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I like having this option, and thats my point above, if NV push tessellation like crazy, its irrelevant as an AMD user you can ignore it.
Just like I made mine, I don't get physx, but I don't tell people it doesn't matter or tell them not to use it. This is pretty bullshit when games like Hawx, Hawx2, LP and LP2 along with a bunch of other TWIMTBP games that totally skewed the results towards NV.
Actually HawX was an AMD evolved title that did bring DirectX 10.1 aspects to the gamer -- very welcomed as well.
To wait 'till both architectures are even -- ideal playing field -- if one can't handle the fidelity setting - then it's not worth doing -- how the hell does one move forward with that idealistic view? All gamers have to enjoy it and if the other architecture or software isn't up to speed -- none at all. If I'm not wrong, then all that full HW scheduling does is make it so that there needs to be no per game driver optimization. However, nvidia is at a disadvantage with their low DP performance, because DP will be important in the future. Either way this game of throwing $ at developers by one upping each other is just hurting us. Not many PC gamers have $1k to buy a $500 AMD card and a $500 NV card to get the best of all world. Some people on our forum have argued that it's great when AMD and NV work closely with developers and I said if that continues, I fear we'll need both brands of videocards to play games. Been saying the same thing for years, that we will need both GPU brands in the PC if things like this go to the extreme. RussianSensation: Do you think that The Secret World stuff cannot be mitigated with drivers?
In my humble opinion, it is still the most beautiful looking game ever released, two years after its release.
There are only seven remedies in The Secret Remedy Book, because it's a story, and a story has to have its own boundaries. I made this particular scrapbook, featured in recent posts, as a prop to be used with children with my picture book, The Secret Remedy Book. We often frame a piece of work like this and hang it in a place of honor on a wall, or maybe we attach it to a refrigerator with magnets. If you have ever fed geese, you know that wonderful feeling of joy you get from feeding wild things. This is from the cover of The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett and illustrated by Tasha Tudor.
CCTV footage of three British girls catching a flight to Turkey in February to join ISIS dominated the news media for days and likely contributed to the public thirst for answers. And that anyone who refuses to accept that premise, or who wants to debate root causes, is quite simply advocating self-destruction.
This was being done without warrants and was determined to be illegal, and prompted remedial action by both the president and Congress.
CIA Director John Brennan came out strongly against privacy advocates and hand-wringers this week. To them, privacy concerns are nothing more than the clucking of utopian dilettantes when set against the requirements of security agencies, which are, after all, charged with protecting us in the real world. And it's all been done with overwhelming support from the general public, which feels safer for the presence of the surveillance, never mind the lack of objective proof that they are more protected against outrages, which keep on occurring.
In movies like the Jason Bourne franchise and TV shows like the BBC's Spooks (re-titled MI-5 in North America), the first thing the secret services do when some nefarious plot hatches is order up the surveillance video, which of course shows the bad guys from multiple angles all over the city, and results in an eventual triumph over evil. And let's not forget that the French and British security agencies, unlike their American and Canadian counterparts, can listen to or read pretty much any communication they like, anytime they like, without the bother of obtaining judicial permission. The reason for this is rooted in European history; both England and France are former colonial powers that have known war intimately, and long ago subordinated individual rights to collective security. The commissioner has produced several reports since then, discussing things like facial recognition software, and has suggested guidelines for public surveillance, many of which have been simply ignored.
They would argue that the cameras are desperately needed tools, and that anyone who isn't doing anything wrong has nothing to worry about.
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So the fact that your card performs like a dog in Dirt Showdown, Sniper Elite V2 and Sleeping Dogs is great?
It must have taken many small great steps and missteps to finally make a fire bow that really worked. But when I had completed the pages showing the seven remedies from the picture book story, I did not want to leave the impression that there are only seven remedies in this vast and bountiful world of ours. After my mother died, I found it inside a large brown envelope that she kept right beside her chair. My husband and I like to camp out in a park called The Lost Pines of Texas ~ just the name is magical enough!
But it has a powerful appeal to law-abiding citizens when pitiless men appear in suicide vests firing Kalashnikovs into crowds. Publikovani ci dalsi sireni obsahu techto webovych stranek bez pisemneho souhlasu vedeni internetove redakce serveru je zakazano.

