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Studio Ghibli, the Disney of the East, has crafted another heartwarming fantastical animated journey in The Secret World of Arrietty (aka The Borrower Arrietty, ????????????, Kari-gurashi no Arietti). A story of adventure and friendship set in the sunny summertime, Arrietty tells the tale of a group of tiny people known as “borrowers” who live in secrecy beneath the floorboards of a house. One summer, when the sickly Sho arrives at his aunt’s house to spend the summer, he spots the rambunctious young borrower Arrietty in the garden as she is foraging for fresh herbs. Beautifully crafted and colorful animation pairs with the typically bittersweet and pie-eyed writing of Miyazaki in this story of young friendship, a theme well explored in many Ghibli films. The Westernized, English dub features Disney Channel stars Bridgit Mendler and David Henrie as well as Carol Burnett, Amy Poehler, Will Arnett and Moises Arias. I always prefer to watch my anime with the original Japanese language track, even if these Studio Ghibli releases do employ some rather big name Hollywood stars for their English-dubs. It should also be pointed out that selecting the English dub also results in a few differences in the film itself.

Charming and beautifully animated, The Secret World of Arrietty is a definite must for families. Directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi and written by Hayao Miyazaki from the Mary Norton novel The Borrowers, the film will at once be visually recognizable to anyone familiar with the works of Studio Ghibli, such as Spirited Away, or Laputa: Castle in the Sky.
Living off of the humans around them for the things they need, they go on little expeditions through the home to “borrow” little things they need to survive that people might not miss – a sugar cube here, a sheet of tissue paper there. This is a flawless image with perfect detail, beautifully vivid colors, detailed line art and no sign of any artifacts whatsoever.
The lossless 5.1 soundtracks here are both good, with clean, intelligible dialogue and good voice acting. English text replaces Japanese on some notes in certain frames and some other minor differences.
The storyboard version of the film is cool for people who like to see the production side of films, but everything else is rather promotional.

It’s fit for all ages with little to intimidate, scare, or stir controversy, yet it avoids being bland.
I do not believe them to be literal Japanese translations as, apart from the names (Sho, rather than Shawn, for example) they seem to line up almost identically to what is being said in English, but, truthfully, I only checked the English subtitles against brief snippets of the English Audio track, so I don’t want to say for sure. Just so you know, Whisper of the Heart, which I reviewed here, has the literal Japanese translation subtitles, but, as you already commented above, Castle in the Sky, I also confirmed, does not.
There isn’t much activity in the surrounds much of the time, apart from a couple of moments where a rainstorm fills up the room, and lows are mild until the musical soundtrack kicks in and then it pumps up a bit for extended, but tight, weightiness. There is a trailer for the forthcoming Diamond Edition of Cinderella on the disc as well as the Pixar film Brave, for those interested.

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