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Invisible puppet-masters and corporate manipulators, they crave power and wealth by any means necassary. Acting silently, unless the occasion calls for gunshots, the Illuminati push for the New World Order. Proudly tracing their royal lineage back to Babylon, the Templars are the lions of The Secret World.
At the forefront of the war against darkness, they decided for themselves what counts as darkness.
You end up on the pier, at the back side of the building next to where Lady Margaret is docked. Head to the Town Hall to find what is “illuminating the path to the sleeping priest and fletcher”.

The painting you found is only “illuminating the path to the sleeping priest and fletcher”.
The location you need to find is made into a historical residence (“sleeping” priest), with a big sign in front of it.
You are looking for a Bible verse, since it was a priest's house, and the mission was given by the current priest. The text is written all over the Illuminati symbols you followed in the beginning of the mission.
Suave and sophisticated, but fiercely brutal and uncompromising in their crusade against darkness. Old Europe is theirs and the Templars marble halls dominate the old London borough Ealdwic-historic capital of the secret world.

Stealing the Americas from under the Templars noses, they grew with the United States to become a shadow superpower.
Their corporate headquaters, the labyrinth is in an undisclosed location beneath Brooklyn, New York. For thousands of years they have been single-minded in their mission to obliterate evil in all its forms. Their arsenal is the ambition of a news media startup, the rhetoric of a congressman and mongul business sense.

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