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BF 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII by mel vyrazne povznest jiz tak vyjimecnou uroven multiplayerovych souboju, a to tak, ze s sebou prinese mj. Hraci BF 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII si budou moci vybrat az z 46 vozidel, ktera mohou sami ridit.
Nove zbrane muzete ocekavat ctyri - jednorazove vrazdici noze (nechybi ve vybave kazdeho vojaka obou stran) i Bren light machine gun, Remington Auto 5 shotgun a the Mauser K98 grenade rifle. The NAZIs launched World War II with devestating Luftwaffe attacks on Poland, including Polish cities (1939). The V-1 was essentially a primitive cruise missle, but without a sophisticated targetting mechanism. The V1 could be shot down, but there was no defense against the V-2 balistic missiles which soon followed. Both weapons are generally dismissed as of little importance and introduced too late to have any real impact on the War. Vyzkouset je budete moci v osmi novych bojovych akcich odehravajicich se v Telemarku, Peenemuende, vyzkumne oblasti V2, Essenu a Hitlerove Orlim hnizde.
He was throughout the War the best-placed British spy with access to both sciuentific and military information.

There were only 350,000 people still officially billeted outside London and the big cities. Teprve nyni je vsak tato zprava oficialni a vyplouvaji na povrch i podrobnosti o tom, co presne nam tento titul muze nabidnout. Se svymi jednotkami se dostanete i na ruzne uplne nove lokace, a to dokonce do stmivajici se letni Prahy, ale take do snehem pokryteho Norska. Kdyby vam ale i to bylo jeste malo, pak vas mozna potesi, ze se vam v teto hre predstavi i nove jednotky - britske komando a nemecke elitni jednotky. They had gone through the Blitz and thought that the Germans no longer had the capability to bomb Britain.
K tomu vsemu pribude rovnez novy herni mod, ve kterem bude hrac seznamen s urcitym specialnim ukolem, s jehoz uspesnym vyresenim konci hra vitezstvim. Actually the Germans had planned a much more massive assault, but was substantially undercut by Allied bombing operations. Rosbaud was considered so critical that the British did not share his reporting with the Americans until just before D-Day. They had no choice because they could only reach Britain if fired from the French Channel coast and now the Allies were in the process of liberating France. Quite a few did not function right and exploded in the air or came down in the fields or on houses and buildings often with disastrous results.

The V-1 was a relatively simple weapon and could be produced inexpensively in large numbers, but it could not be aimed at sprcifuc targets other than large cities. Not only had the stubbon resistance of Londoners derailed his war plans, but the British RF was now helping the British to smash German cities to rubble.
The German scientists were put to work in Huntsville, Alabama and other places for the development of the national space program in order to beat the Soviets during the Cold War. Most of the evacuees sought to live with family and friends in the countryside and small towns. Tthe evacuation process was officially halted (September) when the Allies were in full command of yhe Channel Coast. The evacuation was reversed for almost all areas except for London and the vulnerable East coast. They could devestate an ebtire city block, but were much more complicated to produce and this were not available in the numbers that had been planned for the V-1s. The British Government did not officially approve people returnong to London until a month after the German surrender (June 1945).

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