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Sign-in to your Escapist account to enter contest, post comments, and simply be more awesome.Not a member? When all's said and done, perhaps your players will feel incredibly optimistic about their own abilities. Now it should go without saying that players may not want to include everything about themselves on a character sheet, which is perfectly fine.
By the same token, if you're playing with a trusting group, you can always make personal details explicit on your sheet. The End Of The World's mechanics are just as simple as its character creation, but they manage to represent the tension of the apocalyptic scenario surprisingly well. At any point where the outcome of an action is doubt, be it fighting a zombie, driving around the hordes, or bartering with a fellow survivor for goods, players build a pool of six-sided dice to determine the result. This is perhaps the most ingenious element of The End Of The World's system - almost every action you attempt takes a toll on your character. As you progress through your personalized apocalypse, these mechanics will help all kinds of unexpected situations unfold. The game's rules, as important as they may be, only take up a about one-fourth of The End Of The World's pagecount. To be clear, scenarios are not the same as adventures - they just offer a framework for the GM to craft a personalized apocalypse in the group's hometown. Each scenario includes rules for how the zombie infection spreads, undead behaviors, an apocalypse timeline, and a list of locations with quick mini-descriptions.
When you ask a child why he enjoys reading, he will most likely look to his Harry Potter and young adult dystopian literature filled bookshelves, and tell you that it’s because reading takes him to another world. It seems an accepted conclusion that when we read, we don’t read about circumstances drastically similar to our own. Of course, Mangiaforte herself does not overtly connect St Andrews to her fictional Scottish seaside town of St Albas. So the point of the novel is not simply drawing parallels between St Andrews and its fictional counterpart. It’s actually quite a startling phenomenon to read a novel so exclusively based in familiarity.
Over the weekend I attended one of the biggest gaming conventions in North America, The Penny Arcade Expo aka PAX East. Even with the marathon line-ups I got a chance to check out Borderlands 2, Lollipop Chainsaw, and The Secret World. The system is too basic to create anything more than an approximation to begin with, and even if it wasn't, the book (and common sense) dictate players shouldn't feel anxious about personal issues during play.

They may even have gameplay significance - Characters who require medication can push the session in fun directions no one expected.
Positive dice are added to the pool based on the character's positive features, useful equipment, and any other advantage that the GM rules is appropriate.
At that point, if any positive dice are equal or lower to the characteristic you're trying to use, the player succeeds. This isn't like other roleplaying games, where characters are generally in a peak state until damage occurs.
The downside is that since the system is so barebones GMs will need to make a lot of rulings on the fly.
The vast majority of space is dedicated to GM advice and Zombie Apocalypse's many scenarios. By following the rules and suggestions, which includes bringing a large foldable city map to the table as a play aid, The End Of The World turns your location into a giant sandbox where players decide which direction the game will unfold. GMs pick a scenario that interests them, and then tailor the information around their individual city. Rather, the point of the novel is engaging in a dialogue written in the secret language of St Andrews students. Sure, comics, anime, and other nerd hobbies were cool, and those activities all had their own shows… so what about games? Doubling in size each year until venue capacities were reached, in 2010 the show expanded into Boston for PAX East, drawing tens of thousands of attendees in the inaugural year. Aside from the amazing costumes and behemoth sized booths PAX also offered a wide array of interesting panels, tournaments, LAN parties, and concerts. Once you've spent your points, players go around the table "introducing" themselves while the group votes on accuracy by dropping colored dice into a bag.
As long as the positive and negative features are balanced, you can always feel free to ignore details that might not even come up in play, or you could make an original character entirely.
This allows the game to be as serious or lighthearted as the group feels comfortable, and the system is flexible enough to allow for various approaches.
By the same token, negative dice are added to the pool based on how dangerous the situation is and if the character has negative features that apply to the task.
But if any negative dice remain, they eat into that characteristic's stress bar, lowering your physical, mental, and social health. Even if you succeed at every single roll, you must rest eventually or you'll suffer a debilitating result. Everything from the number of negative dice to add for a dangerous scenario to what kind of traumas should be taken after suffering stress will change from action to action.

Whether you choose to gather supplies, rescue family members, or attempt to find an evacuation point, the story's direction is entirely in the player's hands. The entire purpose of her novel, The Boys Who Wouldn’t Grow Up, is to recreate the world that is our own: the world of St Andrews. Watching the letter-by-letter, street-by-street reconstruction St Andrews inherently asks you where you fit into the eclectic picture. For those who leave the real world to spend time this miniature ancient ruin of cobblestones. Shaved heads, real tattoos, and dance competitions are just a few of the hoops I witnessed people jumping through for free games, beta keys, special in-game items, and SWAG! From that idea spawned a small 4,500 person event in Bellevue, Washington, focused on the culture and community that is gaming. Three days was not enough time to see everything PAX East had to offer but I damn sure made it my mission to try. Depending on the results, you can either add or raise your stats, or add and remove features until your character sheet is balanced. Combat is even more challenging, since you'll take stress from enemy attacks as well as your own. If your group is comfortable to letting players pitch in for suggestions, that takes some of the weight off the GM, but it can otherwise leave you jumping through more hoops than you would for other systems. The GM's job is to respond to their choices by inserting encounters based on location and the scenario's timetable. A GM with lots of time on their hands could redesign the entire region as a campaign setting, but the easier approach (which I did) was insert suggested location encounters based on where the players happened to be.
This creates a group creation dynamic that should satisfy all players - even when the group puts a check on your abilities, you still have control over how the change is reflected on your sheet.
That being said, the sandbox style means GMs will have to come up with a ton of info on the fly. And we’re naturally destined to enjoy it because it grows out of the Neverlands and Narnias of our childhood. Unfortunately, I was too damn exhausted from walking the show floor all day to actually attend the late night concerts but from what I hear they were goddamn epic.
In one game, the players took advantage of the (initial) low zombie levels to flee the city before barricades went up, meaning I had to make up new encounters in territories I wasn't prepared for.

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