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As usual, we have goals in mind with this chapter and have been steadily working towards them. Good afternoon ladies and gents, the time is nigh for us to delve into the world of Black Desert Online! Congratulations to the WildStar raid squad on their first hard mode Augmentors kill - easily the most difficult encounter in the game.
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Our members have been thoroughly enjoying the game, and LotD is doing what LotD does - pvping left and right, and showing that we are always ready for a good fight.
This fight has been the death of lesser guilds, but we persevered and finally scored our first victory.
The Secret World‘s Shamabla scenario tasks players with doing precisely that with a new style of PvP match. Well done, everyone; congratulations to all who got shiny new gear and, at long last, their glove imbuements.

After extensive testing, said scenario is ready for prime time and will be deployed with a patch tomorrow.

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