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There’s plenty of fixes plus a new anti-aliasing option if you have a NVIDIA Kelper (600) series of GPU. With this update we have enabled TXAA, and The Secret World is the first game in the world to support this anti-aliasing technique!
Nightmare: We have determined that mobs in Hell Raised Nightmare had an unnaturally high Defence Rating. Mit der Nutzung unserer Webseite erklarst du dich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies verwenden.
Vor wenigen Tagen stellte Funcom bereits die vorlaufigen Patchnotes fur Update 1.2 von The Secret World zur Verfugung.
Wie immer stellen die Patchnotes vom TestLive-Server nicht zwingenderma?en die finale Version des Updates dar, dennoch geben sie einen guten ersten Uberblick daruber, welche Anderungen geplant sind.
Polaris – The Ur-Draug will now do a line of sight check after agroing a character to make sure he can actually see that character. The Pick-Up – One of the 3 doors will always allow the player to pass through to the other side. Detritus Prime: Fixed an issue that prevented players from completing the mission Detritus Prime. A new, more attractive and less cluttered buff marker for Nightmare dungeon timers has been added. Fixed an issue which caused some players to be unable to move after watching a cinematic in the Virgula Divina mission. Deal: Xbox One Quantum Break Bundle + Star Wars - Das Erwachen der Macht (Blu-ray) jetzt fur nur 269 € inkl. There’s already a lot of good information out there on the Internets about gear, glyphs, and how to acquire it.
To summarize it quickly, the very best gear you can get as of patch 1.1 is found on the Nightwatch vendors in your faction headquarters coupled with a Nightwatch glyph.
With The Secret World, most of the modification of the user interface is done with Flash editor. After completing each of the eight dungeons on the Elite difficulty, it came to my attention that there is more to life than just blowing stuff up. Utility in The Secret World is much the same as it is in every MMOG: stuns, purges, cleanses, and debuffs. After 163 hours and change played, I’ve finished every mission the game has to offer, reached rank 13 with the Illuminati, completed two (almost three) skill decks, and cleared five of the eight elite dungeons.
A quick summary: Call Your Shots was a mistaken carry over from version 1 and has been correctly replaced with Sharp Shooter. A quick summary: Safety Off is in fact better damage per second than both Anima Shot and Hip Shooter. Update: version 2 of these decks and more can be found in the next post – just click here! The last two days in The Secret World have had several tests of patience and no small amount of frustration. We're greatly looking forward to the forthcoming book "Improvisation: New Design in Israel" by Mel Byars, author of numerous industrial design books, including the "Pro-Design" series.
Come May 9th, London's Design Museum will be hosting an exhibition on UK-based ID firm Industrial Facility.
It seems April Fools day came early for the architecture world, the Eiffel Tower Extension proposed by the architect firm Serero is fake. Like Pokemon X & Y, Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire are on the Nintendo 3DS and are capable of patches and updates to the software.
The Twitter feed has gone on holiday temporarily, but will be back once we figure a few things out. By the powers vested in me, it is now possible to hide and delete your own bloody content so you don't have bother us with doing so!