Luckily, AMD has this option in their drivers, discard completely rubbish tessellation factors. The visual gain in Showdown is nothing compared with the 60% performance hit on nVidia cards. If I bought an nvidia card for something other than performance like physx or 3D or whatever.
They still used it, double standard losers, i won't visit them in the future seeing that statement. There is no reason that someone like Grooveriding with $1k of GPUs should be running a game at 40-45 fps. I live in a fixer-upper in Austin, Texas with my husband, and a cat named Boo, raccoons, opossums, and owls. I wanted to be able to show children the kinds of odds and ends that I gather together, a phrase or a title, plus the things that I cut out of magazines or make with my own hands, before words ever go onto paper. They bring into play something that must be held in a state of high suspense, a thing open to belief or to disbelief. I love the kind of repetition that Dickens likes to use, and I often try to capture this same repetition when I write for children, or when I write for myself, or when I write for you.
But The Lost Pines comes with wildlife, too, among which are the most exuberant and downright gossipy geese you will ever find anywhere.
So yeah, i have the choice to disable a feature, getting 120% more frames and playing with smooth 60 FPS and let my GT670 run with half the clock rate. My blog will be about writing, storms, teapots and wolves, fabric-paper art, greeting cards, children's picture books, and the deep dark woods of my imagination. Here is the two-page spread with just a few words and pictures out of which a story (eventually) was written.
A gaggle of long-winded chatty little souls.We always take old bread and chips and sometimes popcorn just for the geese. But if there are visual features and texture packs that make a game look better even a little better and don't run like crap on AMD cards then keep it in reviews so nvidia can fix their performance.
At the end a person may buy a $400 NV GPU, fire up one of these AMD sponsored titles and then realize it runs poorly and abandon PC gaming for PS4. I taught first, second, and third graders, and our favorite time of day was always story time. A fire bow seemed like a perfect image to put on an extra page in my scrapbook to show a class of children how I was working on making one particular dream of my own come true. This document above is the 1786 description of the historic Montgolfier Brothers' 1783 balloon flight. And I guess I have spent most of my own wondering, not alone, exactly, but with my nose in a book, reading words written by someone else.
There's a pond where they live, and when they see people coming down to the shore, they swim right over, waving their wings and honking hysterically like long-lost relatives. Here is the most sublime depiction of my sixth remedy I can imagine: a little girl truly lost in reading, in a safe, comfy place, alone with her book.
A few shy ones will stay in the water, doing water-ballet exercises, but most of them will waddle right up to us, just the way these geese are sauntering right up to this little girl. I have to bow my head to make my way beneath its overhanging greenery, but if I were nine years old, it would be just perfect.
This is no different than someone who buys a 7970 and fires up The Secret World and it has the most artificial looking red bricks via Tessellation seen in the last 2 years and it runs like a dog. Here is the full two-page spread inside the scrapbook on the brown-bag paper made from old grocery sacks.I used pushpins to hold some of these bits and pieces in place, but then, in order to actually close the book, I had to remove them. Here is my two-page scrapbook spread, and I realize, looking at it now, that there is more writing on it than graphics.
And, I'm not sure, but I almost think that she is reading out loud just to herself, just to hear the sound of the words, this word followed by that word and then that word .
And could it be that this colorful message above represents that magical time in child development when art and literature are one and the same, before they diverge, and one goes one way and the other goes the other way? I was so tired at night that some nights all I could do was get out the paper, the scissors, the fabric. But I added one more remedy to the scrapbook because the scrapbook is a prop for me to use with children in connection with The Secret Remedy Book, and I did not want children to think that there are only seven remedies in all the world.
But then the next night I might make a tracing, the next night cut out the paisley dress, and by the end of a week I might have one illustration pieced and patched together into a very rough draft. She happens to be Heidi, from the 1922 cover of the classic children's book by Johanna Spyri, illustrated by Jessie Wiilcox Smith.
And the other is of a wood fire in an olden fireplace in a setting that seems to have been created just for the story that I had in mind. So I added a few quotes that seemed to me to fall into that realm of words that are so simple and yet so mysterious that they are both reachable for a child and yet unreachable at the same time.
It was as if some stranger in the world knew just what I needed for a story I hadn't even written yet! I find these quotes to have the same effect upon myself, but then I love ideas that are almost within my reach ~ because they make me reach for them.
