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The chemtrails I have shot, also extensively alwasy remain for hours and disperse into clouds. I have plenty of surface swabs, water samples, and plenty of images showing that some leave these trails, and some do not. The observer on the ground may say "the one producing a trail must be a chemtrail, because the other has no trail".
Why I have to prove anything is odd, there documents stating what it is and how theyre doing it.
Yes -- there are patented methods for spreading chemicals and other substances from a plane's exhaust.
Now, there is alot of evidence that supports most theories, but regardless of any of that, go outside and watch your skies for a solid day. My point about -30 in Alaska is that due to the temperatures (weather condition) the CONtrails absolutely do last a very long time. 9000m to 8100m when she was climbing to 9600m on opposite direction & nearing route point PIMOL. You dont think if they honestly bought the global warming scam they wouldnt spray the sky to try to slow or stop it?

Im just curious if you or any one else saying they dont exist does anything other than read afew old articles and say everyone else is wrong? The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. But until someone does - to claim they are something you have no proof of (which there is no proof of it), makes no sense.
There is no proof that the trails in the skies that everyone is freaking out over are chemtrails.
I have dreamt for months to spot this gorgeous scene that a Virgin Airbus with a rainbow contrail.
Well, wheres yours that that say what Im seeing, reading, and completely understanding is just my imagination?
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