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Fauja Singh, 101, who turned heads last year at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon when he completed the entire 26-mile race, making him the world’s oldest marathon runner, says it’s all down to avoiding stress. Singh, who is a British citizen, began running some two decades ago after the death of his wife and child. Mr Singh was born in India in 1911 and was a farmer in the Punjab before moving to Britain in the 1960s.
With the help of his coach, Harmander Singh, he started challenging other pensioners to races and has now run five marathons in London, one in Toronto and one in New York.
Officials from the Guinness Book of World Records were present to witness Mr Singh (then aged 100) become the oldest person in the world to finish a full marathon when he ran the Toronto Waterfront Marathon, in eight hours, 25 minutes and 16 seconds – finishing in 3,850th place, ahead of five other competitors.
In April, the athlete completed the 26-mile London Marathon in a record time of seven hours and 49 minutes and he announced that that would be his last race.

The centenarian also credits being a vegetarian as the source of his stamina in his old age. Far from finished, Fauja now has his sights set on climbing one of the world’s tallest buildings in Tapei, where he has been invited to be part of celebrations to mark 101 years of Taipei in June this year.
The imagery in their catalogues feature everything from over zealous airbrushing to missing limbs (you can see more in the gallery below), so when these unretouched shots of Victoria’s Secret models came our way, we rejoiced a little. Sure Crystal Renn is a ‘plus-size’ model (we hate that term too) but seeing photos of models with naturally round tummies, breasts that aren’t perky and imperfect red skin.
Lets be honest, these ladies are still beautiful without the retouch, but at least they look more human, right.
Taking up marathon running at 89, he has since been the subject of a biography titled Turbaned Tornado and in 2003 set a world record at the Waterfront Marathon for fastest half-marathon in the over 90 category.

Having moved from India to England in 1995, after the deaths of his wife and son, he lives with family in east London, and leads what he says is “a very simple life”.
However, he says the London Marathon was only his last full marathon – he plans to continue to run smaller races, from five kilometre ones to half marathons.

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