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V investigativnych ulohach musite sledovat stopy, prehliadat utrzky novin a rozne dalsie predmety. On Calvary He is poor, with the poverty of destitution; in Bethlehem He is poor, with the poverty of destitution. On Calvary He was naked, stripped of His garments and of all that He had; in Bethlehem He was naked and stripped of all that He had.
On Calvary He was stretched and straightened and fastened down to the Cross; in Bethlehem He was stretched out and straightened and fastened in swaddling bands. On Calvary He was lifted up, helpless, and held up for men to look upon; in Bethlehem He was lifted up, helpless, to be gazed upon.
At Bethlehem myrrh was brought to Him; and myrrh was brought to anoint His body for burial.

There, in the stable at Bethlehem, began the lovely waste that is the extravagance of love, that is and will always be scandal to the loveless. At Bethlehem He was wrapped in swaddling bands and laid in a manger; on Calvary He was wrapped in swaddling bands and laid in a tomb. In Bethlehem began the thirst of Calvary, the terrible thirst caused by loss of blood, the thirst that withers the tongue and the hands and feet and the whole body. Three times this mysterious title is heavy with doom: at His birth, His trial, and His death. Myrrh and frankincense were poured out for Him in Bethlehem; and spikenard and ointment were poured over His body in Bethania, for His burial.
Already, as the useless crown of gold that the infant's head could not support shone at His feet, as clouds of incense hung in the rafters of the stable, and as the air grew fragrant with the smell of myrrh, the box of precious oint­ment was broken to anoint the Beloved for His burial.

He remains with us, resting in all the cities and all the lonely and unexpected places of the world.
He trusts Himself to His creatures in the Host as He trusted Himself to our Lady in Advent; only then He gave Himself into the keeping of the one human creature who was sinless and in whom He could have His will, and now He gives Himself into the keeping of sinners.

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