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Funcom's upcoming MMO, The Secret World, is gearing up for its July 3rd release by opening up the final beta weekend to everyone who signs up. As the final beta weekend before release, this will be the biggest test by opening up the massive, persistent player vs. In addition, all of the content from the previous beta weekends are also available and your character progress from those events, if you were lucky enough to get in, will be carried over to this event. If you have ever registered for The Secret World beta you will get access, but for those who haven't even done that you still have until Friday, June 22nd to do so.
The third Beta Weekend for The Secret World starts on June 15th, and for nearly three days you will get to explore and enjoy even more of the game than ever before. If you have pre-ordered The Secret World previously you automatically have access to this Beta Weekend as well. Your adventures will also take you beyond Kingsmouth and into a massive new region known as The Savage Coast.
No, it’s important to note that the Beta Weekend is still beta and there will be content, features and polish missing that will be in the version that launches on July 3rd. Players who have pre-ordered The Secret World are guaranteed beta access, but if you still haven’t secured your copy¬†Gamespot is giving away a limited number of beta keys, so you can try your luck there.

There is no NDA for this weekend’s event, so you can be sure that The MMO Gamer will have some articles up next week detailing our time in The Secret World. The MMO Gamer is your source for independent, in-depth coverage of the online gaming industry. It will offer a preview of the conflict between the three secret societies: the Illuminati, the Dragon, and the Templars. You will be able to visit Kingsmouth, The Savage Coast, The Polaris, and Hell Raised, in addition to London, New York, and Seoul. In this Beta Weekend you get to play as Dragon, Templars and Illuminati, and sample the starter experience in the Seoul, London and New York hub cities. We have also teamed up with several profiled gaming sites this week and these will be giving away keys for this Beta Weekend specifically. During these weekends you will be able to sample a part of the content and gameplay in The Secret World. In addition to everyone who have pre-ordered and all of those who have reached Secret Agent rank in our The Secret War social experience, we are also giving away thousands of keys through partner sites. By doing so you are also guaranteed to be able to join all Beta Weekends not just this first one.

You can also head over to Beta Weekends section on the official forums (available by June 15th) and ask your questions there.
Once there you must discover what dark forces are responsible for the trouble in the town of Kingsmouth.
Stonehenge and Eldorado are also opening up for smaller group fights for control over the power. More content is added from one weekend to the next and character progress is also saved between each Beta Weekend.
Download it, install and run the game to patch up to the newest version and you’re good to go. This forum will be frequented by members of Funcom Customer Service, but there is also a chance your fellow players might be able to help you.

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