta and post relationships, which he expects will evolve over five or more releases of WordPress.
During the latest #wordpress-dev IRC meeting meeting, Nacin casually mentioned there would be a secret feature, but didn’t elaborate further. Each widget gets its own panel in the Customizer (Appearance > Customize) settings and you can edit, move and preview what widgets look like before you hit Save and Publish.
The latest version of TinyMCE will provide an improved UI, an inline editing mode and a more stable core structure to the Post Editor.
Other planned improved include enabling users to drop an image or other media directly onto the post screen without having to click the Add Media button. I had installed the developer build by mistake on a new install and of course updated which updated to the the beta 3.9 version. The key for me however is the ability to start with a clean slate and do whatever you want to.

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