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To wit, all the Sony Online Entertainment titles, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, Runescape, Age of Conan and MapleStory.
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The first of the games to be shown at the publisher press conferences was not Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, as I had expected at EA's event, but rather DC Universe Online at the Sony press conference at the Shrine the following day. On the same stage where Jack Palance did one-handed push-ups after receiving his Oscar, Jim Lee reproduced his feat after being called on stage to present DC Universe Online.
As executive creative director, Lee's role is to bring the comic book art faithfully into the game world, and at this early stage of the game the trailer showed that he has succeeded rather well.

DC Universe Online will have broad character customization including the ability to customize powers. This game is only at the "announcement" stage of development although a playable slice is at Comic-Con and gamers can get a little hands-on time. Jobs are changed by putting on different outfits and skills of each are leveled up separately.
The fun in Free Realms include mini-games including combat, pets and housing and a collectible card game. Billed as an action-based MMORPG, it is over-the-top action, adventure and excitement in a glamorous world akin to that in which 007 and Modesty Blaise dwell.

Powerful men, beautiful women, extraordinary gadgets, sexy vehicles and rocking explosions epitomize this title where a bullet to the head is still a bullet to the head.

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