Those were the parts I loved the best, when she was in the mountains with her grandfather, drinking milk out of a wooden bowl.

If I have time enough in my life, I'd like to work on becoming more of an artist someday, but I might love words too much to make the time for it. We had some wooden salad bowls, and I sometimes used to insist upon drinking my milk out one of them. I would have put more of these on this scrapbook page, but at the time these were the only ones I could find that were in full color and small enough to fit on my page.
I wanted to live in the wilds with wild animals, and that is probably how the fourth remedy came to be about the feeding of wild animals. Sometimes a thing gets done or not done for the most obscure or the most simple of reasons. I wanted a map of the earth in my scrapbook to pay homage to the old saying about walking to the ends of the earth to find the beloved, to prove our love, to fulfill our destinies.I love how these old maps added such wonderful artistic flairs, or flares, too, for sometimes there is both flourish and flame. Then a traveler comes, bringing matches to the village, and no one thinks that they need the old ways anymore. Here Aer, or Air, is represented by a woman with a halo of stars and what appears to be a moon-shaped tiara.
I can just see my old woman sitting on her wooden chair with its woven seat, tending her fire among her homey things, her clay pots, her tools, with her old straw hat hanging from the mantle. The rest of the map (not shown here) includes Ignis (Fire), Aqva (Water), and Terra (Earth). The four elements.I find it sad that we can map out the whole world in the 21st century and never once make mention of air, fire, water, earth. Perhaps we should put these elements back into everything we create and think about and contemplate. As a matter of fact, I have written several versions, I have sent it off to several publishers, and it has come back as many times as it has been sent.
I keep a lucky penny in it for now, but I can always change its contents to suit the occasion.
But in The Secret Remedy Book I made Lolly go a step further: I let her find something she had never noticed before, a piece of railroad track that was partly buried.
And, of course, it's easy to pass out a lucky penny to everyone!But, to me, the important thing about adding this page is to find a way to let children know that you must start somewhere, some small great somewhere, in order to make your dreams come true. But then I made her mind stretch out into the universe to make a connection between the way in which the ends of the track disappeared into the earth with the way in which the ends of a rainbow also disappear from view. To begin a story, maybe all you need is a title, a magazine clipping, and an empty matchbox. I just go spinning into infinity when people toss out words like that.The photographer is Joseph Barillari. Someday the perfect art project will come along, and then this ribbon will find its true home!You see, there is this huge part of me that wishes art and literature could be more entwined, the way they are in that first image on this post, when writing and drawing are all one and the same thing, once upon a time. And while I was contemplating art and literature and the fate of my ribbon in one part of my mind, another part of my mind found this painting of two women on WikiCommons, sharing a letter. It reminds us that there was a day when letters were sometimes the only view into the outside world. It comes with its own interior ribbing, with a swirling pattern of color that looks like galaxies whirling around in space.
And if the letter was not a love letter, it must have been passed around from one person to another, and read over and over. It's called a supernumery rainbow, which means (I think) that it contains some inner rainbow bands and that its colors do not fit the usual color pattern for rainbows. It is like the kind of lace curtains that shy people peek through before daring to go outside, but those curtains are always antique-white or dove-gray or biscuit-brown, and this one, if it were a curtain, would be a very unshy, kaleidoscopic, gypsy curtain. The image has been enhanced and given to WikiCommons by Andrew Dunn so that we can marvel at it. Together, they make it possible for us to see ~ visually ~ the curves that these two completely different things can make, rainbows and railroad tracks.
I know it seems a far cry from Andrew Dunn's rainbow to my cut-paper tracks with the little train made out of stickers added below (and off-center, by the way). But children are natural geniuses at making transfers and connections, if we will only listen to what they are saying. If you should be reading The Secret Remedy Book while you are reading these scrapbook posts, you'll see that Lolly has forgotten about the owl, too. And I have found this to be true in my own life, that the tiniest little creature can distract me from a whole host of troubling thoughts and important errands and household chores.
Tiny things that fit in pockets have a way of enlarging the universe for children, for they make it possible for children to begin to imagine the world in new and wonderful ways. There is a secret world inside that pocket, and they can put their fingers inside and feel the edges of it, the infinite possibilities of it .

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