In the upcoming World of Warcraft 6.1 Patch you may be able to add into your mount collection a purple kitty mount. Recently, Blizzard revealed a lot of new contents for the upcoming patch 6.1 of Warlords of Draenor, include new Blackrock Foundry raid, class changes, new mount, etc.
Blizzard Community manager Lore has posted a thread on official forum to confirm the new models for both Male and Female Blood Elves will be up at next Warlords of Draenor PTR build. This caused a frustrating number of glances, even for superbly-equipped players who had mastered the dungeon. Wann das Update auf den Live-Servern aufgespielt wird, hat Funcom noch nicht bekanntgegeben, moglich ist jedoch, dass es am kommenden Dienstag im Rahmen der allwochentlichen, offiziellen Serverwartung online geht.
Note: We cannot be held responsible for choking or other health risks related to rapid food consumption. Auch die offiziellen Patchnotes stellte Funcom mittlerweile zur Verfugung, die du in diesem Artikel nachlesen kannst! Dadurch kam es zu einer frustrierend hohen Anzahl von Streiftreffern, selbst fur optimal ausgerustete Spieler, die den Dungeon gemeistert haben. The Secret World ist das erste Spiel auf der Welt, das diese neue Kantenglattungstechnologie verwendet! Most of the posts about it are highly technical, throw a lot of numbers around, and generally don’t tell you exactly what to do and how to do it.
As far back as Everquest when it upgraded to the XML ui, I have almost as much fun playing a game as I do modding it’s interface.
Unfortunately, I don’t have Flash editor (I know, a web designer without Flash, how can it be?!).
It’s always nice to see the developers bring entertaining events that get players involved with one another.
Any player, who has any type of The Secret World account, may join us over the weekend to celebrate our first month! Each of these abilities is usually narrowed into the scope of one or two different weapon choices. After reaching the pinnacle of content in just 163 hours of played time, spanning over approximately 23 days (that’s just over 7 hours a day, for the math challenged), what then does TSW have to offer. Just some minor changes to tweak HPS and DPS and narrowed the focus of the DPS decks (with alternatives listed). It felt good to be back to the old business of smashing abilities against a dummy and tracking the data on ACT.
However, Hip Shooter is a mere 25 or so dps short of Safety Off, while Anima Shot lags just 10 dps less further. While TSW has been a success at launch, there is a whole lot of fine-tuning, polish, and basic bug fixing that needs to be done. Keeping in mind the Mercenary deck, I followed the build up until I started getting into the harder content in Kingsmouth, realizing the build simply wasn’t meant to solo. Once you fulfill Chapter III, you will receive the legendary follower Garona Halforcen and upgrade your rings to ilvl 710.
Right now, the new models are more or less using the same facial geometry set – as in, all the males will have the same chin, eye shape, nose shape, etc. Damit ihr TXAA aktivieren konnt, braucht ihr eine nVidia Kepler (600) GPU (Treiber Version 304.79 oder neuer).
With that in mind, this guide will consolidate and reference much of that data and spell out the details in simple English so everyone from casual to hardcore can get the most out of their nightmare dungeon runs. I have focused on bringing my hit and penetration stats up to 600 to eliminate (mostly) blocked and glanced hits, and at this point I am now penetrating close to 40% of the time. As made apparent in Ankh and the Hells, having cleanses, healing buffs, and temporary damage buffs for group burst damage is starting to become very important. This deck starts to do its job right out of the gate, making it excellent for newbies just getting started as well as experienced players looking to turn the harder missions easy.

So in the interest of preparing for Nightmare modes, I thought it would be wise to invest in a few utility builds. This means no single person can be the jack-of-all-trades, making group composition important. After some good feedback in the forums, I’ve narrowed down these decks and branched some of them into dual-weapon decks, favoring Blood Magic.
Bloodshot, from the Blood Magic tree, replaced Anima Vessel in the Hip Shooter and Full Auto decks, making them focused DPS builds using two weapon resources. The tradeoffs around using each ability for the primary point builder is fairly obvious, with each making a compelling reason for use. Today we will show some highlights among Garrison, Profession and Crafting and you can visit wowhead to check the 6.1 PTR Datamining. So kann die Mission Die Lieferung in Kingsmouth nun beispielsweise pausiert und spater bei der korrekten Stufe wieder aufgenommen werden. Um TXAA zu aktivieren, musst ihr in den Video-Einstellungen TXAA 2x oder TXAA 4x aktivieren.
There are already names starting to spring up in the forums that are becoming synonymous with the TSW ui; names Catagorical, Viper, and… Dave? If you do not currently have an account for The Secret World, you may register to participate starting today, Friday, July 27th, to have open access to this special celebration weekend!
While there are barely a handful of situations in the Elites where utility is useful (but not necessarily required), I know from the Looking for Group channel that they are more or less required for safe passage through a Nightmare dungeon. By building a few decks each with one or two specific utilities, you can ensure that you will be an asset to any group. Fortunately, there TSW varies the grind by allowing players to replay nearly every mission, not just a set quantity of daily quests.
Finally, the AR Soloist deck dropped Post-op in favor of Leech Therapy after I realized it did indeed affect the player and not just the group.
Read through the cut for the details on these point builders and an all new deck for raw dps.
Honestly, I have my doubts on whether Funcom can deliver; they plan to deliver more content, faster than even Trion does with RIFT.
So I went off the reservation and started building my own decks, with the consideration that I wanted a viable tanking build to swing with if grouping became a problem. Apple says their new iMac monitors display "16,777,216 colors," but the modern-day Susan Dey, Harry Hamlin, et al. There are a lot of changes and upgrades at the upcoming 6.1 such as new legendary followers, items, battle pets, Garrison missions, etc. One of the major highlights of the industrial ship rebalance is that they have now been divided into roles instead of tiers. I removed Molecular Explosion from Hip Shooter and Full Auto in favor of Iron Maiden to increase penetration rate as it is a far better return in dps.
And this opens a lot of opportunities for gamers, along with dungeons, to really enjoy all the game has to offer. Needless to say, after few hours of killing (yes, actually killing the dummies), I’ve got a much better grasp on assault rifle abilities.
As noted in the post title, the rebalance will also rename each industrial ship in an effort to make then unique. The full Eve Online industrial ship rebalance will be released later this summer in the Odyssey 1.1 patch. Source:  Eve Online Community Site Related Eve Online, News eve online, industrial ships, odyssey, rebalance.

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