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The Secret World Of Tinder Channel 4 Documentary 2015 - Video Ben Home Hot Rising Top Search The Secret World Of Tinder Channel 4 Documentary 2015Dating has always been a minefield but in the last few years it has become even more complicated.
For unlimited access to every article in its entirety, including our archive of more than 10,000 pieces, we're asking for ?2.95 per month or ?25 per year. Smartphones and round-the-clock social networking have revolutionised many people's love lives.
So claimed this documentary about dating apps which radar-guide you to the nearest available groin. We heard about a man who wanted to paint a woman green and “spank you like a big fat avocado”.

Another woman was considerably aroused by the sight of a man putting his motor into reverse. This is not to be confused with dogging.The Secret World of Tinder wasn’t really about secrecy at all, and it wasn’t entirely about Tinder either. Unless the secret is that dating apps are for unhappy singletons who have had the ability to socialise bred out of them by social media.
Everyone who participated in this late-night X-rated investigation of the modern online fast-forward dating game was aware that love was the last thing on any man’s mind.
The women looking for Mr Right knew they wouldn’t find him among the eternal parade of photoshopped cock shots and porno come-ons. John, a 42-year-old Colchester cabbie (and no oil painting) happily admitted to being a sex addict.

On the plus side he was going on a succession of dates with a woman from Dagenham, although at a guess these will stop the minute she sees this film.This was really an anthropological film about addiction – to romance for the women, to sex for the men – but without much interest in delving into the cause of the behaviour. They were mostly arrogant, misogynistic and delusional, and those was the nicer ones; two women recalled encounters with men who turned controlling and even downright threatening. There was a nice bloke called Chris who has asked one woman out on a date in person and 15,000 online.
It was no surprise that the only person the film followed who successfully found love was a woman with another woman.

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