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Funcom’s modern-day, secret society-focused MMO is already in full swing (the game launched on July 3rd). Guild Wars 2 features a similar marketing plan to its predecessor, with a one-time box price and free-to-play from there with no content being withheld.
The two biggest pieces of news that I’ve found have been the Secret World launching and Guild Wars 2 getting a release date. Players can chose to join one of three secret societies (the Dragon, Illuminati, or Templars) and custom-tailor their character builds.

This was a bit of a shock to me, because I honestly wasn’t expecting it to release any earlier than winter. The game will support microtransactions for cosmetic items and similar items which will reportedly have low impact on gameplay. I’ll be skipping this game, as it’s not really my preferred type of setting, but to all of you who are playing the game (or planning on jumping into it), I hope the first few weeks are going well for you! ArenaNet had previously given no indication of their expected release date up to this announcement, and while the beta weekends have been going well, there is still much content that is closed off to the beta testers.

Our own Mike “pheriannath” Katsufrakis received a review copy of the game and has offered to do a guest column for MMO Co-Opportunities (perhaps next month), so look forward to that!

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